Name: Ksts'w

Type: Isolating

Alignment: N/A

Head Direction: N/A

Number of genders: 1

Declensions: No

Conjugations: No

Nouns declined
according to
Case Number
Definitiveness Gender
Verbs conjugated
according to
Voice Mood
Person Number
Tense Aspect

-Make more words.
-Make more sentences.

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This language has no verbs, adpositions, pronouns, or vowels.

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As the many names imply, this language has a long, convoluted history.

IPA Chart/OrthographyEdit

NOTE: All IPA values are approximations obtained through asking the ksts'w which sound they thought best approximated the sounds used.

Labio-dental Dento-labial Labio-alveolar Linguolabial Retroflex Uvular
Central Lateral Central Lateral Central Lateral
Approximant Egressive /ʋ̥/ ⟨p⟩ / ʋ̥͆/ ⟨s⟩ /ʋ͇̊/⟨m⟩ /ɸ̺/ ⟨t⟩ / l̪̊/ ⟨l⟩ /ɻ̊/ ⟨r⟩ /ɭ̊/ ⟨w⟩ / ʁ̞̊/ ⟨g⟩ /ᴫ̥/ ⟨k⟩
Ingressive /ʋ̥↓/ ⟨'p⟩ / ʋ̥͆↓/ ⟨'s⟩ /ʋ͇̊↓/⟨'m⟩ /ɸ̺↓/ ⟨'t⟩ / l̪̊↓/ ⟨'l⟩ /ɻ̊↓/ ⟨'r⟩ /ɭ̊↓/ ⟨'w⟩ / ʁ̞̊↓/ ⟨'g⟩ /ᴫ̥↓/ ⟨'k⟩


In this language, all sounds can be either syllabic or non-syllabic.

When there are multiple occurrences of the same sound consecutively, they are all pronounced as separate syllables. For example, ⟨gg⟩ would be pronounced / ʁ̞̊. ʁ̞̊/ instead of, for example, / ʁ̞̊:/.

When there are occurences of the same syllable

The alphabet/syllabary consists of symmetrical glyphs, but they aren't here because I don't know how to put them here. The alphabetical order (in Roman transliteration) is:
p s m t l r w g k 'p 's 'm 't 'l 'r 'w 'g 'k v q "v "q

This consists of the egressive approximants, from front to back of the mouth, then the ingressive approximants, then the non-ejective trills, then their ejective forms.

Small Amount of HistoryEdit

r/'r were part of a different class of sound as one point. For this reason, they are often treated differently than the other sounds, such as in the number system.


There is no zero, and the numbers go from 1 to 16. The sixteen numbers correspond to the sixteen non-r approximant values, from left to right.

The farther right a digit is, the higher its increment.

Shortcut for Single-Digit Numbers
+1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8
+0 p s m t l w g k
+8 'p 's 'm 't 'l 'w 'g 'k

With longer numbers, the sixteens place is represented by the sound representing the amount of ones, then the sound representing the amount of sixteens. In cases where the number evenly divides into 16, the ones place is sixteen and the sixteens place is "(number divided by sixteen) minus one". For example, 32 is 'kp, or "sixteen plus one sixteen".

Because of this, despite the language being hexadecimal, values 256-272 are represented by two digits. For example, 256 is 'k'g, or approximately "sixteen plus fifteen sixteens", and 257 is p'k, or "one plus sixteen sixteens".

Longer Chart with Two-Digit Numbers
+1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10 +11 +12 +13 +14 +15 +16
+0 p s m t l w g k 'p 's 'm 't 'l 'w 'g 'k
+16 pp sp mp tp lp wp gp kp 'pp 'sp 'mp 'tp 'lp 'wp 'gp 'kp
+32 ps ss ms ts ls ws gs ks 'ps 'ss 'ms 'ts 'ls 'ws 'gs 'ks
+48 pm sm mm tm lm wm gm km 'pm 'sm 'mm 'tm 'lm 'wm 'gm 'km
+64 pt st mt tt lt wt gt kt 'pt 'st 'mt 'tt 'lt 'wt 'gt 'kt
+80 pl sl ml tl ll wl gl kl 'pl 'sl 'ml 'tl 'll 'wl 'gl 'kl
+96 pw sw mw tw lw ww gw kw 'pw 'sw 'mw 'tw 'lw 'ww 'gw 'kw
+112 pg sg mg tg lg wg gg kg 'pg 'sg 'mg 'tg 'lg 'wg 'gg 'kg
+128 pk sk mk tk lk wk gk kk 'pk 'sk 'mk 'tk 'lk 'wk 'gk 'kk

When used in a sentence, these are surrounded by number markers (see below).


Relations between words are created using word modifiers. These are function words which function like brackets. They go around the word so that they mark when the word begins and ends.

