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Name: Coastal Eastern Ktarh

Type: Synthetic, Agglutinative

Alignment: Transitive-Accusative

Head Direction: Initial

Number of genders: 3

Declensions: Yes

Conjugations: Yes

Nouns declined
according to
Case Number
Definitiveness Gender
Verbs conjugated
according to
Voice Mood
Person Number
Tense Aspect

General[edit | edit source]

This article describes the traditional coastal eastern variety of Kti. In recent times, the dialect has been watered down severely, resulting in more adherence to standard peninsular Tanarh Kti.
Coastal Eastern Ktarh is a rather conservative dialect, defined by its maintenance of the proto-Ktarh system of /*r *l *ʂ/, reflected as /r n ʂ/ unlike standard Ktarh which had shifted them to /ʃ r ʃ/, or the basilectic Tanarh shift to /r/ without distinction.

Coastal Eastern Ktarh is spoken along most of the Kæ'nari coastline, as most speakers of the dialect had fled the peninsula after the third Dnarh war.

Phonology[edit | edit source]

Vowels[edit | edit source]

There are eight cardinal vowels (A E U Y I O Ø Æ) each representing one cardinal phonemic value of /ɑ ɛ u y i ɔ œ æ/ and each having two lengths that have minimal pairs and allophonic variants depending on position.

Front Back
Height High i (i) i: (ī) u (u) u: (ū)
y (y) y: (ȳ)
Mid ɛ (e) ɛ: (ē) ɔ (o) ɔ: (ō)
œ (ø) œ: (ø̄)
Low æ (æ) æ: (ǣ) ɑ (a) ɑ: (ā)

Consonants[edit | edit source]

There are 14 cardinal consonants (Š, S, Z, Ž, K, T, D, Ð, H, M, N, Ŋ, R, ' ). They are distributed unevenly along five points of articulation, labial, alveolar, retroflex, velar and glottal.

Labial Alveolar Retroflex Velar Glottal
Voiced Voiced Unvoiced Voiced Unvoiced Unvoiced Unvoiced
Plosive t







 ( ' )

Fricative s (s) z (z)

ð (ð)

ʂ (š) ʐ (ž) x (h)
Nasal m






Trill (r)
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