Lyiruch (Ruḥnchimbhą) is an experimental, Ithkuil-based constructed language created by Bowsertendo666. It is based on its predecessor Ituyagul, which had an unfinished successor called Ryutzhiaq. Lyiruch is one of the most grammatically and morphophonologically complex languages to learn, if not the most, acting as a bridge between Ithkuil (a priori philosophical and logical language) and natural languages (languages evolving naturally in humans), with a purpose to express human cognition.

If you don't know Ithkuil, it was created by Jon Quijada in 1978 and published onto the Internet in 2004. It was revised in 2007 (Ilaksh), 2011 (Ithkuil III), and finally 2017 (Ithkuil IV) after complaints about the huge grammatical complexity and phonological inventory. Lyiruch is largely based on the original version. The creator of Ituyagul, Bowsertendo666, is only fluent in the phonology and grammar of the language.


The word ruḥnchimbhą is a formative derived from the root l-c, relating to speak, voice, oral sound, or interpretation derived with the addition of the following morphological determinants:

  • The -u- vocalic infix

luc is the holistic informal variety of Stem 2. It means talk, speak, or spoken utterance.

  • A 3-2 mutation of the consonants: luc → ruch

The 3-2 configuration symbolizes the COMPOSITE configuration. Roughly corresponding to the plurality concept in Indo-European languages, it implies the objects in question (words, luc) to be diverse, while forming a "coherent emergent entity" (rather than just a collection or an array of different words), thus meaning "a vocabulary" or "lexicon".

  • The -ḥn- transfix

The prefix symbolizes the COALESCENT affiliation and DELIMITIVE extension. This indicates that the individual members of the set act together toward a higher purpose by coordinating their complementary functions, and the language is perceived as a whole. Thus, "a vocabulary/lexicon" becomes "a language with a purpose".

  • The -imbh suffix

The suffix symbolizes Degree 9 of the Definiteness suffix, meaning "at hand/under discussion/this one now/instant; in this manner". It is made by mutating the suffix -i1 (i+Articulator 1) with Form 9 (mbh).

  • The suffix

The suffix symbolizes the EXISTENTIAL context (the default one) and REPRESENTATIVE essence, since there are no vowels with high or low tones. The REPRESENTATIVE essence means that it does not refer to a real-life phenomenon, but mental representation, or projection, of that phenomenon; to an imaginary or hypothetical object.

Thus, the word ruḥnchimbhą translates to "an imaginary language with a purpose in this manner".

Table of Contents[]

  1. Phonology
  2. Morphophonology
  3. Basic Morphology
  4. Noun Morphology
  5. Verb Morphology
  6. Adjuncts
  7. Number System
  8. Lexicon
  9. Texts