Metin nouns, while being less complex and central to the construction of a sentence as the verbs are, still form the second most important aspect of Metin grammar. They decline for four cases, and typically come after the verb in the sentence.[]

Noun declension types[]


M absolutives are a very large noun class in the Metin language, formed from a large part from verb nominalizations. The m-absolutive of a verb stem typically refers to the product of said verb.

Consonant M-nouns

M nouns starting with a consonant typically start with mi-. The mi appears in the basic case and is replaced by the regular case prefixes in the others.

mi-kaar: A plane, a sheet
Basic mikaar
Ablative ookaar
Dative inkaar
Locative unkaar

M-nouns denoting an animate referent will use ee- and aL- instead of in- and un- for the dative and locative respectively

mi-Zai: Graduate, trained person
Basic miZai
Ablative ooZai
Dative eeZai
Locative arZai
M-nouns with consonant clusters[]