General Info[]

Karaxyn is directly descended from Afrikaans, and is spoken many years in the future by a growing community outside of Karasburg, Namibia. While Afrikaans was spoken by about 11% of the population in 2015, the isolation of speakers led to rapid evolution of the language and the eventual designation as a separate language, rather than a dialect of Afrikaans.  The language has kept evolving since, and eventually spread back to South Africa, where it settled once again in the Northern Cape.

Name: Pranycc

Type: Synthetic

Alignment: Nominative-Accusative

Head Direction: Final

Number of genders: 2

Declensions: Yes

Conjugations: Yes

Nouns declined
according to
Case Number
Definitiveness Gender
Verbs conjugated
according to
Voice Mood
Person Number
Tense Aspect

Classification and Dialects[]



Bilabial Labio-dental Dental Alveolar Post-alveolar Palatal Velar
Nasal n ŋ
Plosive p b t d k k'
Fricative f v θ s z ʝ ç
Affricate t͡s t͡ʃ
Approximant j
Trill r
Lateral fric. ɬ
Lateral app. l


Front Near-front Central Back
Near-close ɪ
Close-mid e ɤ
Open-mid ɔ
Open æ ä

Writing System[]

Letter A a B b C c D d E e F f H h Y y J j K k L l
Sound ä b t͡s d e f ɬ ɪ j k l
Letter N n O o P p R r S s T t V v X x Z z -- --
Sound n ɤ ɔ p r s t v ç z -- --
Digraph Cc cc Nn nn Ff ff Aa aa Jj Ee
Sound t͡ʃ ŋ θ æ ʝ






Example text[]