Numbers exist when the parts of the modifier begin, which show how the words modified by the modifiers are on.

If two words have the same modifier attached to them (same number and all), they can also both go within a single modifier. Otherwise, they can't.



NOTE: H means that it can stand alone (head of a phrase), O means that it cannot (definite), X signifies a number, and N signifies a special kind of word.

Inanimate Locative (both parties are animate) = H: XltX'lt O: XltX'lt
plt statue p'lt plt man p'lt = The man and statue are at the same general place.

Copula = H: XwtX'wt O: XwtX'wt
pwt causation p'wt pw't happiness p'w't = The happiness which is causing something/Happiness is causation.

Part (other is part of head) = H: Xp'lX'p'l O: XplX'pl
ppl man p'pl pp'l hand p'p'l = The man's hand

Allative+Dative(shows T going to H from O) = T: Xkr-X'kr H: XktX'kt O: Xk'tX'k't
pkr information p'kr pkt man p'kt pk't book p'k't = The information goes from the book to the man.
pkr man p'kr pwt pk't book p'k't p'wt p'wt tree p'w't. = According to the man, the book is a tree.

Causative/Instrumental (the thing that caused it to happen is the head) = H: XpwX'pw O: Xp'wX'p'w
Xpw man X'pw Xp'w hammer X'p'w = There was a hammer because of the man OR The man causes something to happen using the hammer OR The man uses the hammer to do something.


Name Marker (marks name, which is the only thing it goes around; goes inside other modifiers) = N: ll'll
pwt ll Johnny 'll p'wt pw't ppl man p'pl p'w't pp'l hand p'p'l = the hand of the man named Johnny.

Thing Number Marker (for defining the number of nouns; around number N outside modifiers and around O outside modifiers) = N: qq "qq O: q"q "q"q
qq 5 "qq q"q pl man 'pl "q"q p'l hand 'p'l = the hands of five men

Words Which Rely on Numbers/ X-WordsEdit

Some words rely on numbers for existence, such as pk'k'st, the word for a shape, which needs a number of sides as part of its definition. For these, there is a thing number marker inside the modifying brackets which specifies the number of sides. These are called X-words in this language, because the way they are described involves an X.

Actual LanguageEdit

These words consist of a cluster of 5 letters which can be said in any order. For ease of access, they are normally transcribed alone in alphabetical order, using the letter with the least value as the first syllable. To recap, the order of the alphabet is:
p s m t l r w g k 'p 's 'm 't 'l 'r 'w 'g 'k v q "v "q

WORDS: field of bacteria, multiplication, division, square root, other ways of making roots, derivatives, exponents, elements


ppppp = forest
p'lpwp = path etched into the ground
pwprt = land
pvptw = relative from same individual
ptvp't = this place and time
ptpr'l = death (when someone is no longer warmer than the world)
plpl'l = reckless abandon (positive connotation)
p'lt'ts = emotional pain
ppkrr = real thing
p"qtrp = stomach cavity, inside
ptss'l = birth
psls't = leg, near
ksmsp = light-bulb
spkvs = sulfur
tvspt = phrase with X actors
trlsp = desirable thing
vt'tsp = something which can be read
psl'lr = function word
pls'tl = back (like backbone), top
psmk'm = plan
psw'tr = chlorine
p'p"qvs = specialization
pvr'ls = schadenfreude
pmk'kqX = shape with X dimensions
pwgwr = leader
pwgvq = the people who support the leader
pw'gpt = the people who follow the leader
pw'prr = person (thinking thing)
p'kvv"q = alphabet
p'gv'k'g = many
ptr'w'tX = progenitor with X children
ptlvr = beauty
ptw'lr = metal
pk'k'st = shape with X sides
pvt'pr = relative two family members apart
pt'tvr = conversation
ptt'kr = bodily takeover of someone (positive connotation)
tpt"qt = plant
t'ktlp = path put upon the ground
t'ttp'p = language
l'ltpv = body of liquid (ocean, lake, river, etc.)
l'ltk'm = lava flow
wkrtp = owner, boss
ktg'gp = flying thing
vqkpt = underside, underneath
tpt"qs = the act of being adamant
wl'wpr = container (bag, bowl, etc.)
rlpvl = thing which is worried
v'plrp = physical protector (shell, house, etc.)
pvvrr = number
ksts'w = the people who speak this language
sskkr = state in existence
tstlv, vtslt = useful thing/usefulness
sttk'w = change
qtsrt = indomitable thing
stlkr = fierceness
stm'sr = volcanic smoke rich in methane
twgsk = ailment (caused by nonliving thing)
stgvr = the happiness of being hurt
s"qt'tv = hindquarters, behind
sr'ltv = separation/otherness
s'kqtr = silica dust
slkkr = species of indigenous bacteria
krwrs = government
sgvr"q = schadenfreude
skg'k'k = species of indigenous bacteria
"qkk"qs = eruption
ttw'pr = physical form
tlwtl = cord
ttllr = the connection of one to one's relatives/friends and the land
ttlk't = place
ttw'tr = image
tkgkt = eye
tvrgt = interesting thing
trt"qr = hard work
tvkvt = answer
ttkqr = a word which must exist to give a sentence meaning
ttk'kr = false thing
ttkvv = microorganism
ttkvr = ground-dweller
ttrr'r = speed
tllkr = head, front
tlmg't = explosion
tlwwg (twgwl, glwtw) = rumbling (of a volcano)
tlwk'r = something more spread out across the ground
tlw'tr = hard substance/plastic
tlw'lr = something reaching towards the sky
tl'lvr = inequality
tlk'tr = non-attachment
tmwkk = meeting twgmr = disease (caused by living thing fighting against another)
twwg'g = cloud
twkg'w = wind
twk'tr = rotten thing (positive connotation), bacterial contamination (positive connotation)
tw's'lr = shelter
tw'lrr = direction
tw'gr"q = indigenous species of bacteria
tkw'lr = water-dweller
tk'pv'r = indigenous species of bacteria
t's'lvr = rectitude
vtvv't = set of things
rtvr't = state of motion
kwl'wl = action
wrlkl = edible substance
lwrl'k = system of tunnels (cave system, vascular system)
g'gvg'g = when the sun is near the ground
ggrr'r = indigenous species of bacteria
rw'kr't = audience
rwwrw = great size
vrvvr = imaginary thing

