Nedan is the language spoken in Neda, the area around the Nifaida River.

de noveme neda
Type Agglutinative
Alignment Tripartite
Head direction First
Tonal No
Declensions Yes
Conjugations Yes
Genders 4
Nouns decline according to...
Case Number
Definiteness Gender
Verbs conjugate according to...
Voice Mood
Person Number
Tense Aspect
Progress 46%
Nouns 88%
Verbs 100%
Adjectives 0%
Syntax 17%
Words 100 of 1500
Creator FranchuFranchu

Classification and Dialects[]

  • Proto-Nedanic
    • Northern Nedanic
      • Nedan
      • Aledonian
    • Southern Nedanic
      • Naedan
      • Kefean
    • Eastern Nedanic
      • Niseodan
      • Feedan



|- Bilabial|- Labio-dental|- Dental|- Alveolar|- Post-alveolar|- Palatal|- Velar
Nasal m n ɲ g
Plosive d
Fricative f v s ʃ
Flap or tap r
Lateral app. L


Front Near-front Central Near-back Back
High i U
Mid E O
Low-mid Æ
Low A


If two equal vowels meet, a "n" is added between them

Syllabe Structure[]

V: Vowel A: a,e O: o,i,u C: Consonant


Allowed consonant clusters[]

"sl", "dr". If other consonant cluster is in a word ( example because it is a foreign word), the next vowel is added between the letters. If it is at the end of the word, an "e" is added. For example: Spring->Sipirineg Crucial->Curucial Black->Balak

Writing System[]

Letter ñ y
Sound ɲ



To make subclauses you have to put a verb. Nedan has no prepositions/cases, we use verbs instead. The main noun is usually the first one, except when the verb is passive (le-) or if one of the nouns has the ge- prefix.

For example:

de nesieve nenave
top of tower
lede nesieve nenave
tower that has top
de nesieve genenave
tower that has top
erai la nuruede lo
the girl who gave the book to him
erai la genuruede lo
the book who was given by her to him
erai la nuruede gelo
the boy whom the book was given by her



Tense 1S 2S 3S 1P 2P 3P Unknown
Infinitive -r -r -r -r -r -r
Present -ma -da -la -mas -das -las -va
Past -mo -do -lo -mos -dos -los -vo
Future -mi -di -li -mis -dis -lis -vi

If the verb has no suffix, it is because:

  • It indicates that the time, person and number is unknown or deduced from the context or subject. e.g. "de neda noveme" : "de" refers that noveme is or was of neda

Mood, Aspects, etc.[]

Prefixes are used to indicate mood, evidentiality, word order and aspects.

  • Mood
    • Indicative: na-
    • Subjuntive: nae-
    • Interrogative: noa-
    • Negative versions of all those: no-[prefix]-
  • Evidentiality
    • Indeterminate: ne-
    • Perception: vi-
    • Deduction: ve-
    • Hearsay: vo-
    • Assumption: la-
  • Aspects:
    • Single: de-
    • Geruind: do-
    • Participle: da-
    • Habitual: dao-
    • State: doi-
  • Imperative
    • Non-imperative: nes-
    • Imperative: nas-
  • Word Order
    • VSO: la-
    • VOS: le-

If no prefix is said, the first one of each list is assumed. Prefixes are said in this order:

Mood Evidentiality Aspects Word Order Imperative

If two consonants get together, an "e" is added between them


=Number, gender and definiteness[]

Masculine Femenine Unknown Neuter
Definite -leo -loa -le -lao
Indefinite -la -lo -lu -lea

If this is not specified, it is because it is not neccesary to know e.g.

To make an article plural, add -s




Pronouns are formed like this A+B where A varies depending in the person 1st person: m 2nd person: d 3rd person: l and B varies depending in the gender Neuter: e Unknown: ao Femenine: a Masculine: o


