Language Overview[]

Nalnuàntir's grammar is based on a LIFO stack. The first word that is uttered is the last one that gets parsed, whereas the last word uttered is the first word parsed. As a result of this, this language uses postpositions and is verb-final. The language is mostly isolating, but is mildly inflecting in some places. It is debated whether or not this language can be spoken by average human beings.



Front Near-front Central Near-back Back
Close i u
Near-close ʊ
Close-mid e o
Mid ɛ ə
Open-mid ɜ ɔ
Open a

Vowel length is phonemic. Different length does not cause a change of vowel quality.

In the romanization, long vowels are denoted by a macron above them, e.g. ā.


Bilabial Labio-
Alveolar Post-
Palatal Velar Glottal
Nasal m n ŋ
Plosive p b t d k g ʔ
Affricate ts dz tʃ dʒ
Fricative v s z ʃ ʒ h
Approximant j
Trill ʙ
Flap/Tap ɾ
Lateral l

The Shape of a Nalnuàntir Syllable[]

Max. Syllable:


Maximal Word:



Stress in Nalnuàntir is irregular. Stress is phonemic, as can be seen in the minimal pair bròda fuubrodà bar. In the romanization, stress is indicated by a `-accent above the stressed vowel.


Romanization — Phoneme-Grapheme Mapping[]

All the sounds in the table above that are writable using ASCII remain the same. Otherwise:

  • /ɾ/ = <r>
  • /ʃ/ = <c>
  • /ʒ/ = <j>
  • /j/ = <y>
  • /ə, ɜ/ = <ë>
  • bleh

Long vowels are denoted by a macron above them, e.g. ā. Stress is indicated by a `-accent above the stressed vowel, e.g. à.

The Nalnuàntir Script[]


Phonological Processes[]

Vowel Alteration[]

Stress Movement[]

Some suffixes (e.g. me) cause a movement of the stress to the new penultimate syllable:

bròda + me


...suffixes used to signal the thematic roles of nouns and some derivational affixes. Additionally, some words have harmonic variations in certain contexts, akin to "a"/"an" in English.


The LIFO Stack[]

[...] How sentences get parsed on the stack

The sentence "The man throws the red ball" would look like this on a stack:

man the ball red the throw
ball ball red ball red the ball red the
man man the man the man the man the man the


tree the man a sleep fall


Parts of Speech[]


~no gender, no number

Thematic roles[]

There are three thematic roles (Agent, Patient, Focus), all of which have their specific suffix.

Thematic Suffixes
Agent bleh

Every noun can take these endings, but when to use them very much depends. That is, thematic role marking is optional/situational.

For example, it's mandatory in relative clauses as well as in sentences with elided arguments if the elided arguments are not the trailing nouns right before the verb.

What this means is: noun noun noun verb/3 ~ using case is not necessary and probably should be forbidden, dunno for sure

noun noun [] verb/3 ~ again, case is not necessary because the two nouns can be unambigously assigned a sumti place. (namely, x1 and x2) noun [] noun verb/3 ~ here, a middle argument was omiited. the second noun can't be assigned the right sumti place anymore, therefore, make case marking on that noun mandatory. as seen in the above article, this allows for short and efficient sentences when all but one argument are elided e.g. "nawe parà u". nawe can be unambiguously assigned to the focus place of to go here. if it hadn't been marked however, it would fall into the agent place.

(n)  bleh bleohae oj
     man REL dog.F see the
     "the man who sees the dog"
(n)  blae o eao ho
     man REL dog.A see the
     "the man who is seen by the dog"




Personal Pronouns[]

Personal pronouns are inflected depending on their role in a sentence.

Agent Pronouns
Person Singular Plural
1st la
2nd se
Patient Pronouns
Person Singular Plural
Focus Pronouns
Person Singular Plural
1st lawe 'we

The third person pronouns are not used much, because of the duplicator.

(n)  ko'a brode. lo go'i cu brode

can be expressed by saying

(n) ko'a dub broda. brode.

