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Kapunese is a language spoken on the small island of Lisianski in northwestern Hawaii, and an artistic language. It is based on lots of Native American languages, especially Hawaiian.  Still in progress, guys. It is a VSO language (most of the time) and cooleo.

Number of words:

Pronouciation and Alphabet[]

a - father

e - red

h - hat

i - speak

j - jam

ch - child

k - stack

l - lemon

m - mother

n - name

o - slope

p - pickle

u - oops

ye - yes

yo - yoga

' - uh-oh!

If the letter is underlined, it is constited a vowel. Even the "ye" and "yo" vowels. Y cannot stand by itself in a sentence, it must be followed by e or o.

There are also stress indicators! To add stress to a vowel, add a (˘) above the vowel. The long vowels are ă ĕ ĭ ŏ ŭ yĕ and yŏ. If a diphthong is stressed, put a ˘ over the first letter and it will account for the second one. Without stress indicators you should say the letters in a flat tone.

Special diphthongs:

ao - cow

ei- hey

ae - why

uo - woah

If there is other vowels stuck together in a word, they should be pronounced as separate vowels, "lua" means "leader", and it is not pronounced "lwa", it is "loo-ah"


Kapunese Dictionary


All the colors also mean a human attribute, so each color has to meaning. If the word ends in the suffix -jae, it has the meaning of a color. Without the prefix, it means an adjective.

Kapunese English color meaning English word meaning Notes
mojae red honorable "mo" is used a lot when referring to people as good or hard working.
kolejae orange free-spirited
peijae yellow mischievous people are called pei when they do something sneaky or bad.
lĭjae green smart, intelligent, gifted Used for people who can understand things and school easily.
kopushae blue magical
lakŭojae purple/violet talented
ulilijai black mysterious Black is like your in the dark, so it is mysterious.
halikujai white death, jealousy
chekamijae grey acceptance, hope
koanajae brown earth-loving, caring Especially used if you are caring to animals.
luajae turquoese leader
kelejae pink self-centered