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Classification and Dialects[]

Kuunwiis (natively: Kuunãs) was spoken thousands of years ago on Tihaanja in the country that is now called Ãlwĩ. No one knows how many people spoke it. It is written in latin and greek script. The reason why is because the ancient greeks visited Tihaanja, which is a light year away. The greeks had the superior technology, but it has been lost forever. Some letter are written in Cyrillic script because they have no equivalent in greek. 

Writing System[]

Letter A a

A α

à ã

Α͂ ᾶ

B b

Б б

D d

Δ δ

E e

E ɛ

F f

Φ φ

G g

Γ γ

H h

Һ һ

I i

I ι

Ĩ ĩ

Ι͂ ῖ

J j

J j

K k

K к

Sound /a/ /æ/ /b/ /d/ /ɛ/ /f/ /g/ /h/ /ɪ/ /i/ /j/ /k/
Letter L l

Λ λ

M m

M μ

N n

N ν

O o

Ω ω

P p

Π π

R r

P ρ

Ř ř

Р̌ р̌

S s

Σ σ

T t

T τ

U u

У y

V v

B β

W w

W w

Sound /l/ /m/ /n/ /o/ /p/ /ɹ/ /r/ /s/ /t/ /u/ /v/ /w/
Letter Z z

Z ζ

Ž ž

З̌ з̌

Sound /z/ /ʒ/

U and I are sometimes doubled like this: uu ii even though uu makes the same sound as u and ii makes the same sound as Ĩ.