Name: marE



Head Direction: Final

Number of genders:

Declensions: No

Conjugations: No

Nouns declined
according to
Case Number
Definitiveness Gender
Verbs conjugated
according to
Voice Mood
Person Number
Tense Aspect


marE is an artlang since 2002 developed by Ellif d.a. Its korean Homepage can be seen in here. and there's more informations in Cafe stelo's marE page.


Firstly, marE had been made for my fantasy novel's background, but it has not developed, since that, I separated marE from it, and released in internet from 2005.

Basic Grammar[]

marE's grammar influenced by Esperanto and Korean.

  • Almost words have ending in vowels (-a, -e, -i, -o, -u, -ei, -ai, -yu), but some endings ends in consonants (cf. -of('하고' in korean), -os (informal ending /like 해체 in korean).
  • marE can be written in SVO and SOV either. and before these main compoments, Adjective and prenoun can be inserted.
  • In marE's all words, can be inserted prefix and suffix, and another words. In example, ao nao('I love') can be ao cinao ('I loved') or ao lonao ('I will love'). Or, cere ('ship') can be ceride('sailor', means 'ship(cer + e) + man(-id-)') or cerdile ('canal', means 'ship(cere) + road (dile).
  • marE should be written in small letters, and should not be written in capitals except that words is not from marE itself - example : iesE('Jesus'), marE(marE language itself - because mare means 'language'), iusE('U.S.A.')
  • marE has 25 letters : e, c, h, m, r, a, s, p, t, n, i, b, d, f, l, o, g, j, k, th, u, nh, ch, fl, w. And these letters called 'escere' because e's name is esce(light) and c's name is cere(ship), and these words merged - esce + cere - 'ce' = escere.
    • 'c' speaks (Ssangsiot) in '씨' ([ssi] or [xi], 'Mr.' or 'seed')
    • 'l' speaks nearly in 'r', because in Korean, 'ㄹ'(Rieul) don't divided exactly in r or l. But for division with 'r', l speaks twicely when 'l' comes after vowels, example. mare(ma-re (마-레)) versus male(mal-le (말-레)).


dictionary is in marA elchimara take. You can just see marE <-> korean dictionary. there's almost 900 words.

Example text[]

  • elconeo jundo nas nitté, nak dio nap it dume nak ugiroâ. coneo cidigaho kenmete nak mesauri nas dae, nak ne' ilto elnafl nap welsná aite. (Human rights declaration #1)
  • nhio! pia camini eocefado! ao pia ameo iado. "God! please not abandon your children! I'm your servant forever." (from Yelelar