Late Andarian is the later form of a fictitious language created for the "Tailor of Tongues'" secondary world, but unlike its ancestors (which are less well fleshed out and mostly written creations) is also spoken by its creator in the "real world".


Late Andarian (Andarian: Andari) was the last form of the Andarian language, developed after the bringing of slaves to Koraia and before its expansion into the New World. It was known for its relative lack of inflection, vis a vis the complete loss of its already consolidated gender system (except in literary writing), verbal inflection, and its remaining cases. (The dual number of Old Andarian had been all but lost long before the period in which Late Andaria developed, and was retained only in the pronouns of Middle Andarian.)


I = Sen

You (sing.) = Lar

He/She = An

We = Um

You (pl.) = Lat

They = Anva