Name: Naigesh

Type: Roman language

Alignment: French, Italian, Latin

Head Direction:

Number of genders: Feminine, Masculine

Declensions: No

Conjugations: No

Nouns declined
according to
Case Number
Definitiveness Gender
Verbs conjugated
according to
Voice Mood
Person Number
Tense Aspect


Naigesh or Hounish (Naiguese or Huonese) was a constructed roman language spoken in the northern Italy and in the southern France, it is the closest language to actual French.

Comparison between French, Latin, Italian and Naigesh :

English Naigesh French Italian Latin
water acua aigue acqua aqua
high halto haut alto altum
horse ciavale cheval cavallo caballum
I am jo som je suis (io) sono (ego) sum
To do fare faire fare facere
fire focue feu fuoco focum
island isela île isola insulam
milk lacte lait latte lactem
language lengua langue lingua linguam
our noster(ra) notre nostro nostrum
skin pelle peau pelle pellem
new nuevo nouveau nuovo novus
rain plogga pluie pioggia pluviam
three tro trois tre tres

Common phrases in Naigesh

English Naigesh French
British Brettaniquo Britannique
English Anglase Anglais
Yes Oui, si
No Non Non
Hello Saluo Salut
How are you? Cuomene vas tu ? Comment vas-tu?
Good morning! Buonguor Bonjour
Good afternoon/evening! Buona sora Bonne soirée
Good night! Buona niuta Bonne nuit
Goodbye Addieo Adieu
Please Si-tu-vuoles S'il-te-plait
Thank you Grazze Merci
Excuse me Perdonne Pardon
I'm Sorry Escozze Excusez-moi
Hurry ! Allono nuo Allons-y
Because Perquo Parce-que
Why? Porquo? Pourquoi?
Who? Qui? Qui?
What? Quo? Quoi?
When? Quande? Quand?
Where? Uo? Où?
How? Comene? Comment?
How much? Quantite? Combien?
I do not understand Jo ne cuonprendo Je ne comprend pas
Help me (please)
Help me!
Allo seccuore! Au secours !
Where's the bathroom? Uo est la tualetta? Où est la salle de bain
Do you speak English? Parlas tu Anglase? Parles-tu Anglais?
Cheers! (toast) Buone! Santé!

Comparisons between Naigesh and other languages[]

Naigesh has very closely related to Italian and French, but many arcane spellings and pronunciations that continue in Hounesy today make a key difference. For example, the "s" in "os" is the only letter in Naigesh that may be silent. Therefore, almost no letters have been shed by spelling reforms.

Latin French Italian English Naigesh
nos nous noi we nuo
frater frere fratello brother fradre
'cantion' 'chanson' 'canzone' song cianzona
'magis or plus' 'mais / plus' 'ma / più' more mai / plo
'manum sinistrum' 'main gauche' 'mano sinistra' left hand mane senestra
'nullam rem natam
(lit. no thing born)
'rien"' 'niente' nothing nulo / nondo

The plural is formed additing a "s" to every words, exept for some words ending by "ele", "ale" or "ela" :

Word Plural form French word French plural English
batele' batues bateau bateaux boat
ciastele ciastues château châteaux castle
pela puas peau peaux skin
guornale guornuas journal journaux newspaper
ciappele ciapues chapeau chapeaux hat
canale canuas canal canaux channel

The days of the week in Naigesh :

Naigesh Italan French
Lonedi Lunedì Lundi
marddi martedì mardi
mercordi mercoledì mercredi
guodi giovedì jeudi
vennerdi venerdì vendredi
saveddi sabato samedi
demancia domenica dimanche

See also the calendar in Naigesh :[]