subject abate object gufoafa
subject abide object masemu
subject absorb object dodesua
subject accept object sevuã±ao
subject accompany object samemua
subject ache object moleseu
subject achieve object duguego
subject acquire object manesa
subject act object duseiã±e
subject add object munoage
subject address object daloesai
subject adjust object mesuagia
subject admire object liveã±ua
subject admit object lariave
subject advise object daranie
subject afford object ledavia
subject agree object munaife
subject alight object senoenia
subject allow object senuve
subject animate object demive
subject announce object volese
subject answer object fodesao
subject apologize object genedrue
subject appear object valuanoe
subject applaud object lesueleo
subject apply object semaofa
subject approach object viluve
subject approve object vedale
subject argue object denenie
subject arise object laradei
subject arrange object vedase
subject arrest object lemadu
subject ask object feluedau
subject assert object govueve
subject assort object sodaidau
subject astonish object fedale
subject attack object fereinue
subject attend object veriale
subject attract object sedeme
subject audit object lidane
subject avoid object ladudu
subject awake object vanule
subject bang object dedaove
subject banish object sinueve
subject bash object dedavai
subject bat object midode
subject be (am,are) object demara
subject bear object lenielao
subject beat object moleve
subject beautify object vededa
subject become object seo
subject befall object lereoye
subject beg object lugemie
subject begin object vamoeme
subject behave object meneã±e
subject behold object furuenue
subject believe object lareusia
subject belong object vemoave
subject bend object sevele
subject bereave object lanose
subject beseech object molaneu
subject bet object sererei
subject betray object laniaã±ie
subject bid object saneugai
subject bind object veguleu
subject bite object siveivu
subject bleed object larede
subject bless object desaofie
subject blossom object dineuna
subject blow object memeru
subject blur object dorelo
subject blush object dufuefai
subject board object loraã±ao
subject boast object filare
subject boil object mivo
subject bow object sevelue
subject box object vivelei
subject bray object lelelu
subject break object geveme
subject breathe object vodolo
subject breed object felaoloa
subject bring object segemoa
subject broadcast object visaode
subject brush object femunue
subject build object muna
subject burn object mososa
subject burst object lenuaru
subject bury object sevievu
subject bust object mesusau
subject buy object seseudao
subject buzz object femiso
subject calculate object mamufe
subject call object goluegeo
subject canvass object vifeã±ei
subject capture object soredia
subject caress object luruemau
subject carry object veviega
subject carve object vesami
subject cash object vorela
subject cast object funiame
subject catch object vusivue
subject cause object loe
subject cease object lededu
subject celebrate object ladaone
subject challenge object memiele
subject change object moã±uera
subject charge object logiero
subject chase object daduvei
subject chat object mufeidoe
subject check object ginoemai
subject cheer object venivie
subject chew object fosavua
subject chide object vinoedai
subject chip object dalesie
subject choke object sereisau
subject choose object veã±inie
subject classify object mafeleu
subject clean object meneura
subject cleave object medunie
subject click object vaseva
subject climb object danedeu
subject cling object vuduagi
subject close object mesiameo
subject clothe object devoeleu
subject clutch object vufeirei
subject collapse object geluemau
subject collect object lalemua
subject colour object vogumai
subject come object gomueveo
subject comment object serafu
subject compare object vemoelue
subject compel object gorafu
subject compete object ginuafia
subject complain object liã±ele
subject complete object merauda
subject conclude object durufi
subject conduct object soveufe
subject confess object menife
subject confine object sadeodie
subject confiscate object leriame
subject confuse object vevoesoe
subject congratulate object daruenie
subject connect object mogievei
subject connote object mineonavu
subject conquer object dagereu
subject consecrate object suguero
subject consent object lulire
subject conserve object degiegau
subject consider object degeisie
subject consign object sedriegau
subject consist object sevedra
subject console object sesiadie
subject consort object vesuarau
subject conspire object venumeo
subject constitute object fugeila
subject constrain object meveve
subject construct object ledere
subject construe object fameinie
subject consult object gilesoe
subject contain object gogila
subject contemn object doredroe
subject contend object meferue
subject contest object vedera
subject continue object mesuemo
subject contract object lefele
subject contradict object mesasua
subject contrast object fodufu
subject contribute object meliefa
subject contrive object feyauseu
subject control object sedeofa
subject convene object vamudoe
subject converge object laredo
subject converse object veyeogie
subject convert object leseurei
subject convey object meniaveo
subject convict object safaomau
subject convince object lunedrau
subject coo object gunoami
subject cook object famadoe
subject cool object fodegoe
subject co-operate object savuedue
subject cope object memade
subject copy object gosasoe
subject correct object fifoveu
subject correspond object fusa
subject corrode object lasuadua
subject corrupt object vevomau
subject cost object sareure
subject cough object fariasau
subject counsel object gusueni
subject count object lideode
subject course object dilieseu
subject cover object daã±uve
subject cower object medriane
subject crack object gafielue
subject crackle object fidrainei
subject crash object lemanu
subject crave object memule
subject create object ledala
subject creep object faã±efue
subject crib object vufeudi
subject cross object demiani
subject crowd object loviadreo
subject crush object sevale
subject cry object megaveu
subject curb object sogianu
subject cure object seroedra
subject curve object deniedeo
subject cut object livomai
subject cycle object deruavao
subject damage object megaoge
subject damp object dulaoso
subject dance object mesadi
subject dare object sogauye
subject dash object funeine
subject dazzle object meã±ini
subject deal object valera
subject decay object didaofa
subject decide object daseloa
subject declare object sodamue
subject decorate object dededa
subject decrease object mereudeomo
subject dedicate object sodeisa
subject delay object fifenua
subject delete object sunieri
subject deny object dilimie
subject depend object lesele
subject deprive object lafemie
subject derive object vereodi
subject describe object gamiera
subject desire object mamovie
subject destroy object modeilia
subject detach object dedreome
subject detect object sadade
subject determine object sefifa
subject develop object mamideo
subject die object ledieme
subject differ object venoade
subject dig object veluego
subject digest object malaise
subject dim object fariloa
subject diminish object menoamoa
subject dine object meseoveo
subject dip object sadreulue
subject direct object meseusai
subject disappear object maloave
subject discover object viraomeo
subject discuss object vemieme
subject disobey object veneumei
subject display object denefi
subject dispose object veã±eodoe
