Introduction to the Subjunctive[]

The subjunctive is one of the 4 irrealis moods in Míbvui. Unlike the English subjunctive, the subjunctive in Míbvui is very common and has many uses. This page provides an overview of the uses of the subjunctive.

There are two types of subjunctive in Míbvui: subjunctive with phrases and the bare subjunctive that is subjunctive not in a phrase or clause. Subjunctive in phrases is more common in the present, the bare subjunctive is more common in the future. Both types of subjunctive have a similar usage. Finally, the subjunctive perfect has replaced the conditional perfect

Subjunctive in Phrases[]

There are two types of phrases/clauses that the subjunctive can be used in, impersonal expressions and if clauses.

There are 111 impersonal expressions that require the use of the subjunctive.

Bare Subjunctive[]