The language is influenced by hindi, bengali, hungarian, romanian, english, french and other languages. The language is related with Yajuk and Ajnii.


a, aa, ai(eh), au(oh), b, c(like ch), d, e, ee(i), f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, o, oo(u), p, q, r, s, sh, t, ts, u, v, w, y, z

bh, ch, dh, gh, jh, kh, nh(n), ph, rh, shh, th

n represents the nasalization: ain(e~), aun(o~), aan(aa~) etc

Basic Grammar- Taashhai BunhaiEdit

The Noun: the plural is formed by adding an i(to the masculine)/ en (to the feminine). The singular ending for masculine is ain/ee/au/u or consonant, and for feminine is a/aan/oo/ai

Basic Words Edit

Karoo- Hi/ Hello

Dikhoo- Goodbye (informal)

Dikhotee tsa- Goodbye to you (formal)

Kee jaubhain?- How are you?

Jaubhaan phroo. - I am good!


elbhaar- language

taashhai- grammar

kaur- and

kee- what

kai- why, because

koo- when

jain/jaan- me

jeen/jeena- you

eerkain- he

eerka- she

saahi/saahen- we

jeeni/jeenen- you

eerki- they

eerken- they


0 shoon

1 ek

2 daun

3 hain

4 choo

5 paan

6 cahaan

7 saut

8 ot

9 nain

10 deesh

11 ekesh

12 daunesh

13 haingesh

14 chooyesh

15 paangesh

16 cahaangesh

17 sautesh

18 otesh

19 naingesh

20 daunee

30 hainee

40 chooyee

100 seen

200 daun seen

1000 meen

2000 daun meen

Example textEdit


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