These sentences are taken from "Graded Sentences for Analysis ".

Section one[]

English Kihā́mmic
Birds sing. Īfamá ainéim.
Children play. Zūzámû garanúim.
Dogs bark. Gôtám pāgkhóim.
x y
  1. Bees hum.
  2. The baby laughed.
  3. The sun shines.
  4. The wind blows.
  5. The car started.
  6. School began again.
  7. The child ran quickly.
  8. Yellow daffodils nodded gaily.
  9. Little Marigold cried bitterly.
  10. All the people shouted.
  11. I recited twice.
  12. The weary traveller slept soundly.
  13. The little brook flows swiftly.
  14. Softly the great white snowflakes fell.
  15. The kind old man laughed pleasantly.
  16. The happy days passed quickly.
  17. Up jumped the smallest boy.
  18. My little white kitten purrs softly.
  19. Slowly the great door opened.
  20. All the boys ran away.
  21. The telephone rang again.
  22. Down came the rain.
  23. Once the Indians fought here.
  24. The happy children shouted joyously.
  25. The frightened horse plunged wildly.
  26. Soon the rain stopped.
  27. The girls answered quickly.
  28. The oldest boy spoke carefully.
  29. Slowly she looked around.
  30. Down fluttered the bright leaves.
  31. The snow has melted.
  32. Our teacher is writing.
  33. All the children are singing.
  34. I will go now.
  35. Soon the baby will walk.
  36. The whistles are blowing.
  37. The thimble rolled away.
  38. The train will soon arrive.
  39. She was always smiling.
  40. I am patiently waiting.
  41. Now the day is dawning.
  42. The baby's ball has rolled away.
  43. The two boys are working together.
  44. The old turkey was strutting about.
  45. This mist will probably clear away.
  46. We have been studying.
  47. Now I am going away.
  48. The clock will soon strike.
  49. The flags are gaily fluttering.
  50. Everybody was busily working.
  51. I have been reading aloud.
  52. Lovely flowers are growing everywhere.
  53. The band is marching by.
  54. The children have been romping noisily.
  55. John is walking very fast.
  56. My mother smiled very sweetly.
  57. This day has passed very quickly.
  58. We should eat more slowly.
  59. A very hard rain is falling.
  60. You have come too soon.
  61. I have worked enough.
  62. A very heavy snow has fallen.
  63. The old gentleman bowed most politely.
  64. Those little foreigners speak very correctly.
  65. The poor old man limped along painfully.
  66. You must write more neatly.
  67. We started too late.
  68. She answered most graciously.
  69. The Man-in-the-Moon came down too soon.
  70. The lady comes here quite frequently.
  71. Directly opposite stands a wonderful palace.
  72. Jane's brother has gone away.
  73. Henry's dog is lost.
  74. The little girl's doll is broken.
  75. Columbus' ships sailed away.
  76. Alice's eyes sparkled brightly.
  77. I usually sleep soundly.
  78. My friends will come later.
  79. The Indian's canoe glided away.
  80. Peter Pan's voice rang out gaily.
  81. Away sped Paul Revere's horse.
  82. Finally the last guest departed.
  83. My cousin reads well.
  84. The children ran after Jack.
  85. I can play after school.
  86. The Pilgrims landed at Plymouth.
  87. I have been waiting for you.
  88. We all went to the park.
  89. The cow jumped over the moon.
  90. The campers sat around the fire.
  91. A little girl with curls sat near me.
  92. The train starts from St Louis at noon.
  93. The child waited at the door for her father.
  94. Seven little sisters were walking in a row.
  95. The snow melts rapidly in the warm sun shine.
  96. In autumn the leaves fall from the trees.
  97. Yesterday the best girl in the class missed in spelling.
  98. Some beautiful roses are blooming in our garden.
  99. Everywhere fluttered gay American flags.
  100. Violets grow beside the brook.
  101. Suddenly my friend was standing beside me.
  102. My uncle often goes to London on business.
  103. A cheerful fire was blazing on the hearth.
  104. They are coming behind us.
  105. The little girl was playing with her kitten.
  106. The dog ran after the ball.
  107. In the woods stood a pretty little pine tree.
  108. I am going to the country with my mother.
  109. The whole family went abroad for the summer.
  110. We often rest here under the trees.
  111. Beside the road sat a poor old man.
  112. Were you born in St Louis?
  113. Can your brother dance well?
  114. Did the postman ring?
  115. Is your sister coming for you?
