Quick Note: This is not canon to the books.

The Meowing Dialect Continuum is the formal name for a group of dialects in the Kranto-Fenikic languages which have a well-defined border with other languages, but have a rather fuzzy internal distinction. These dialects are noted for their emphasis on nasal and nasalized consonants, including nasalized trills, which is what led to their being called the "Meowing Languages".

The proto-language may have been called *Merngem, but it will be referred to from here on as PML, short for Proto-Meowing-Language.


PML and its daughter languages are written in their own scripts, which don't correspond to one another. However, they can all be written in PML romanization, a romanization of all of those language based on extrapolation from sound changes in PML.

All sounds and words in PML are marked with an asterisk, as is customary for proto-languages, while those of its descendants are not.


Bilabial Alveolar Palatal Velar/Preuvular
Plosive Oral *b *d *g
Nasal *m *n
Fricative/Approximant Unvoiced *f *s
Voiced *v *z *j
Nasalized *ṽ *z̃ *j̃
Trill Oral *r
Nasalized *ʙ̃ *r̃ *ʀ̃


Front Center Back
High *e *o
Low *a

Writing System[]

The daughter languages have their own writing system, but this would cause unnecessary difficulty to reproduce and is not adhered to very much.

General Sound Changes[]

PML Meongem Mengrnenm Mengernenm Ngermenm Nerbenm Nemenm Nenoenm
*z- [z]
*z̃- [z̃] [ð̃]
*zd- [z] [zd] [d]
*r- [r̃] [r] [z]
*j- [j](shifts pronunciation of following vowel) [j] [i]
j̃- [j̃](shifts pronunciation of following vowel) [n]
*VbjV V[j]V(shifts pronunciation of following vowel higher) V[vj]V(shifts pronunciation of following vowel higher) V[bj]V V[bi]
*VdV [d] [ð] V[ðo]
*VmV V[nm]V V[m]V V[no]V
*VrV V[r]V
*VʙV V[ʙ]V
*V1ʀ̃V2 V1[oŋ]V2 V1[ŋr̃]V2 V1[ŋ]V1[r̃]V2 V1[ŋ]V1[ʙ̃]V2 V1[n]V1[ʙ]V2 V1[n]V1[m]V2 V[noe]V
*Vnm Vm Vnm
*Vng Vo Vng o
*Vrd Vrd Vrn
*Vrng Vo Vng Vrn o



Case Ending


The dictionary form of a verb is a noun meaning "the act of X".


There is no distinction between adjectives and adverbs other than placement in a sentence.

  • nyonm vinzai = ignorant man
  • abyono vinzai = I visit ignorantly.

Sample Words[]

PML Meongem Mengrngenm Mengernenm Ngermenm Nerbenm Nemenm Nenoenm English
*abyord ajörd avjörd avjörd abjord abjord abyorn abyorn the act of visiting
*adonnd the act of leaping/surpassing
*arbenzd the act of losing
*arnanm mind
*feranm sailor
*ngoranm woman
ngord to see
*nyanm nyam nyanm nyanm nanm nanm nanm nanm hand
*nyonm nyöm nyönm nyönm nonm nonm nonm nonm man
*nzarng nzao nzang nzang nzarn ndharn ndharn ndho mood (happiness, sadness)
*vinzai ignorant(ly)
*viranm container
*yo.e yöve yö.e yöe yoe yoe yoe iyowe language
*zonz written, in writing
zorenm oneself
zornggord the act of reflection