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Name: Kostish

Type: Agglutinative

Alignment: Nominative-accusative

Head Direction: Final

Number of genders: 3

Declensions: Yes

Conjugations: Yes

Nouns declined
according to
Case Number
Definitiveness Gender
Verbs conjugated
according to
Voice Mood
Person Number
Tense Aspect

General information[]

This project has recently been picked up again, I am reworking it to represent the correct information. It is the least spoken one of the four languages spoken by desert tribes in the fictional continent of Beln, in the south-western country so called Defon. Picked up again in present times, it is used as a form of secret communication in regions where the other three would be spoken.

Gender Cases Numbers Tenses Persons Moods Voices Aspects
Verb No No Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
Nouns No Yes Yes No No No No No
Adjectives Yes No Yes No No No No No
Numbers No No No No No No No No
Participles No No No No No No No No
Adverb No No No No No No No No
Pronouns Yes Yes Yes No Yes No No No
Adpositions No No No No No No No No
Article Yes Yes Yes No No No No No
Particle No No No No No No No No



The dental fricatives are represented with orthographically as labio-dental plosives with an h (a digraph)

Symbols Official Phonetic Name IPA American
P p Voiceless bilabial stop /p/ (pick, pear)
B b Voiceled bilabial stop /b/ (berch, book)
C c Voiceless palato-alveolar affricate /tʃ/ chi, child
J j Voiceled palato-alveolar affricate /dʒ/ jack, jail
T t Voiceless alveolar stop /t/ tap, not
D d Voiced alveolar stop /d/ day, jumped
K k Voiceless velar stop /k/ camel, kayak
G g Voiced velar stop /g/ gift, fog
Y y Palatal approximant /j/ yes, you
H h Voiceless glottal fricative /h/ hail, heart
L l Alveolar lateral approximate /l/ lake, fall
M m Biblial nasal /m/ man, lamb
N n Alveolar nasal /n/ man, nail
R r Alveolar approximant /ɹ / ride, far
S s Voiceless alveolar sibilant /s/ sun, sail
Z z Voiceled alveolar sibilant /z/ zebra, dogs
Sh sh voicless postalveolar fricative /ʃ/ ship
Zh zh Voiced postalveolar fricative /ʒ/ fissure
W w Labio-velar approximate /w/ war, want


the official pronunciation of vowels is maintained as so:

Symbol IPA Official Phonetic Name American English approxiamations
ei /aɪ/ Diphthong knight, light,
eu /u/ Close back rounded stew, new,
ou /aʊ/ Diphthong route, shout,
oi /ɔɪ/ Diphthong royal, oil,
a /ɑ/ Open back unrounded thought, law, lock, flaun,
e /e/ Close-mid front unrounded
i /i/ Close front unrounded vowel knee, fee
o /oʊ/ Diphthong boat, float,
u /ʌ/ Open-mid back unrounded cup, under, chuck, dumb,
oo /ʊ/ Near-close near-back rook, wolf,



Coming soon


This is probably the hardest of all declensions. Sometimes it is more inflected due to multiple roots for one word. This, however, is the standard declension.


the ancient ka- suffix implies definity, these articles are subject to change however.

Definite Nominative Accusative Benefactive Dative
Singular animate kana kanag kanad kanab
inanimate ka kag kad kab
Plural animate kara karag karad karab
inanimate ke keg ked keb
Indefinite Nominative Accusative Benefactive Dative
Singular animate na nag nad nab
inanimate a ag ad ab
Plural animate ra rag rad rab
inanimate e eg ed eb




Member English Notes Etymology
yu parent Old Defop
bokyu father Old Defop
omyu mother also "mama" Old Defop
yus sibling Old Defop
yas sister Old Defop
yos brother Old Defop
omyos uncle maternal (mother's brother) Old Defop
bokyos uncle paternal (father's brother) Old Defop
bokyas aunt paternal (father's sister) Old Defop
male cousin Old Defop
female cos Old Defop
grandfather used with bok- or om- Old Defop
grandmother used with bok- or om- Old Defop
aunt maternal (mother's sister) Old Defop
grandmother uncommon Old Defop



Some morphmemes. not including inflections


They follow a relatively simple pattern

Example text[]

Or dippa ellbe glabak gose.

(I considered to write more here.)