Lapizyol (/lápyzjɔl/) is a language used in Lapiz, a country in Yanizz. It was the base for Yolon. It uses SVO and is head-final.

Letters are capitalized like in german, where they are capitalized if they are nouns or names. UNCAPITALIZED LETTERS ARE ABOUT 3/4 THE LETTER'S SIZE, LIKE THIS.



Stress doesn't actually exist in Lapizyol. In the Lapiz dialect, vowels on a "stressed" syllable are marked with a high tone, while in the [UNNAMED] dialect (equivalent to American English), they are marked with long vowels (for example, Lapizyol becomes /laːpyzjɒl/). This also applies on monosyllabic words.


Consonants Bilabial Dental Alveolar Palatal Velar Glottal
Nasal /m/ /n/
Plosive /p/ /t/, /d/ /k/, /g/
Sib. fricative /s/, /z/ /ʑ/ /x̝/
Fricative /v/ /θ/ /ɣ/ /h/, /ɦ/
Approximant /j/ /ʍ/
Trill /r/ /rʲ/
Lat. Approx. /l/ /ʟ/
Letter Sound
A /a/
E /e/ normally

/ɛ/ if stressed

I /y/ normally

/i/ if stressed

O /o/ normally

/ɔ/ if stressed

U /u/
D /d/ normally

/ð/ at the end of a word

G /g/ normally

/ɣ/ at the end of a word

H /h/ normally

/ɦ/ at the end of a word

K /k/
Ł /ʟ/ normally
L /l/ normally
N /n/
M /m/
P /p/
R /ɾ/
Ŕ /rʲ/ (voiced palatal trill)
T /t/
V /v/
W /ʍ/ normally

/uː/ when used as a vowel

X /x̝/ (voiceless velar sibilant fricative)
Y /j/ normally

/iː/ when used as a vowel

Z /z/ normally

/ʑ/ if doubled (zz)

AW /ɐ/
EW /ɜ/
IW /y/
OW /u/



win- = COMP (transforms good into better)

won- = SUP (transforms good into best)

ta- = AUG

tu- = DIM

pe- = POT (able to/can)


-ha = noun to adjective

-he = noun to verb

-(p)izz = possessive

-mu = dual, -g = plural, -x = (very rarely used) singular

-(n)el = stative ajective (the thing is good, yev keron ye dalel), -ko = the "red" in "he painted the house red" what is it called aaaaa


-ŕi = far past, -ri = short past, -ra = present, -ruz = future, -ren = infinitive, -ruz = future perfect (would have)

Basic Words

Di = 1sg, Do = 2sg, Da = 3sg
Dem = 1du, Dow = 2du, Damun = 3du
Deg = 1pl, Dogu = 2pl, Dage = 3pl

Zu = no, Zi = yes

Zeden = greeting

Yev = the, e = a/an, my = two (article)

Ye = is (singular), Yem = are (dual), Yege = are (plural)

Ve = and, Vo = or

Vat = this, Vyat = that

Az = that (like in the sentence "thing that moves" (keron az yes dexoral))

Lin = in/inside

Nayan = other

Tałko = why, Talen = because

Kal = what/question, Ŕezkal = where, Zyłkal = when, Yokal = who

Ir = if


Keron = thing

Rez = place

Zyłko = time

Zil = age

Keyen = distance

Non = size

Ŕi = path, Taŕi = road, Rinaw = highway

Yow = yanizzian, Yozu = alien, Neyo = creature

Ŕoz = god, Zwoz = devil

Rodez = heaven, Zworez = hell

Zul = order/simplicity, Ziel = chaos/complex

Kal = question

Tiv = light

Nyen = difficulty

Pyte = name

Zoŕy = knowledge, Zorayo = memory

Texne = movement, Łowez = rotation

Wonlowe = orbit

Hewe = wrong, Hoxno = error

Kyanok = house/shelter

Pekare = action

Yamew = tool

Kavek = measurement

Nuyeli = mass

Zitan = power


Ŕan = green/nature

Piŕyin = grass, Powŕan = tree

Oy = stone

Tivoy = ore

Ner = water/river

Wev = cloud


Wo = star

Nag = sky

Won = cosmos

Yan = planet

Woŕi = galaxy

Owev = nebula


Yol = language, Nuyol = dialect

Wogek = word, Zyevek = sentence, Porek = text


Kyew = attack/fight, Ket = defend

Kaz = like, Zukaz = dislike

Ny = create, Nu = destroy

Mex = use

Nuko = want

Henyo = learn

Yenu = mine

Dex = walk, Tadex = run, Dexo = move

Nekaw = fix/repair, Zukaw = break

Leno = enter, Lemaw = leave/exit

Gonepex = contact, Kalex = hit/collide


Dal = good, Zul = bad

Nekex = good, Gexez = evil

Zuki = safe, Zule = dangerous

Penye = easy, Zunye = hard

Takeyen = far, Tukeyen = near


Log = all, Lev = some, Loy = any

Tazil = old, Tuzil = new

Doyuŕe = swear word, originates from you're stupid (do ye zuzoŕyel)

Example Text

English: Yolon is a language that was created by a Yanizzian in Lapiz. Some of its words were taken from Lapizyol.

Lapizyol: Ŷołon ye e Yol ve e Yo lin L̂apiz. Lev Ŷolonizz Wogekaw zudyewŕi lev Lapizyolizz Wogekaw.

IPA: /jɔ́ʟon jé é yɔ́l vé é jɔ́ lín lápyz˥˩ lév jɔ́ʟonyʑ ʍɔ́gäː zudjɛ́ʍrʲy lév lápyzjɔlyʑ ʍɔ́gäː˥˩/

Gloss: Yolon COP UNDEF language and UNDEF Yanizzian in Lapiz. some Yolon-POS word-PL NEG-give-PST some Lapizuyol-POS word-PL.

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