  116. Can you come tomorrow?
  117. Have the neighbours gone away for the winter?
  118. Have you been writing at my desk?
  119. Does the robin sing in the rain?
  120. Are you going with us to the concert?
  121. Have you ever travelled in Spain?
  122. Three black crows sat on a tree.
  123. Sadly he turned away without a word.
  124. We sailed down the river for several miles.
  125. Everybody knows about Lincoln.
  126. On a Sunny morning in June we started for the mountains.
  127. Then the unhappy little pine tree slept again soundly.
  128. The leaves on the trees rustled in the wind.
  129. We went along the country road for many miles.
  130. Our dog always barks at strangers.
  131. Several fine rugs lay on the floor.
  132. The boy ran fast along the street.
  133. Tom laughed at the monkey's tricks.
  134. The child grieved for her kitten.
  135. Against the wall stood a ladder.
  136. An old man with an umbrella stood beside the fence.
  137. He talked with my father for ten minutes.
  138. The squirrel's nest was hidden by drooping boughs.
  139. The automobile was parked near the corner.
  140. The great lion roared savagely.
  141. I sat alone in the back seat.
  142. The boys are playing in the lot.
  143. On Monday I go to dancing school.
  144. A robin was hopping about in our yard.
  145. The children in Holland often skate to school.
  146. Great black clouds have gathered in the sky.
  147. Our friends from New York will start for home tomorrow.
  148. The flag of our country floats above us.
  149. Cinderella's fairy godmother sat beside the hearth.
  150. Instantly the pumpkin was changed into a splendid coach.
  151. Cinderella danced happily at the ball until midnight.
  152. The mouse ran up the clock.
  153. The little house stood by the bridge, across the river.
  154. The little seeds waited patiently under the snow for the warm spring sun.
  155. Jack-the-Giant-Killer climbed to the very top of the bean-stalk.
  156. Many little girls with wreaths of flowers on their heads danced around the May-pole.
  157. The saucy squirrel scampered away to his home in the hollow oak.
  158. Have your mother's friends come from the country?
  159. Hiawatha's canoe floated on the water like a yellow leaf in autumn.
  160. High waves were dashing over the deck of our ship.
  161. The little brook sang softly.
  162. Brave Robin Hood laughed aloud.
  163. Again the great bell tolled.
  164. Forward marched that gallant company.
  165. Sometimes the leaves whisper together.
  166. Up started the frightened deer.
  167. The mighty river rolled silently onward.
  168. The bright stranger then quickly departed.
  169. The children's merry laughter rang out everywhere.
  170. The two strange guests soon went away.
  171. Instantly the boys' shouts ceased.
  172. Once the old woman looked cautiously around.
  173. Great black clouds have gathered.
  174. Little Puck was laughing slyly.
  175. I have been sitting here alone.
  176. Slowly a thick white mist was arising.
  177. The two old comrades were talking together earnestly.
  178. The little prince's horse had been carefully trained.
  179. The mermaids were singing sweetly.
  180. Bravely the wounded soldier struggled on.
  181. Forth marched the mighty army.
  182. Surely you will come to our picnic.
  183. The child's health is steadily improving.
  184. The odour of roses was wafted towards us.
  185. This box of tea was sent from Japan.
  186. Little Cinderella's proud sisters laughed very scornfully.
  187. You read too fast.
  188. The old soldier's horse neighed impatiently.
  189. Too many unkind words are spoken thoughtlessly.
  190. So merrily passed the day.
  191. They always start too late.
  192. Some very rare plants grow here.
  193. The deep blue heavens smiled again.
  194. A most interesting old gentleman was talking.
  195. The little pine-tree's leaves were changed to gold.
  196. We will walk to school with you.
  197. Crowds of people were looking on with delight.
  198. A vase of beautiful flowers stood on the window sill.
  199. The girl at the end of the line stood still.
  200. Without fear he plunged into the water.
  201. Gay flags were waving from every window in the village.
  202. Above my head hung great clusters of wild roses.
  203. Rip's dog walked along slowly after him.
  204. Above us floated a soft white cloud.
  205. With a loud crash the great tree fell.
