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Letter Name IPA
A a ɑ
Á átta æ
AU autta au
B b
BH bhétta p
C k
D d
DH dhétta ð
TH thétta θ
E e ɛ
É étta
F f
FH fhétta v
G ge ɡ
GH ghétta j
H h
I i i
J ʒ
JH jhétta
L la l
LH lhétta ʃ
M m
MH* mhétta m
N n
NH nhétta ɲ
O o ɵ
Ó ótta ø
R ra r
RH** rhétta ɾ (trilled)
S s
T t
U u u
Ú ú ʊ
Y ytta
Z z
' lhamdé greth


  • This form is used before vowels.
  • Replaced by 'rr' in proper nouns.

If a consonant is doubled, it is held for a longer amount of time, and both ends the syllable before it, and begins the next.

If a consonant formed with an 'h' (bh, dh, jh, etc.) is doubled only the first letter is doubled.

Ex. nosa (no - sa) 'nose' vs. nossa (nos - sa) 'note'

'cabha' (ca - bha) 'compartment' vs. 'cabbha' (cabh - bha) 'cap/ hat'


Nouns have two genders, two numbers, and five cases:

Masculine Feminine Plural
Nominative tul mhanna mhanné
Accusative tulen mhannen mhanném
Dative tules mhannes mhannéc
Genitive tuled mhanned mhannédh
Prepositional tulelh mhannelh mhannébh


I You He She We You They
Nominative A Ta Dhe Fhe Lhém Tém Jhén
Accusative En Tan Erh Irh Os Es Jherh
Dative Út Tot Rha Rhé Un Enem Rhen
Genitive Et Tet Dhedh Fhedh Ijhé Ujha Jhedh
Prepositional Alh Tagha Est Ust Y Rhi Jhást


All verbs are regular.

A verb infinitive is a blank verb, meaning that it is simply a root waiting for endings.


Pronoun A Ta Dhe / Fhe Lhém Tém Jhém
Ending o a e os as es

Take for instance the verb 'lhen' (to see), it's conjugations would be lheno, lhena, lhene, lhenos, lhenas, and lhenes.

The pronoun may be dropped.


Pronoun A Ta Dhe / Fhe Lhém Tém Jhém
Ending úlo úla úle* olo ola ole
  • This ending (minus the 'e') creates the past participle, which can then be made into an adjective.


Pronoun A Ta Dhe / Fhe Lhém Tém Jhém
Ending alo ala ale uto uta ute

Example Text[]

I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.
~Galileo Galilei

Nu trhergho mhúsdhúlta, é dhebh Dhoselh posterhitelh, ne fharbúle un takten, sulunnen, fha neghonifhen, ytalúle un é nu-etteth namhinen jhedh.