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Koltschade is the language of two countries in the land of Stukenborstea, but widely renowned for it's use in the main country of Koltchade and is also used in another country.


The flags of the two countries this language is based in.

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This language was created by Cartchop399 (Drachenex). It started development in December 2017. to get in touch with the creator, email them:

The Language Edit

I have made a handbook telling one how to learn the language, and helping the do so here

The vocabulary of the language is mostly made of German and English words combined. This makes the language easy to learn if you are a speakre of these languages.

Verbs conjugate in this language to express who ithe verb is reffering to,  if it is nominative or accusative and what tense it is in. To make this easy for English speakers to learn, these are based off of English personal pronouns:

Personal Pronoun (English)

Personal Pronoun (Koltschade)


'I + (verb)'

You (Sg.)

U + (verb)


Eh(e) + (verb)  (“e” used if 1st letter of verb is a consonant)


Esh(e)+ (verb)  (“e” used if 1st letter of verb is a consonant)

It / They (Sg.)

Et(e)+ (verb)  (“e” used if 1st letter of verb is a consonant)


Io+ (verb)

You (Pl.)

Uo+ (verb)

They (Pl.)

Eo+ (verb)

The Alphabet Edit

Because the creator is indecisive about what looks good, is usable and is practical, Koltschade has previously had 2 alphabets, and is now getting a third one. The previous alphabet, however, will be put to use with one of the other languages that is being created. _More information soon_

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