We keep la as formal version of 1ps and just say we over time got this additional function of 1ps, and is thus both 1ps and 1ps.F, in colloquial usage. la can still be used if one so desires or in formal contexts.


Interrogative Pronouns[]
Interrogative Pronouns
Agent na
Patient nara
Focus nawe

Adjectives and Adjectivals[]

Adjectives and adjectivals go between noun and article ("ball red the") or after a pronoun(?). However, in the case of noun+adjective, it's also permissible to place the adjective after the article, in an afterthought manner.


Nouns can be used in these same positions in order to be used as adjectives, but this requires a different inflection, called the adjectival form. It is made using the suffix -me.

broda + -me

This form brodàme can now be used as an adjective:

brodu brodàme ke
foo   bar-ish the
"The barish foo."



Verbs in this language are predicates whose (at most three) arguments are defined by their thematic roles. There are three thematic roles observable in Nalnuàntir:

  1. Agent (A): The doer of an action
  2. Patient (P): the victim, the thing directly affected by an action, also experiencer role
  3. Focus (F): beneficiary, theme, goal, direction

The verb "to give", for instance, is defined as «A gives P to F».

Conversely, this language gets along with just three different interrogative pronouns. A: na, P: nara, F: nawe.

Interrogative Pronouns
Agent na
Patient nara
Focus nawe

For example, using the verb pāra («A goes to F»), we can ask the question:

(n)  nawe   pārà u? 
     what.F go   INT
     "Where are you going?"

We can use the very same question word nawe in a sentence that uses the verb "to give" hilo («A gives P to F»):

(n)  nawe   hilo u?
     what.F give INT
     "Who do you give it to?" 

And also in many more words like "to think" («A thinks (about) F»), we can say

(n)  la nawe pensi e   [revise]
     1ps what.F think ASS
     "What am I thinking."

Valency Modfiers[]

It is possible to change the number of arguments a verb takes, using one of the valency modifiers. The resulting verb will usually have (slightly) different semantics (as in (n)).

Affix Gloss
Remove A -A
Remove P -P
Remove F -F
Remove AP -AP
Remove AF -AF
Remove PF bè- -PF
Remove all -n 0

(1a) ao
     to be (valency of 2 «P is F»)
(1b) prefix-ao
     to exist (valency of 1 «P exists»)

The reduction to zero with prefix is in some ways comparable to an infinitive or gerund. Its uses may differ in some cases, however.

These affixes can be used to derive a rich vocabulary:

(2a) bèlan
     "to be generous"

Additionally, these can easily be turned into adjectives:

(2b) kem bèlanme jë
     man give.-PF.ish a
     "a generous man"

lan-AF ~ a gift, a talent lan-P ~ to provide for somebody

em-/m- = prefix, valency becomes zero. turn verbs into nouns.


Postpositional phrases as noun modifiers/adjectives[]

Postpositional phrases can be used in the same places adjectives can be used.

     ball table the under the
     "The ball under the table"

This is recursive:

     ball table house the in the under the
    "the ball that is under the table which is in the house"

Relative Clauses[]

"the man who sees the dog"

The basic idea is that relative clauses work in a way similar to adjectives. They are atrributes that come after the noun they specify. However, for sentences to be used as "adjectives", we must prevent the following: "hong ke bagèr ke vil e" - this would make a complete sentence already, and wouldn't specify the man at all.