subject distribute object vaã±aofe
subject disturb object dameore
subject disuse object faã±eura
subject dive object mefeomi
subject divide object defualu
subject do object eve
subject donate object deseodue
subject download object sesoele
subject drag object vudefia
subject draw object guneidie
subject dream object dediegue
subject dress object viloasia
subject drill object siseveo
subject drink object gedaudia
subject drive object gesuare
subject drop object vefueme
subject dry object seresa
subject dump object vavene
subject dwell object lediadei
subject dye object lemualao
subject earn object meveusai
subject eat object lededue
subject educate object lesonu
subject empower object vudeogai
subject empty object gesere
subject encircle object valeulu
subject encourage object dureulei
subject encroach object veseumi
subject endanger object fulire
subject endorse object fovuelie
subject endure object dideome
subject engrave object vovineu
subject enjoy object gafaone
subject enlarge object dideige
subject enlighten object salale
subject enter object leneolo
subject envy object gegoeyeu
subject erase object dinoana
subject escape object fevema
subject evaporate object leliana
subject exchange object vorare
subject exclaim object lelevie
subject exclude object ledrodu
subject exist object vasani
subject expand object faremo
subject expect object devose
subject explain object fuleole
subject explore object fadirie
subject express object darore
subject extend object dusinei
subject eye object leseovie
subject face object veviveu
subject fail object safiene
subject faint object vanile
subject fall object diveume
subject fan object meyose
subject fancy object fenuefe
subject favour object gevureo
subject fax object leleme
subject feed object meleideu
subject feel object doneova
subject ferry object soruafao
subject fetch object seseofi
subject fight object soleose
subject fill object sevefe
subject find object figanau
subject finish object veleovue
subject fish object giroaã±ie
subject fit object lalefa
subject fix object foladeu
subject fizz object feluado
subject flap object ganiri
subject flash object vimeigoe
subject flee object lemeuvoe
subject fling object legere
subject float object seduevau
subject flop object suranao
subject fly object fevise
subject fold object laromau
subject follow object levinoe
subject forbid object gimueyo
subject force object museiva
subject forecast object dafaido
subject foretell object fevese
subject forget object lonodue
subject forgive object gavefe
subject forlese object ginaodau
subject form object mevueleu
subject forsake object gureodie
subject found object daloane
subject frame object somife
subject free object fefefue
subject freeze object madoese
subject frighten object vasese
subject fry object sodega
subject fulfil object sorovue
subject gag object meraulu
subject gain object gogeome
subject gainsay object gegueve
subject gash object sadamue
subject gaze object vefale
subject get object eleu
subject give object1 (to object2) erai
subject glance object leneoru
subject glitter object forieva
subject glow object semesa
subject go object la
subject google object mesaomu
subject govern object valeufe
subject grab object seveilu
subject grade object felenao
subject grant object girulei
subject greet object fonero
subject grind object lurede
subject grip object lavoni
subject grow object deneofau
subject guard object duveveo
subject guess object lenale
subject guide object gumuave
subject handle object limarei
subject hang object vaseideo
subject happen object vudare
subject harm object veduseo
subject hatch object vevodrau
subject hate object meluva
subject have object agu
subject heal object lemienoa
subject hear object vefelo
subject heave object gesenau
subject help object vagirie
subject hew object ganeni
subject hide object demavoe
subject hinder object duyela
subject hiss object marasei
subject hit object limave
subject hoax object valaneu
subject hold object femoelie
subject hop object semeiveo
subject hope object domivue
subject horrify object dedeirue
subject hug object semonue
subject hum object segile
subject humiliate object ferueme
subject hunt object segaumi
subject hurl object mavasau
subject hurry object dedaomau
subject hurt object savoayeo
subject hush object vefeorie
subject hustle object ledroeseu
subject hypnotize object denoama
subject idealize object fosilau
subject identify object sevunoe
subject idolize object verufa
subject ignite object duredua
subject ignore object dedeiri
subject ill-treat object lereife
subject illuminate object gilami
subject illumine object lefilu
subject illustrate object vadefe
subject imagine object lefuvu
subject imbibe object golauyo
subject imitate object gufalau
subject immerse object dusueveo
subject immolate object fuã±oene
subject immure object lalaolei
subject impair object memiamu
subject impart object dareinau
subject impeach object lifemu
subject impede object deseyu
subject impel object manoareu
subject impend object lifese
subject imperil object ladeolie
subject impinge object danoavoa
subject implant object vevoevau
subject implicate object daã±ome
subject implode object famiama
subject implore object seveonai
subject imply object demarai
subject import object sulodao
subject impose object merovei
subject impress object mefele
subject imprint object muraovau
subject imprison object meneso
subject improve object vasiame
subject inaugurate object lomeve
subject incise object seliaro
subject include object vanuvoa
subject increase object sinaunoe
subject inculcate object meveru
subject indent object levamia
subject indicate object dememoe
subject induce object gogeme
subject indulge object mevuelu
subject infect object sadoeloe
subject infest object sagayeo
subject inflame object devuemeu
subject inflate object fevesue
subject inflect object dedoede
subject inform object vaviase
subject infringe object lemoagia
subject infuse object valeneu
subject ingest object lemiene
subject inhabit object levauri
subject inhale object vaveule
subject inherit object sedaufo
subject initiate object geduevei
subject inject object delonao
subject injure object maraome
subject inlay object ladere
subject innovate object fuledao
subject input object lameodoe
subject inquire object manoemi
subject inscribe object devuero
subject insert object venuamua
subject inspect object guã±erei
subject inspire object sefiemei
subject install object serare
subject insult object ganuesu
subject insure object sesede
subject integrate object desaogoe
subject introduce object gedemu
subject invent object leneofoa
subject invite object lemeiã±ai
subject join object vadenu
subject jump object moyiama
subject justify object vuduame
subject keep object anoa
subject kick object faguseu
subject kid object vovive
subject kill object veginoa
subject kiss object danevo
subject kneel object ledaimai
subject knit object ledueno
subject knock object milefa
subject know object milaose
subject lade object lenoesa
subject land object damaove
subject last object loa
subject latch object logienu
subject laugh object mosiese
subject lay object gadiani
subject lead object medofoa
subject leak object lufenie
subject lean object moresa
subject leap object luvoemoe
subject learn object lefuesue
subject leave object manedie
subject leer object lemiegei
subject lend object mefemue
subject let object eloa
subject lick object fogemi
subject lie object diruvue
subject lift object muriedi
subject light object lerienue
subject like object fedeure
subject limp object lomeã±ie
