This page is dedicated to the languages of "Rau'xor", a far distant world with one known continent. There are Three primary language families, each of which often overlap.

The oldest of these families is believed to be the Dalwaric group, the languages descending from the "first language",  which includes the languages of the Fael, who the Thravic peoples also call Elves,  the Diniri, a diminutive race who's language has two primary dialects, those in the south and those in the north, and the southern Sajans, a group of humans who experienced contact with the Dalwar and the Fael in ancient times, and have contact with the Diniri and the Fael in the modern day.  

The seccond language family is the Thravic language group. This is the group of languages spoken by the humans of the north, in all 

Map of Rauxor's explored Continents

Physical map of the explored continents and sub-continents of Rau'xor, drawn by Thravic scholar Clou'shai.

their kingdoms, clans, and remote villages. This is a fairly common language, and many of the Fael and the Diniri also know this tongue for trade purposes with the humans. There are three known dialects of the Thravic language, which can be loosly grouped into the Central continental Thravic, the Eastern Continental Thravic, and the Northern Thravic categories. 

The third family of languages are those of the Borgothi. THese are harsh, gutteral languages, and no one is quite sure where these  originated, or where the races of the borgothi descended from. The borgothi are brutish, large creatures, with three subspecies, the Trog'hai (large), the Org'hai (human sized), and the Gobol'hai (smaller. Close to the size of a Diniri). This race (or group of races) only rarely bands together in communities, often traveling in bands of savage raiders. Their language is riddled with both dialects and irregularities, and experiences constant change. The Borgothi are found in almost any enviroment, and have had dealings with all of the other primary races. It is believed that Sajan arose from contact with the nearly Dalwaric speaking Dizzir and the Borgothi tribes which they enslaved, which would also put Sajan in this family of languages to a small degree. 

DINIRIC                              MODERN SAJAN                 ANCIENT DALWARIC (Dead Language)