Kiki was formed to be inspired by English, Spanish and German. Kiki is a simple genderless language that tries to remove as many rules as possible without loosing information.



Letter Sound
A ah
I ee
O oh

Note: There are also six diphthongs /ai/ /ao/ /ia/ /io/ /oa/ /oi/ respectively


Letter Sound
P pah
T tah
K kah
M mah
N nah
ŋ or ñ njah
R rah
J yah
L lah
X hagh (throaty h)
F fah
V vah
S sah
Z zah
H hah
B trilled b
W approximate w (huhwa)


I Jo
You Koa
He/She Han
We (inclusive) Josvil
We (exlusive) Josal
You all Koas
They Hans

Kiki has two first person plural forms: Josvil & Josal. When the speaker is including the listener in the "we" it is josvil. If the subject is the speaker and his or her group and not the listener it is Josal.