subject listen object damese
subject live object meruanao
subject look object meleã±e
subject lose object sevude
subject love object femaã±o
subject magnify object dodaulao
subject maintain object sevode
subject make object elue
subject manage object defieve
subject march object domive
subject mark object madoarua
subject marry object vemoanue
subject mash object mimameu
subject match object denoaleu
subject matter object sunanau
subject mean object vaniereo
subject measure object vereunau
subject meet object moveinau
subject melt object savauvia
subject merge object safeveu
subject mew object desevi
subject migrate object seveoã±e
subject milk object diseovue
subject mind object meyeuge
subject mislead object suvusua
subject miss object ganiso
subject mistake object vumeumao
subject misuse object lasedi
subject mix object domonei
subject moan object meroego
subject modify object gemeumeu
subject moo object sudoase
subject motivate object mudeoneu
subject mould object gonaugau
subject moult object demairao
subject move object senavei
subject mow object feviveu
subject multiply object mileomai
subject murmur object derefe
subject nail object seneula
subject nap object vusala
subject need object vifoeda
subject neglect object fegosa
subject nip object meredoe
subject nod object divave
subject note object gefudoa
subject notice object lenieme
subject notify object degeosi
subject nourish object faremie
subject nurse object demiyoe
subject obey object lanegei
subject oblige object dereofeo
subject observe object lemeri
subject obstruct object dofamei
subject obtain object veleide
subject occupy object liruare
subject occur object lenuegei
subject offer object lemufa
subject offset object vefodau
subject omit object doralo
subject ooze object direonue
subject open object vovoede
subject operate object venida
subject opine object daluerie
subject oppress object lileilu
subject opt object medienie
subject optimize object dadierei
subject order object dasaunua
subject organize object safeolua
subject originate object lareumau
subject output object varadri
subject overflow object disoge
subject overtake object daseulao
subject owe object vunevua
subject own object deriedau
subject pacify object dodedei
subject paint object vanego
subject pardon object sefuevo
subject part object mufeomoa
subject partake object feã±iefoe
subject participate object vayaileo
subject pass object seseunoa
subject paste object legeunue
subject pat object duseida
subject patch object diviemei
subject pause object sesoedeo
subject pay object vavoedra
subject peep object surelo
subject perish object leriale
subject permit object vudaile
subject persuade object luresa
subject phone object luveono
subject place object vonegi
subject plan object mufede
subject play object luledro
subject plead object veriafai
subject please object adue
subject plod object siduele
subject plot object davisu
subject pluck object veseleo
subject ply object medamo
subject point object vedeuveo
subject polish object sedeifoe
subject pollute object leveimoe
subject ponder object lerievue
subject pour object munada
subject pout object fesife
subject practise object fegeivu
subject praise object giruleo
subject pray object femada
subject preach object dugeme
subject prefer object daniema
subject prepare object gerameo
subject prescribe object guveugoa
subject present object sasadrua
subject preserve object luvisa
subject preset object vedeola
subject preside object saruegei
subject press object vavuafu
subject pretend object vamalia
subject prevent object vimoavie
subject print object femome
subject proceed object maluno
subject produce object megovei
subject progress object vadoana
subject prohibit object daneuse
subject promise object vedefa
subject propose object lavogoe
subject prosecute object sesuefei
subject protect object ladoedao
subject prove object leleri
subject provide object sigivua
subject pull object leluefe
subject punish object fasavei
subject purify object lenereu
subject push object dereoroe
subject put object ire
subject qualify object diroedeo
subject quarrel object femeuloe
subject question object madesa
subject quit object furene
subject race object lilueme
subject rain object sariele
subject rattle object dosadoa
subject reach object memoadai
subject read object susomeo
subject realize object sedeino
subject rebuild object miluane
subject recall object danemoe
subject recast object vimovua
subject receive object vuseveu
subject recite object virafe
subject recognize object samilo
subject recollect object moroevao
subject recur object gavufu
subject redo object defuene
subject reduce object lefoeme
subject refer object gedodei
subject reflect object sedugua
subject refuse object direudeu
subject regard object lesuelue
subject regret object voloade
subject relate object suvanu
subject relax object ledomu
subject rely object vefoenua
subject remain object vimedroa
subject remake object daredao
subject remove object deriayu
subject rend object lenudo
subject renew object lanoede
subject renounce object gelade
subject repair object danuavue
subject repeat object lamoefie
subject replace object sasese
subject reply object geneorue
subject report object samiamu
subject request object devenia
subject resell object soruemeo
subject resemble object feveveu
subject reset object varefo
subject resist object voseodao
subject resolve object sufeuveo
subject respect object sasueloe
subject rest object desesue
subject restrain object manafe
subject retain object deyesue
subject retch object misisoe
subject retire object seveme
subject return object moresei
subject reuse object vuvele
subject review object lamesa
subject rewind object merive
subject rid object senela
subject ride object savenia
subject ring object denaofa
subject rise object vedulao
subject roar object seniero
subject rob object doseilao
subject roll object medeonoe
subject rot object ledrene
subject rub object vivudei
subject rule object laã±efie
subject run object vadege
subject rush object mesevei
subject sabotage object sudoade
subject sack object gageli
subject sacrifice object medona
subject sadden object lagaofeu
subject saddle object fadrenei
subject sag object lasuavau
subject sail object sodruefua
subject sally object sesole
subject salute object mefuede
subject salvage object ludieã±eu
subject salve object luã±eoge
subject sample object giã±eloe
subject sanctify object disoese
subject sanction object vasuemeu
subject sap object vefuesie
subject saponify object verafie
subject sash object merogao
subject sashay object dedevie
subject sass object mesoesa
subject sate object vileide
subject satiate object muverue
subject satirise object monera
subject satisfy object vemefeo
subject saturate object davunao
subject saunter object diruarei
subject save object daliafe
subject savor object lelaneo
subject savvy object gamoenua
subject saw object gegaga
subject say object avie
subject scab object saremue
subject scabble object dedufeo
subject scald object lemoã±ia
subject scale object disoedoe
subject scam object memaugia
subject scan object valeuleo
subject scant object gemoere
subject scar object gasoelei
subject scare object leseimue
subject scarify object guleina
subject scarp object mesune
subject scat object sodaveo
subject scatter object sivoeve
subject scold object velause
subject scorch object semevoa
subject scowl object silevi
subject scrawl object safualie
subject scream object davevei
subject screw object momeve
subject scrub object linoedua
subject search object danuera
