General information[]

The Kadarh language (from Ktarh Kādarh, natively variously K'ɘgaaka, Kearglak, Kedlekki etc.) is a dialect cluster spoken around the end flow and delta of the Salty River near the Ktarh border with the Bakarh confederacy. It is otherwise a language isolate or its own clade as it has no relationship to any other language spoken on Oktarhazǣm. It is made up of four dialect groups that are further split up into dialects:

- Upstream Kadarh
- Lakes Kadarh
- Salt Flats Kadarh
- Swamp Kadarh
- Downstream Kadarh
Salty Kadarh
- Rapids Kadarh
- Hills Kadarh
- Northern Hills
- Southern Hills
- Baki Kadarh
- Delta Kadarh
- Estuary Kadarh
- River Island Kadarh
- Kadariform
- Insular Kadarh
- Southern Insular
- Northern Insular

A general defining phonological feature of the entire dialect cluster is the presence of a vertical vowel system of some kind in almost every dialect. The dialects themselves all could count as independent languages: they possess minimal mutual intelligibility.