So the syntax instead is: NOUN - relative clause - ART

let the direct object form of "bagèr" be "bagrà", then we get the following two possible relative clauses: (1) "hong ral bagrà ke vil è ke" - the man who sees the dog (2) "hong ral bagèr ke vil è ke" - the man who is seen by the dog

Every relative clause must have an empty slot. The empty slot is then understood to be the same as the head of the relative clause. This is similar to NOI and ke'a. Next, if a relative clause contains a direct object, then the head of the clause must be the subject/agent, whereas if the relative clause contains no direct object, the head of the relative clause must be the direct object. I also played around with some sentences and found that it sounds better when the article "ke" becomes "ge" between vowels. Also, if the direct object ends in "a" like "bagrà", then "ke" sounds nicer as "ga". This makes it sound more naturalistic. Applying these sound changes we get: "hong ral bagrà ga vil è ge" "hong ral bagèr ke vil è ge"

For verbs with a valence of 3 (e.g. dunda), we get a third type of relative clause for free by only having two grammatical cases and if we use a postposition for indirect objects (e.g. "to") Using the words "book", "man", "I" and "give" we this third type of relative clauses: "man ral I book give è ge" ~ "the man I give the book to", because both the direct object and the subject are in the relative clause, the head can only be the indirect object!

Stack Manipulators and Operators[]

A stack manipulator is a word with the purpose of directly manipulating the stack. Skillful usage of these is key to mastery of this language. The following sections cover all the stack manipulators and their meanings.

Placeholder Conjunctions[]

This type of operator searches the stack down for the first occurrence of the placeholder bleh. Every subsequent element of the stack is then put in a series representing the relationship glossed (e.g., "and", "or", "nor").

Connective Series Example
blah A nyun X Y Z -- A [X, Y and Z]
bleh A nyun X Y Z -- A [either X, Y or Z]
bloh A nyun X Y Z - A [neither X, Y nor Z]

The same connectives are also available as 2-ary afterthought versions. The connective takes the top two items from the stack and applies the corresponding connective (See (1)).

(1)  ..
     man a woman a and
     "a man and a woman"

Copy Cat[]

Copy Word Result Gloss
blah makes a copy of the top stack item. DUP
bleh copies the top two stack items. REDUP
bloh copies the second stack item to the top of the stack. DUPOVER
bleh copies the stack item above nyun to the top of the stack. PICK

Stylistically, it is considered poor form to repeat a recently said word when a copy word could be used instead.

Ordering Operators[]

The following ordering stack operators rearrange the position of items on the stack.

Operators Result Gloss
blah exchanges the stack positions of the top two stack items. SWAP
bleh moves the third stack item to the top, pushing down the first two stack items. ROT (rotate)
bloh moves the top stack item to the third item, pushing the second and third items up. CROT (counterrotate)

Swap, rotate and counterrotate conjunctions enable word order to be pretty free.

The effect of ronh lonh is to rotate the top three items, then restore them to their original order, in effect leaving the stack unchanged. As a result, this can be used as a filler sound like English "um" when hesitating while talking.

Stop Stack Operators[]

The following stop operators remove items from the stack as sentences. e (n1 -) removes the top item from the stack as a sentence. u (n1 -) removes the top item from the stack as a question.

The conjunctions e and frong have different semantic meanings (while sharing the same syntactical function). The word e ends an utterance, popping the stack top off the stack. It is like a period ending a sentence in written discourse, but in Fith it is always spoken. The word frong, on the other hand has the sense of "forget I mentioned that".

Destructive Conjunctions[]

The following conjunctions remove items from the stack: frong ( n1 - ) removes the top item from the stack. [called "drop"] bom ( n1 n2 - n2 ) nips the second item from the stack. [called "nip"] skuunh (n1...nn - ) removes all items from the stack. [called "drop all"]

Synchronization Conjunction[]

The synchronization conjunction strunh [called "synch"] is used to remind the listener how deep their mental stack should be. It requires that a number already be on the mental stack. For instance, kyuunh strunh means "two [synch]". Such a phrase has the sense of, "You should still have two items on your mental stack [after kyuunhhas been removed], and I'll be getting to them shortly. If you don't, let me know and I'll clarify."

Further Usage Notes[]

The stack thingy bleh [*dup] is also used as a type of third-person pronoun. For example: Hong du produces the following stack in the mind of the listener: hong hong, "man man". To say, "The red robot jumped. The man deactivated it.", you would say in Fith: rumn ke vainm du vonh e hong ke shen shkrung e. Literally: "Robot the red (dup) jump. Man the (swap) deactivate."