subject seat object lasaoru
subject secure object savede
subject see object ogue
subject seek object mevaosei
subject seem object eferi
subject seize object giseofa
subject select object velulue
subject sell object maseã±ue
subject send object eroe
subject sentence object venieva
subject separate object laleme
subject set object veruru
subject sever object dariri
subject sew object guvienau
subject shake object vedagu
subject shape object mediameo
subject share object sideleo
subject shatter object ladeivue
subject shave object valuso
subject shear object deriereu
subject shed object lagaile
subject shine object dalavei
subject shirk object momemau
subject shit object mosusoa
subject shiver object mumiane
subject shock object dasaulo
subject shoe object lemadeu
subject shoot object ligefeu
subject shorten object davanei
subject shout object velere
subject show object lameude
subject shrink object genaugoe
subject shun object vedere
subject shut object fedufe
subject sight object vudela
subject signal object senuegeu
subject signify object sodoesei
subject sing object desela
subject sink object vedesoe
subject sip object gereme
subject sit object senuavei
subject ski object mesiloa
subject skid object mamala
subject slam object moã±elo
subject slay object sifame
subject sleep object musano
subject slide object segeomie
subject slim object mavunia
subject sling object feneodi
subject slink object doluafo
subject slip object deloemi
subject slit object vimiese
subject smash object modeoveo
subject smell object seyela
subject smile object fofasi
subject smite object mafeunie
subject smooth object modemau
subject smother object vasareo
subject snap object savese
subject snatch object garoanei
subject sneak object mavoemei
subject sneeze object sedugie
subject sniff object siseigu
subject soar object dedede
subject sob object vilaodu
subject solicit object sevimua
subject solve object voraura
subject soothe object lerueno
subject sort object vimeidreu
subject sow object vasuegi
subject sparkle object vanire
subject speak object segedeo
subject speak language object segedeova
subject speed object siduge
subject spell object varudie
subject spend object demala
subject spill object difualao
subject spin object gavoema
subject spit object falafoe
subject split object delaonue
subject spoil object moviene
subject spray object sunoedao
subject spread object maruge
subject spring object damege
subject sprout object vodona
subject squeeze object defulao
subject stand object geresi
subject stare object sulele
subject start object lelami
subject state object mesoemeu
subject object lemeolei
subject stay object dereose
subject steal object geseove
subject steep object muviedeu
subject stem object miseige
subject step object vadoseu
subject sterilize object mesegeo
subject stick object meloelia
subject stimulate object divaida
subject sting object medeire
subject stink object guneidi
subject stir object silese
subject stitch object lefade
subject stoop object vorege
subject stop object defiesie
subject store object siveure
subject strain object moniasu
subject stray object lemiedo
subject stress object vimoena
subject stretch object larise
subject strew object mumaofi
subject stride object manausau
subject strike object vamera
subject string object sedigoe
subject strive object dodaroe
subject study object sirieme
subject submit object goveinoe
subject subscribe object muvese
subject subtract object veredro
subject succeed object mumafa
subject suck object vomeve
subject suffer object firoevao
subject suggest object sogaove
subject summon object fedega
subject supply object guvenie
subject support object defelu
subject suppose object maniesa
subject surge object madoemoe
subject surmise object fenuanue
subject surpass object vemiegeo
subject surround object dunieno
subject survey object lemeli
subject survive object defesoa
subject swallow object lidara
subject sway object vavaneo
subject swear object muvafa
subject sweat object mefemoe
subject sweep object lareisue
subject swell object dadeã±u
subject swim object deleda
subject swing object ledefeu
subject swot object guvevo
subject take object eve
subject talk object gegeye
subject tap object gaseove
subject taste object viduemeu
subject tax object laloemau
subject teach object fenadue
subject tear object mereveu
subject tee object sevaisoa
subject tell object lirene
subject tempt object memeda
subject tend object semene
subject terminate object diroenue
subject terrify object faloro
subject test object salegie
subject thank object denanue
subject think object vevoevao
subject thrive object lerurei
subject throw object gomumi
subject thrust object manaru
subject thump object fovaudi
subject tie object mosadeu
subject tire object feravue
subject toss object lemeneo
subject touch object vei
subject train object gulieve
subject trample object mode
subject transfer object verenua
subject transform object susaimo
subject translate object mereumao
subject trap object dulievie
subject travel object gilomue
subject tread object vesaove
subject treasure object medive
subject treat object meduavua
subject tree object vedeuge
subject tremble object simeusai
subject triumph object seliefe
subject trust object monoenei
subject try object meruere
subject turn object lareola
subject type object lileinua
subject typeset object duã±iavue
subject understand object gareose
subject undo object verere
subject uproot object delienua
subject upset object sorene
subject urge object lonalu
subject use object do
subject utter object madosai
subject value object geã±ievei
subject vanish object fiselei
subject vary object dasoave
subject verify object diduaã±e
subject vex object meloage
subject vie object velairue
subject view object foneli
subject violate object dogauã±oe
subject vomit object sigiasu
subject wake object gedeire
subject walk object dimagie
subject wander object fedeivue
subject want object fayaisa
subject warn object sevaina
subject waste object lule
subject watch object memusie
subject water object seseva
subject wave object mavaini
subject wax object senede
subject waylay object menudao
subject wear object demuani
subject weave object vedele
subject wed object gemaurei
subject weep object masafue
subject weigh object loloedie
subject welcome object mimuele
subject wend object vifiege
subject wet object laneone
subject whip object fofievi
subject whisper object lilosoa
subject win object vemuria
subject wind object gedrame
subject wish object ledare
subject withdraw object gemeile
subject work object sedove
subject worry object lamaunue
subject worship object mamaigua
subject wring object vedrene
subject write object vosieloe
subject yawn object vereoyao
subject yell object veseri
subject yield object levuegoe
subject zinc object deravoe
subject zoom object volei
subject is (am,are) object demara
subject but object dero
subject be object e
subject may do object davi
subject is more object1 than object2 devi
while subject, object deavo
when subject, object deavi
subject is for object (purpose) delavi
subject is the most object1 of all object2 deva
subject is very object doeva
subject will do object daneu
subject posess object deo
subject is at a date object lea
subject equip object si
subject concern object sa
subject is like object do
subject is oriented toward object vao
subject is between object va
subject is in front of object vao
subject is behind object voa
subject is on object voe
subject is under object veo
subject is as object soa
subject is inside object ve


