This page will serve as a list of just a whole bunch of different words in Molivianic. Any irregularities in words will pointed out. Abbreviatios that will be used:


Pres - Present

Fut - Future

Ind - Indicative

Desc - Descriptive

Subj - Subjunctive

Simp - Simple

Perf - Perfect

Imp - Imperfect

Cont - Continous

Ime - Imperative

Cond - Conditional

H/W/D - Hopes/Wishes/Desires

1/2/3 - 1st/2nd/3rd Person

Sing - Singular

Plur - Plural


Irregularities will be listed in the Irregular in column

Molive'anic English Irregular in:
abret to morph Subh - All - ab --> sáb
ade'ret to buy Subj - All ad --> sád
amfet to love

Subj - All amf --> sámf

Subj - Imp mf --> mr

a'fet to run  Subj - All. a'f --> lá'f
a'lmet to know Subj - All, a'l --> sá'l
a'lset to think

Subj - All a'ls --> lá'ls

baslet to borrow
b'éch'et to go

Ind - All, Subj - All*

me'let to eat
nó'ret to be Ind - All, Subj - All*
sre'net* to wish
  • Note, there is a difference between the verb to wish, and the subjunctive mood


Note, all nouns below are before declension

Molivianic English
be'smod wand
be'smog (magical/holy) water
be'smon (magical) cloak
bilsnë'd tree
bilsnë'da rock
bilsnë'f grass
bilsnë'g frog
bilsnë'g water
bilsnë'l fire
bufpo'b curtain
bufpo'n cloak
de'smod dragon
de'smoda spell/enchantment
dilsnë'de cow
dilsnë'f flower
dilsnë'fa lilly
dilsnë'fa' rose
dilsnë'fe tulip


Molivianic English
dol good
sol bad

Other Parts of Speech / Common Phrases[]

Molivianic English
A'shne hello
Fresn what
Sre'no goodbye