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Classification and Dialects[]

Ivoonoo (natively: Täkövn̦ü) is spoken on Tihaanja in the country N̦ordhum by the wealthier people. It has two dialects: Mhipnoon and B̦hotwiz. Mhipnoon has an two extra letters: X x and X̦ x̦. X is pronounced /x/ and X̦ is pronounced /dʒ/. B̦hotwiz does not used these sounds.

Writing System

Letter A a B b B̦ b̦ C c C̦ c̦ D d D̦ d̦ E e F f G g G̦ g̦ H h
Sound /a/ /b/ /bj/ /ts/ /tsj/ /d/ /dj/ /i/ /f/ /g/ /gj/ /h/
Letter I i J j K k K̦ k̦ L l L̦ l̦ M m  M̦ m̦ N n N̦ n̦ O o P p
Sound /ɪ/ /j/ /k/ /kj/ /l/ /lj/ /m/ /mj/ /n/ /ɲ/ /o/ /p/
Letter P̦ p̦ R r R̦ r̦ S s Ș ș T t Ț ț U u V v V̦ v̦ Z z Z̦ z̦
Sound /pj/ /r/ /rj/ /s/ /sj/ /t/ /tj/ /u/ /v/ /vj/ /z/ /zj/

Ä represents /æ/. Ë represents /ɛ/. Ï represents /aɪ/. Ö represents /ɒ/. Ü represents /ʌ/. 

Adding h after a consonant does not change the pronunciation. U is written oo sometimes. No other vowels are doubled.


Hello: Lhonükoo

Goodbye: Ëjhono

What: Z̦öpöv

Where: Ig̦idü

Why: Tonïo Fițë

Who: K̦infin

When: Diggel

How: V̦hi

Walk: Safhnajha

Talk : Jic̦ortü

To: Hä nökh

My: Impool̦o

Go: P̦abhï

Today: Nefren

Tommorow: Gildën Fren

Example text[]