history Nelo
way Neu
art Nave
world nonaisi
information nalele
map nevuemo
two nilaloa
family Nefae
government Noevoda
health naliene
system namoesao
computer naruriera
meat nisie
year ninedre
thanks nameoveo
music nelefu
person Ne
reading nalosi
method nemedia
data noleileu
food Nedeso
understanding neroeni
theory nesaore
law nanago
bird noneri
literature nelurie
problem narevo
software nuvimia
control None
knowledge negeuse
power nufaina
ability novodao
economics nefela
love nulagu
internet nuyemue
television numemao
science nira
library nimeisa
nature nevarei
fact Neovo
product nasade
idea Navuse
temperature numaila
investment neveine
area nimeosoa
society nagiane
activity narievia
story nerime
industry Nanora
media navoedie
thing Na
oven nasivi
community nelaumo
definition nevavai
safety nereumao
quality nenafeu
development Neidemi
language Noveme
management neñuemoe
player narere
variety nareileu
video nasure
week navuefie
security nidrimau
country -da, Nevanea
exam nurela
movie niliase
organization neseloa
equipment nemereu
physics noñairu
analysis nudresa
policy nofala
series narimeu
thought nelaigu
basis neleroa
boyfriend nulañao
direction Nodaina
strategy norunoa
technology naresue
army neruadi
camera nevidau
freedom neleigeumeu
paper neruenai
environment nerero
child nevuale
instance navaosa
month neloege
truth namofau
marketing nedaofoa
university nevaimie
writing nadaru
article nerere
department neliefue
difference nanavao
goal nomeugoe
news nulage
audience nerauma
fishing navuale
growth Noevoa
income nedeilia
marriage nileva
user nimesa
combination nuvuve
failure nivaideo
meaning neloseo
medicine naduya
philosophy nemelai
teacher nemaura
communication nadiase
night nediveo
chemistry neleno
disease Numela
disk nadegai
energy neyefa
nation nenodu
road nasoedoe
role nanausei
soup nusoseo
advertising navune
location namausua
success nodivue
addition Nelalono
apartment nunedoa
education Naledau
math noromo
moment nisuaño
painting nesenu
politics nodeneu
attention Nadaeso
decision nidofoa
event Naovo
property niduade
shopping nososa
student nemaleu
wood nerueveo
competition Nenei
distribution Nolaego
entertainment nudedu
office nireilai
population nenedoe
president nagevau
unit nenarua
category neneunoa
cigarette novuedeu
context nufurao
introduction nadeone
opportunity nomeoreu
performance nafasi
driver nifaida
flight Namue
length nedonei
magazine neleme
newspaper nolenia
relationship neyavai
teaching nunoesao
cell nenomo
dealer nesoave
finding nageovia
lake nemevoa
member nameoli
message nemausue
phone nesuenau
scene numeloe
appearance nosoavi
association nesiele
concept ninirau
customer nureuloe
death Nayerule
discussion Noleve
housing nesafie
inflation namara
insurance nudie
mood nosieni
woman nelola
advice nudosa
blood Nereo
effort nimuñue
expression nalimi
importance nenina
opinion nevauga
payment nemore
reality nereogai
responsibility nivedeu
situation nesevu
skill nedeuseu
statement nevefie
wealth nelaole
application narevau
city novumeu
county nereunau
depth nadruegei
estate noneose
foundation negeunu
grandmother naruari
heart niredeu
perspective nefisu
photo neluvoe
recipe neloaseu
studio nenaodo
topic nedosei
collection naneogeu
depression nosarei
imagination nañure
passion nenoeleu
percentage negedoe
resource nevefe
setting nagene
ad nesesei
agency nulevo
college nedeuloe
connection Neoseon
criticism nomienoa
debt Naveufenu
description nereodre
memory nelasa
patience negaone
secretary negoedei
solution nevele
administration nesadu
aspect nameire
attitude nedofeu
director nureofoa
personality nenauvue
psychology nugaunua
recommendation nerareu
response nerierei
selection negienie
storage nagafo
version naruli
alcohol nosemo
argument naleoyai
complaint nagara
contract nafosau
emphasis nolauga
highway naduenua
loss navaira
membership nadie
possession nalege
preparation nafemie
steak nunuerei
union nenole
agreement Naniunu
cancer neñeine
currency nesoela
employment namofa
engineering nilievu
entry nenoalu
interaction nosedue
mixture nunerie
preference nunuasau
region nomeine
republic nunoro
tradition nesemoe
virus nedragia
actor nemoegoe
classroom nevole
delivery nufeuno
device nosuemei
difficulty nomeufie
drama neyedroe
election nameona
engine nugoefe
football nisuama
guidance nuseove
hotel negisa
owner nodiamoe
priority nureoneo
protection nemaloe
suggestion neluevi
tension nageme
variation nedievai
anxiety nevavao
atmosphere nafaunie
awareness naseni
bath nideuvu
bread Navai
candidate nomieme
climate nemiedia
comparison Nara
confusion nelauloe
construction namade
elevator naveume
emotion nefelao
employee nimedue
employer navuenu
guest noloasa
