Copulative and irregular verbs[]



The verb aran does not distinguish person. in the past and future it also does not distinguish between singular and plural. This is the most often used copula, it carries the meaning of something being either a thing or having a property.

singular plural past future
indicative ar aran arað aral
potential ay aray rayð rayl
imperative urar uran urað ural
optative ura urð arl
potential optative yrar yran yrð yrl


The verb aðy is alike to the verb aran, only the meaning is slightly different. It can most often be compared with "alike" or "seems"

singular plural past future
indicative aðy aðyð aðyl
potential amb amby amð amly
imperative uky ukyð ukyl
optative uðy uðyð uðyl
potential optative iðy iðyn iðynð iðyl