A Letter from Bexi[]

Nedegkdta jedi neba. We are lake dragons.

Nedegkdta jedi neraja egk. We are (about) three raja (long).

ʒa neʒawi nebe xiba de. Our cousins live in the sea.

Rig jedi nelivlave neri. They are the size of whales.

ʒa neʒawi nebe ʒiziz de idis. Our cousins live in rivers too.

Rig jedi raja. They are (about) (one) raja (long).

ʒa dtilwab xe nebe nebaba welax de. Or ʒa dtilwab xe nebe welax bepabba de. Many humans live near our lakes.

Rig jedi de vex. (They) say they are Twans.

Rig bpidtig wi weldax ilar bpe rig jedi dinisa vex. They have made a country and they call it Tunisa.

Wi gilwif wezar nedinisa ilar. The Tunisans have conquered the forest dragons.

Iʒ wi jeragk wezar rig ilar idis, jeri ejazi. Maybe (soon), they will have conquered the mountain dragons too.

ʒa nedegkdta dtivda rig wi bibpa ilar bpe ʒa bilar jerade ilar. They have proposed a treaty to us, and the queen has agreed.

Wi dtigka wagiʒ regkbis xiʒ wa. Her favorite dragon is to marry a human nobleman.

ʒa bpivraʒedt fanebpabben bpiwidtigda nedinisa wi nildtig vex. (They) say that the Tunisans are developing a potion to turn (nebas) into humans.

ʒa nebilar wilax bpegiʒ wi nedtinai kide rejavirlid. Until then, the new noblewoman is gonna get her very own pond.

Nenale vex! How nice!

Wi ja weji bilar degiʒla. I hope the queen will choose me.

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