  206. Before dawn the little birds were twittering sleepily.
  207. Along the beach flits the little sandpiper.
  208. The peak of the mountain towers above the cloud.
  209. Great fields of snow glowed brightly at sunset.
  210. The soldier's sword hangs at his side.
  211. The river flows down to the sea.
  212. The cattle were grazing peacefully in the meadow.
  213. The little brook babbles noisily along.
  214. Then up spoke brave Horatius.
  215. The cover of the box fell to the floor.
  216. The first boy in the line stopped at the door.
  217. Loud shouted the merry men in the forest.
  218. Suddenly the robber's band appeared on every side.
  219. The ivy grows on the ruined wall.
  220. The horn of the hunter is heard on the hill.
  221. The voice of the captain was heard above the storm.
  222. The little toy dog is covered with dust.
  223. Instantly he plunged into the water.
  224. On the top of the hill in a little hut lived a wise old woman.
  225. A goat with her kids wandered through the forest.
  226. During our residence in London we often walked in Hyde Park.
  227. With a cry of joy I ran to the door.
  228. The light smoke was curling up from every chimney in the village.
  229. Where are you going now?
  230. When was America discovered?
  231. When did the Indians live here?
  232. How was the baby hurt?
  233. Why are you laughing?
  234. How fast does the car go?
  235. How often did you recite?
  236. How high does the tide rise?
  237. When will you ride with us in our new car?
  238. When will your guests from Boston arrive?
  239. Near the mouth of the Mississippi, the river turns sharply towards the East.
  240. Between the two lofty mountains lay a fertile valley.
  241. Among the wheat grew tall red poppies.
  242. Swiftly over the dark waters sailed the three little vessels.
  243. The noisy crowd had rolled together like a summer cloud.
  244. A storm swept over the land.
  245. The men at the oars fought bravely against the storm.
  246. The great Zeppelin sailed majestically over the city.
  247. How prettily the long grasses wave in the wind!
  248. The light from the windows shone across the gravel path.
  249. The strong roots of the oak trees were torn from the ground.
  250. The reed swayed on its slender stem in the morning breeze.
  251. Two little woodpeckers were tapping at the door of the squirrel's house.
  252. The sun's rays slowly fade from the western sky.
  253. The lid of the teapot fell to the floor with a loud crash.
  254. The sun looked down through the branches upon the children at play.
  255. Have the first two examples in this lesson been corrected?
  256. Why are you sitting here alone in the dark?
  257. The tops of the trees were waving gently in the summer wind.
  258. The broad river spread out without a ripple on its surface.
  259. On the very top of the Christmas tree glittered a splendid star.
  260. On one branch of the tree were hanging nets of coloured paper.
  261. This lovely New England stream is sheltered by thick woods.
  262. Above the clouds towered the lofty peak of the mountain.
  263. The summer night fell like a perfumed curtain across the valley.
  264. Has the grass on this slope been recently cut?
  265. From the pool below the terraces came the bell-like clang of the frogs.
  266. Near the margin of the lake grew lovely blue iris, with their long slender leaves.
  267. Great flocks of wild geese were flying toward the north.
  268. The trees in apple orchards with fruit are bending down.
  269. The figure glided from the shadow of the wall.
  270. The west wind blew across my face like a friendly caress.
  271. Between the two cottages extended a hedge of lilacs.
  272. The rays of the great search-light reached far out to sea.
  273. The warm south wind, heavy with the perfume of blossoms, came through my window.
  274. Robin Hood went to the shooting-match in the disguise of an old beggar.
  275. The saucy squirrel scampered away to his home in the hollow Oak.
  276. All sorts of strange articles were arranged on the shelves.
  277. The spool of thread rolled across the floor.
  278. A box of growing plants stood in the Window.
  279. Bits of straw were whirled about by the wind.
  280. A little bit of common glass sometimes glitters like a diamond.
  281. A quilt of bright patchwork lay across the foot of the bed.
  282. Over the mantel hung a picture of a knight in full armour.