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General Edit

Meshnalogch is an artistic sci-fi abjad designed to sound like Russian, look like Hebrew, and feel like German.

[This language is very much a work in progress.]


Meshnalogch is the language of a Type-2 transhuman civilization, framed in an alternate universe. It acts as a temporary global language, until practical telecommunication is sufficiently developed.

Łesigal Homeworld

Homeworld of the speakers of Meshnalogch


Meshnalogch's phonemic inventory is based off of Russian. Its featuring of voiceless nasals and lateral approximants, along with nasalized plosives, produces a distinctive sound.


Labial Coronal Post-Alveolar Velar
Nasal m̊ m n̊ n ŋ̊ ŋ
Plosive p~b t~d k~g
Fricative f~v s~z ʂ~ʐ x~ɣ
Affricate t͡s~d͡z t͡ʂ~d͡ʐ k͡x~g͡ɣ
Approximant ɬ l ɰ
Trill r̥ʲ ɾ

Similar to Russian, all coronal and velar phonemes can be palatalized except for nasals. Additionally, all plosives can be nasalized.


Central Back
High ɨ ɯ
Low-mid ɜ ʌ



Below is a romanization of the Meshnalogch abjad.

The letters ī, ū, ē, and ā represent /ɨ/, /ɰ/, /ɜ/, and /ʌ/ respectively.

Letter Vhīd/Bīt Ghīm/Gīm Ngēn Dāl/Tāl Vūv Rhēt/Xēt
Sound /β~b/ /ɣ~g/ /ŋ/ /d~t/ /v/ /ɰ~x/
Letter Jīd/Çīd Lēm/Łēm Ljād/Łjāt Mēmh Nīnh 'ējn
Sound /j~ç/ /l~ɬ/ /ʎ~ɬʲ/ /m/ /n/ -
Letter Tzūd Dçūv/Tçūv Rāš Rdētz/Rtētz Žīn/Šīn Qlv
Sound /ʦ/ /ɟ~c/ /ʁ/ /ɽ~ɾ/ /ʐ~ʂ/ /ǁ/

For each letter's name, all characters before the vowel character make the respective letters (for example, "vhīd" is the name of the letter "vh"). Qlv is the name of the letter "q" (lateral click), which is always followed by "l". 'ējn does not have a grapheme even though it has a symbol in Łēšgl. Additionally, 'ējn doesn't represent any phonemes on its own. It instead acts as a modifier, similar to the Russian letter ъ.

Letters from above with two names are known as "soft". Soft can be written either as their left/"soft" name, producing the phoneme on the left, or as their right/"hard" name, producing the phoneme on the right (for example, vhīd -> "vh" -> /β/ and bīt -> "b" -> /b/).

Furthermore, any plosive followed by l, lj, m, or n becomes lateralized or nasalized, respectively. However, bīd cannot be lateralized by l. Also, if m, n, or ng is followed by h, the nasal becomes unvoiced.







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