The difficult part of this for English speakers is that you have to call attention to the fact that you will be referring to something later by saying du. In other words, you have to know that you are going to refer to something with a pronoun before you actually do so, marking the antecedent. This makes it harder to use (for humans) than a third-person pronoun.

The shen (*swap conjunction) is required to place the nouns in correct order for the verb shkrung, "deactivate". The subject has to go on the stack first, followed by the object. The swap-conjunction places the items <hong ke, "man the"> and <rumn ke vainm, "robot the red"> in the correct order on the stack. Without shen, the meaning of the last sentence would be, "The red robot deactivated the man."


How sophisticated someone's Nalnuàntir is, is largely related to how well they handle "Lingering" and how skillfully they manipulate the stack.


Lingering is the process of..

Using Stack Manipulators[]

use stack manipulators whenever you can. if a sentence can be said both with and without the use of stack manipulators, they version *with* stack manipulators is always preferred. avoiding them comparable to the way young children speak English.

Example Sentences[]


La  se  vil e.
1ps 2ps see ASS
"I see you."
Nawe pārà u?
Q.F  go   INT
"Where are you going?"
Nawe hilo u?
Q.F  give INT
"Who do you give it to?" 
La  nawe pensi e.   [revise]
1ps Q.F  think ASS
"What am I thinking."
(1)  La  hijèl e.
     1ps know  END
     "I know."
(2a) La  se la   vil hijèl e.
     1ps 2ps 1ps see know  END
     "I know that you see me."
(2b) La  mo  se  eu   vil hijèl e.
     1ps DUP 2ps SWAP see know  END
     "I know that you see me."

(3a) Na yemù jë  la lan   u?
     Q  book the 1ps give INT    
     "Who gives me the book?"
(3b) Na lawe  yemà   jë  lan  u?
     Q  1ps.F book.P the give INT
     "Who gives me the book?" 
(3c) Na la  yemù jë  eu   lan  u?
     Q  1ps book the SWAP give INT
     "Who gives me the book?"
()  L'kem   bèlanme  jë  ao e.
    [lˌkɛm ˈʙɛlanmɛ ʒ ˌʔaːwɛ]
    1ps man generous ART be END
    "I am a generous man."

Sample Vocabulary[]

English Nalnuàntir
I la
you se
tree jbe
book yemù
give lan
go pāra
see vil
be ao / ce
good ju
to read yem
person kem
bad ema
vehicle kavàl
know hijèl
generous bèlamme

construction site[]

Nalnuàntir doodle1

Some possible ideas for a script


kruno kringerj uun ilja luto ava trinli onge oter trimar tromi ako trui eangz krulke krair au ai arla perems tajo uralz inul prenemz mao ine envi krengi pramci tremelj ungpom usin troerj alcem uong curzo cuirj elhil tivemz ure trujurc ingmi ito uhang vone kreu ao terar preins prue ima sailj sio prulorc cuerc vamhil arzim ilte inrams cumvo orsengc olim prao aa ulkungz kremze seu imang trurjungc proer uulc morme omni oleng ua langjels moli ion ina ue ornulj krunungs krengo acem kriu ivo reu orurj trongu iuls ungulz sirsa triri onson urcan kruo komonz neme eri trive trii enga inal kramkangz eki troa aki tuu asumz aeng nangmo pomo unlo onnungs eimc krelonj iro uhe pulpongs movim ela tou krunzi krano ciulj imu kriangz irra trerzim oe somnu evo jenlimc ie ronkungj ona hurle priels ulen ulilz uum jeonz trurel pazing vuho ema ahu kaong sehi asungc angko almol onghongs cere ulum mea oncu trazirc ori onle aim meulc prunto jerto mearz pripor aror preomz nou kalza kroke trango ejar heje omlir ii 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