height nelaivoa
leadership nogaula
mall nemase
manager navoesi
operation nereuno
recording nulafue
sample nevilai
transportation nevase
charity nasidroe
cousin naniele
disaster nemema
editor nefadia
efficiency negefu
excitement noleiyei
extent nuviegie
feedback negauñu
guitar nilema
homework numudua
leader nedirie
mom nemenue
outcome negene
permission nonaolei
plain navueno
presentation nuruadei
promotion nudeule
reflection navieda
refrigerator neloalei
resolution nidaude
revenue nugoese
session nadagu
singer nemoeve
tennis neguene
basket nuse
bonus numiemi
cabinet nusasa
childhood nagieyei
church neloeli
clothes nenuemo
coffee nodesa
dinner nefiedro
drawing noñesi
hair nededao
hearing Neguada
initiative nesaofei
judgment novime
lab nefoedia
measurement nuvaogeu
mode nalevoe
mud navaimi
orange nuniamei
poetry nugeufe
police neguañe
possibility nameneo
procedure nisuayu
queen nesilau
ratio nenomie
relation novuanai
restaurant nadiefe
satisfaction nigese
sector nafedeu
signature nanirie
significance nesesa
song nenude
tooth nirara
town nivoni
vehicle neseovu
volume nevualeo
wife nigome
accident nuroga
airport nodesau
appointment naseive
arrival nuvume
assumption nirianeo
baseball nadura
chapter nesaomua
committee Nelaeso
conversation nidreunu
database nevuno
enthusiasm nudauli
error Neudo
explanation neluaria
farmer namaoneo
gate nalagao
girl nolesie
hall nalude
historian noruva
hospital nemana
injury nadome
instruction neraoda
maintenance nameomei
manufacturer nuveuveo
meal nesuefa
perception neseidru
pie nedavu
poem neyera
presence naliese
proposal nosiedei
reception nuroevo
replacement neduena
revolution nosause
river nevaudoa
son nuseve
speech naleode
tea nadesei
village nelauge
warning nuveruasie
winner nedeiye
worker namenai
writer nudeorua
assistance nirelo
breath Neleu
buyer navoene
chest nevoleu
chocolate nalire
conclusion nugera
contribution neresue
cookie nelamo
courage nefeolua
dad nagora
desk nolega
drawer nemaoga
establishment namere
examination nemeise
garbage nevuroe
grocery novane
honey nayufe
impression nefiasei
improvement naveuma
independence nofeoge
insect Nedeni
inspection nineoma
inspector nidreise
king nolunia
ladder nefefeo
menu nagila
penalty nivoenie
piano nareuda
potato neseola
profession nemuara
professor nasova
quantity neneodi
reaction nodradi
requirement nefoesoe
salad naliega
sister naselei
supermarket nedraureu
tongue nidauni
weakness niduelai
wedding namuesei
affair nagaive
ambition nenudoe
analyst nevoe
apple nenavo
assignment nanavo
assistant nafaire
bathroom nereunu
bedroom nelali
beer naserie
birthday navude
celebration nelaudeu
championship nuledoe
cheek noduedrei
client nifelie
consequence nefi
departure nanumue
diamond nemoasoe
dirt nurede
ear nemadreu
fortune navolei
friendship naliere
funeral neveva
gene neveile
girlfriend nanoreo
hat neruso
indication nivodo
intention naseosue
lady nisoañoe
midnight nimedeu
negotiation nigose
obligation nusome
passenger neruedrai
pizza nunoava
platform nerigao
poet numoria
pollution nenefe
recognition nedalau
reputation neveule
shirt nedevoe
sir nunuda
speaker nugarai
stranger negeuvie
surgery nofila
sympathy nesavie
tale nuluenue
throat nileisa
trainer nareñe
uncle nevoedei
youth nodaoria
time Nao
work nafiavau
film nogierua
water Naone
money nevide
example Negelo
while neluevua
business Navievu
study nuveme
game nedesua
life neveveo
form Nuara
air Nedeo
day Negefeli
place nau
number nosenu
part nesaile
field Negoare
fish nesereo
back Nada
process nudoma
heat Nevela
hand nanierua
experience Naovosa
job nelefeo
book nureude
end Nefa
point neromao
type nuvineo
home nereorau
economy nedeome
value naneine
body Nisa
market nelagao
guide Norefi
interest nivuavie
state (of a nation) nevoenao
radio nedeomo
course neleuleu
company nameini
price nuneveu
size naledua
card negarei
list nesaumi
mind nefovi
trade naviereo
line nelameu
care Nove
group Neleile
risk neduafoe
word nilielu
fat nadevo
force Ninaifei
key nimaiga
light naloedeo
training niraigeo
name neleumeo
school neviedei
top nenave
amount Nesiede
level noveomo
order nerero
practice nadaru
research nidualua
sense niserao
service niseunai
piece nedeuve
web neseve
boss neviese
sport niyeosie
fun nedoegie
house Nadue
page nasaneo
term nuleonoa
test negaosue
answer Nenue
sound nereda
focus nosedru
matter nifeigao
kind neneusai
soil nefoena
board nuvuasei
oil negede
picture nomoesie
access nenu
garden nevaimeu
range nudruro
rate neleigei
reason Nason
future nelevau
site nuvase
demand nemeroa
exercise narefoa
image neni
case negueroe
cause Naveon
coast nemule
action nesudei
age nerave
bad neroeri
boat nuvoero
record nasinei
