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Mixed Scandinavian , Sámi , Finnish/Estonian , Dutch , Hebrew , English and French.
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Nouns decline according to...
Verbs conjugate according to...

Alphabet Edit

Diacritic Tone ´ (acute) rising (Longer version of the normal a till z alphabet. And also all other exepts æ , ø , ö , ä , ü , ë , ů , ẘ and ÿ. ṍ is the replacement of œ.) ` (grave) falling (Shorter version. All leters execpt: ä , ë , ü , æ , œ , ø , ë , ů , ẘ and ÿ.)  ̋ (breve) rising (raplaced the æ and ø (depend of alphabet.). Also long version of ë , ů , ẘ and ÿ.)   ̏ (inverted breve) falling (Shorter version of the ä , ë , ü , ö , ë , ů , ẘ and ÿ.

<br> A Å Ä Ã Æ B C Ç Ċ D Đ E Ë Ė F G Ġ Ğ H I J Ʒ K M N Ñ Ŋ O Õ Ö Ø Œ P Q R Ř S Š Ş T Þ U Ů Ü V W W̊ X Y Ÿ Z Ż Ϟ<br> a å ä ã æ b c ç ċ d đ e ë ė f g ġ ğ h i j ʒ k l m n ñ ŋ o õ ö ø œ p q r ř s š ş t þ u ů ü v w ẘ x y ÿ z ż ϟ <br>

Infludence Edit

Swedish Edit

Many words are imported from Swedish , such as kÿrk (church) , venner (friends) and mjölk (milk). Also the å was imported from Swedish.

Northern Sámi Edit

Northern Sami words Vařalaš (Dangerous) and Áhpi (ocean) , asswell Tündrat (Tundra).

Finnish/Estonian Edit

Many words are inspired by the Finnish and Estonian language. õ and ü are collected from Estonian. ä , ö from Finnish.

Dutch/Afrikaans Edit

Many Dutch words like: lÿn (line) , ÿs (Ice (cream)) are introduced. The sch , ië and ÿ are also introduced from Dutch. Also some words are inspired by Jack Parow.

French Edit

Many words are inspired by Stromae. The œ is imported from French representing a long õ.

Hebrew/Turkish/Klingon and Arabic Edit

Many words are inspired from Hadag Nahash. An Israeli Band. Wich popular thanks to the Zohan movie.

Other Edit

The æ and ø are from Danish. Representing a long version of ä and ö.

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