akad-: words of the first declination ending on a voiced consonant decline as shown:

Nominative akats
Accusative akadef
Dative akadu
Prepositional akadej
Predicative akatse

als: words of the first group ending on a fricative do not inflect for nominative, even when the fricative has an affricate counterpart.

Nominative als
Accusative alsef
Dative alsu
Prepositional alsej
Predicative altse

baf-: words ending on a fricative or affricate that in the old language ended on u. (also i for f and s). There are plenty, they are spelled with a hyphen on the dictionary.

Nominative bafs
Accusative bafef
Dative baf
Prepositional bafej
Predicative bafe

dal: one of the four native nouns ending on l that take the 1st declension. This is because these nouns did not have a vowel in the old language. The others are peol, ḑapel, and qanal. Borrowed words, such as seniol, also imitate this pattern.

Nominative dal
Accusative dalef
Dative dalu
Prepositional dalej
Predicative dale

epas: multisyllabic words ending on a stop, a vowel, then a fricative.

Nominative epas
Accusative epsef
Dative epsu
Prepositional epsej
Predicative epse

gáuts: words ending on an affricate following a long vowel lose the affricate.

Nominative gáuts
Accusative gáusef
Dative gáusu
Prepositional gáusej
Predicative gáutse

giţau: words ending on two vowels add -se to the predicative. True for nouns of the 3rd and 4th group.

Nominative giţaus
Accusative giţauf
Dative giţau
Prepositional giţauj
Predicative giţause

leqaj: nouns ending on j follow the third declination as if j was a vowel, except the prepositional form is made with -ij.

Nominative leqajs
Accusative leqajf
Dative leqaju
Prepositional leqaij
Predicative leqaje

mal-: most words ending on L follow this pattern.

Nominative mals
Accusative malf
Dative máu
Prepositional malí
Predicative máe

mawasan-: only native noun ending on n. Borrowed words, such as elektron, imitate this pattern.

Nominative mawasanis
Accusative mawasanef
Dative mawasanu
Prepositional mawasanej
Predicative mawasane
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