ऑळिਸ਼ Jeḳari
Spoken in: India, Bangladesh, China, and Myanmar 
Region: South and East Asia
Total speakers: 121 million
Language family: Indo-Aryan
Language codes
ISO 639-1: jk
ISO 639-2: jkr
ISO 639-3: jki

Jkari(Jharivargi:ऑळिਸ਼ Jeḳari) is a Indo-Aryan language spoken in India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Malaysia, and areas of Eastern Asia. The language is spoken by 121 million inhabitant in India, China, Bangladesh, and Myanmar. There are four different dialects: Patna, Zhengzhou, Bengal, and Irrawaddy. The alphabet for the Jkari language is the Jharivargi Script, a mix of Devanagari and Punjabi scripts.