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This is the Modern Ikotan lexicon. It contains 57 lexical entries. This is in English alphabetical order, not Ikotan alphabetical order, to make searching for words easier.

Suggestions for words are greatly appreciated, as well as fixes in spelling. I have a tendency to make a word with the letter p, even though it's not supposed to exist in this language. Please post the error in the talk page. Substitutions will be made by me, Tarannar. Thank you.

A words: 19 entriesEdit

acea (pronoun/adjective) that.

akes (preposition) at.

alio (conjunction) and.

anaras (noun) sunrise, dawn.

ancuto (adjective) dull, blunt.

andanel (verb) take, receive, get.

andie (adverb) where.

anlire (adjective) bad, poor, evil, nasty, negative.

ansene (noun/adjective/adverb) secret, private, secretly.

ansune (adjective) far, distant, remote.

ansuni (adverb) there.

anti (adverb/preposition) down, downward.

antident (adjective/adverb) south, southern.

ari (adverb/preposition) up, upward.

arident (adjective/adverb) north, northern.

arka (noun/adjective) salt, salty.

atelito (noun) rain.

atsetu (noun) star, sun.

atsetuca (noun) outer space.

C words: 11 entriesEdit

carnen (verb) eat, bite, chew, swallow.

ce (noun) three.

cedent (noun/adjective) center, central.

ceget (verb) cause, induce.

cere (noun) apple.

ceyen (adjective) modern. This word also means thirty, but large numbers are not entries in the lexicon.

ciudes (noun) city, town, village.

co (adverb) not. Note that this is only used in poetry or incomplete sentences. "co teheste" means "not theft"

cod (exclamation) no.

cosi (noun) thing, item.

cuto (adjective) sharp, pointed, acute.

D words: 17 entriesEdit

dago (noun) message, letter, notice.

danel (verb) give, present, bestow.

das (noun) day.

dekayo (adjective) rotten, decaying, spoiled.

deko (adjective) fat, thick.

delen (verb) must, ought, have to.

delo (adverb/conjunction) when.

dene (adjective) stupid, foolish, idiotic.

dent (noun) direction.

detu (noun/adverb) yesterday.

die (preposition) by.

dirit (verb) see, look, watch.

dis (preposition) of.

dones (exclamation) goodbye.

dornen (verb) sleep, nap, rest.

drase (noun) daytime, daylight, sunshine.

dute (noun/adjective) dust, dusty.

E words: 3 entriesEdit

e (conjunction) or, either.

ecie (pronoun/adjective) this.

entenden (verb) understand, realize, comprehend.

G words: 7 entriesEdit

ge (noun) four.

ges (pronoun/adjective) some.

gesuren (verb) dance.

get (verb) have.

gis (pronoun) he, she, it, they.

gratula (adjective) grateful, thankful.

gusetro (noun) snail, slug.

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