Indigenous Bacteria


Compound Words

pl pttt'r 'pl p'l ptgk'g 'p'l = seed of a plant
pl ttw'kr 'pl p'l sttk'w 'p'l = movie
wt ktg'gp 'wt wt pl'pvr 'wt = airplane
tl pl sgvr"q 'pl 'tl tl p'l ptt'sr 'p'l 'tl = a feeling of great joy which doesn't translate well
pw gg'g'gv 'pw p'w ppt'lr 'p'w = sunset
pw gg'g'gv 'pw p'w psst'l 'p'w = sunrise
p'l t'ttp'p 'p'l pl ksts'w 'pl = this language
pw wrlkl 'pw p'w kwl'wl 'p'w = live prey

Sample Sentences

pwt plt tstlv pl't plt ksmsp pl't pw't p'wt vrvvr p'w't. - The useful thing is not beside the light bulb (at some specific time).

pwt swt tstlv sw't s'wt ksmsp s'w't pw't p'wt vrvvr p'w't. - The light bulb is not useful (at some specific time).

pwt swt twt wkrtp t'wt tw't ggrr'r t'w't s'wt sw't ppkrr s'w't pwt p'wt vrvvr p'w't. - The boss is not, was not, and will not be a bacterium. (Lit. ""The boss is a bacterium" is a real thing" is an imaginary thing.)

pwt ltltr pw't pwt plt ppl p"qtrp p'pl p'lt p'wt pl't tpt"qt p'l't pp'l pvt'pr p'p'l. = The group of directly related family members eat plants together in harmony.

pwt swt tstlv p'wt s'wt swt kwl'wl s'wt swt krwrs sw't. - The government('s creation) is a useful action.

ppl ppw tstlv p'pw p'pl pp'l vtvv't p'p'l pp'w spl l's'tvr p'p'w s'pl sp'l tkw'lr s'p'l. - Useful things as a whole (the set of "valuable things") made the water dweller morally correct.

pwt plw'wr p'wt pwt plt p"qtrp p'lt p'wt plt wrlkl p'lt. - The edible substance is in the container. / There is an edible substance in the container.

pwt swt ktg'gp s'wt p'wt pwt pl'pvr p'wt swt plt p"qtrp p'lt s'wt plt slt swt twt tlmg't t'wt s'wt twt ksmsp t'wt s'lt. - The light bulb inside the exploding airplane explodes.

pwt pk't trlsp p'k't p'wt pwt pkr ppw ksts'w p'pw p'kr pp'w spw ll wl 'll s'pw p'p'w sp'w krwrs s'p'w p'wt - The People want John (wl)* to succeed in forming a government. *This is how they transliterated "John". They have little love for meaningless names.

Universals Contrasted So FarEdit

All languages have stops.
All languages have either bilabials, fricatives or nasals.
All languages have some non-syllabic consonants.
All languages have voiced sounds.
All languages have rounded sounds.
All languages have non-implied verbs.
No language has a phonemic linguolabial trill.
No language has dentolabial sounds.
No language has labioalveolar sounds.
No language conjugates for both the head word and the affected word in every relationship.

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