A language based on languages I have a (very basic) knowledge of. Words are based on Germanic, Romance, Slavic and Japanese languages, and some words are completely made up. The same goes for the grammar.


a like Spanish a

b as b

c as ts

d as d

e like Spanish e

f as f

g like the g in go, never like the g in gentleman

h as h

i like y in family

j like y in yoghurt

k as k

l as l

m as m

n as n

o like Spanish o

p as p

q as sh

r as r

s as s

t as t

u between the u in hurt and normal u

v as v

w as w

x like ch as in check

y like j in joke

z as z

þ like German ch (Alt+0254)

Basic GrammarEdit


adjective+'e' becomes an adverb


there are three tenses: past tense, present tense and future tense. The present tense is just the verb without the 'j'. So with the verb 'to be':

infinitive: zej (verb base + ej)

present tense: ze (verb base + e)

The other two tenses aren't difficult; just add something in front of the verb. This is 'ze' to make a past tense, and xe for a future tense.

infinitive: zej

past tense: zeze

present tense: ze

future tense: xeze

In a sentence, where the object is the same as the object, the verb is to be placed at the end of the sentence. Otherwise, you should put it just after the subject.


adimo = green

aio = blue

cioru = favorite

henma = color

miþju = name

ot = total, complete, full (as in full name)

su = and


and = su

blue = aio

color = henma

complete = ot

favorite = cioru

green = adimo

name = miþju

total = ot

Numbers Edit


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