Basic Information[]

Lanlan is a Fanlang created for the game Hollow Knight, and in-universe would work as a Lingua Francia for what would likely be multiple different dialects.



front central back
closed i (ii) u
ɪ (i)
close mid e ɵ (o)
open mid
open ɑ (a)


bilabial labiodental dental alveolar post-alveolar retroflex palatal velar uvular pharyngeal glottal
plosive p, b t d k, g
nasal m n ŋ (ng)
trill r
fricative f, v s, z
lat. fricative
approx. j
lat. approx l


one might notice that the IPA is quite similar to English. this was not on purpose. I simply wanted the language to have simple sounds, and ended up with this.



Nouns are inclined by Gender, Number, and sometimes Honorifics.

-iid: masculine

-id: feminine

-dii: neuter

ii-: singular

i-: plural

-iisa: low honor

-iiza: middle honor

-iifa: high honor

(Honorifics are used in special occasions. they can not be used in the first person, or in any plural form, and rarely used in informational writing.)


verbs come in 8 person cases, some inclined with gender, and three tense systems (Past, present, and future,) each with 8 cases (Perfect, Progressive, Subjunctive, Negative, Evidentiality, Transitive, Reflexive, Indicative,) though the future system technically marks Future Perfect & Future Progressive under the same suffix, making 7.

(note: one might notice some places where two identical letters are placed next to eachother. there are two ways of pronouncing this: germinating, or seperating the two letters with a glottal stop.)

word meaning
1st Neuter jikotoiimadii I speak (neuter)
1st Masculine jikotoiimaiid I speak (masculine)
1st feminine jikotoiimaid I speak (feminine)
1st plural jiikotoima We speak
2nd neuter jikotoiimiidii you speak (neuter)
2nd masculine jikotoiimiiiid you speak (masculine)
2nd feminine jikotoiimiiid you speak (feminine)
3rd Neuter jikotoiimodii it speaks
3rd Masculine jikotoiimoiid he speaks