result nurelau
section nugeoli
building Negua
mouse nudafoa
cash naseovie
class narare
nothing niroeru
period narerue
plan neleosa
store nerileo
tax nelavie
side nafege
subject nediere
space nevoedue
rule nadeime
stock nefemi
weather nanodie
chance Nivoa
figure nuregoa
man nomomi
model nemadra
source neneroa
beginning nosigie
earth Nida, Nae
program niduesue
chicken neñoefa
design Nineida
feature nineleu
head niguere
material nuraule
purpose nevede
question nenosie
rock nuladai
salt nemuede
act Naloe
birth Nane
car nunufe
dog nafielu
object negieve
scale nudaudo
sun nemeune
note nudela
profit nanere
rent noneuse
speed nenera
style nimose
war nunedie
bank ninaulei
craft noveilu
half nalegeo
inside nalegi
outside nidiemu
standard nudreuvie
bus namiesa
exchange Niveono
eye nereidri
fire Nefeu
position neremoe
pressure nivaili
stress nagasai
advantage nemoeru
benefit negusu
box nolaidai
frame nedoesia
issue nareleu
step numofeu
cycle nesaneo
face nefeise
item nufile
metal nesuasifue
paint nenoase
review nedado
room nefaodau
screen nemelie
structure nomiega
view nedore
account nureoyua
ball nereri
discipline neselei
medium nañeome
share nesova
balance Nesue
bit Numu
black nelaidri
bottom navole
choice nesegei
gift nomuedre
impact norusu
machine nomoena
shape nugevei
tool nedoreu
wind noyeomu
address nisedra
average nidrana
career nusasei
culture nemiemua
morning namare
pot nuvuevao
sign nevuedoe
table nelede
task neladei
condition Naesone
contact nefefe
credit Nune
egg nedese
hope Navone
ice Naenoela
network nenenue
north nivele
square numiamie
attempt Nuduenao
date nesoamau
effect Namoeve
link nanemoe
post nugoanu
star neneudi
voice niniedu
capital nineyia
challenge neleivue
friend Neneovo
self nidiela
shot niloeve
brush nosidie
couple nevuasai
debate noreiru
exit nanenei
front Noguara
function neviavue
lack novegoe
living naluadoa
plant neveoyi
plastic nimoele
spot nevisa
summer noniemue
taste nenaura
theme negeurei
track nevife
wing nufenue
brain nudadie
button neviaroa
click nadele
desire Nenia
foot nenaufe
gas nufefe
influence namuage
notice nereimi
rain nodeigei
wall nigove
base Nedie
damage Nonao
distance Nevua
feeling Niyai
pair naveini
savings nafoera
staff nasiedei
sugar neluevie
target naguade
text nevevi
animal Nede
author naveudeu
budget nuliedri
discount naleoveo
file nasaleu
ground naveofe
lesson nuneoli
minute nesesi
officer nunuvei
phase nefemo
reference nalevo
register neseila
sky noruloa
stage neneuyo
stick nadesa
title nafeuga
trouble nuliefei
bowl negoaneu
bridge nodreisao
campaign nefeda
character nanadiela
club nenaurei
edge Nuleoma
evidence nidefai
fan neyedia
letter nedoafe
lock nerieleu
maximum nudrorei
novel nerugua
option nadeo
pack nelimi
park naseodo
plenty neruerie
quarter niloero
skin nelileo
sort namuege
weight naviele
baby negaonoa
background nenoenoe
carry nefago
dish nosoesoe
factor nidadeu
fruit Nigudu
glass Nunide
joint neloeve
master nuleino
muscle numeuva
red nulegia
strength nideseu
traffic nadeigoa
trip nedeige
vegetable navuevue
appeal nenevureu
chart naleoyai
gear navoadei
ideal neroevie
kitchen nidreuma
land nidese
log neleonoe
mother Nevea
net nadoafe
party nadualia
principle negove
relative neruva
sale nulanai
season nisaosei
signal nenive
spirit neleosai
street neleidei
tree neluelu
wave nisoaño
belt naneomo
bench nedeine
commission nenuamue
copy Nimua
drop novena
minimum nedaureu
path naguadu
progress navera
project nelueli
sea numaume
south nedeleo
status narife
stuff nediane
ticket nevera
tour nisenia
angle nageolia
blue nuvoala
breakfast novuela
confidence nemasia
daughter Narei
degree nonodao
doctor neseuvi
dot nenuelu
dream nolavei
duty nolamo
essay nedueveu
father Nevae
fee nuvile
finance noraulai
hour nevuenu
juice neseosa
limit nafoemau
luck nilaidoa
milk nerenu
mouth nefielue
peace numienoe
pipe nemeife
seat nale
stable namedei
storm nenaodao
substance noroegu
team neriru
trick nesieleo
afternoon naname
bat nelaose
beach naveusu
blank niloefao
catch nalure
chain naliena
consideration nesierau
cream nenoereo
crew nefiedrue
detail Neveu
gold Nueyeu
interview nudiale
kid nosela
mark nagaifue
match nereire
mission nododa
pain novoma
pleasure nesuenue
score neñeli
screw navoege
sex neveoda
shop nereone
shower nefomie
suit nesumi
tone novire
window nanaudao
agent nevuele
band nagodeu
block niniveo
bone ninaome
calendar neveneu
cap naleusau
coat navere
contest nemenau
corner nafodue
court nemieme
cup nurisao
district nareifo
door nevulie
east naruevi
finger nomeseu
garage namugue
guarantee neroenoe
hole Neneso
hook nenuare
implement nelasoe
layer nageoso
lecture nireno
lie nasegai
manner nefuegi
meeting nasaome
nose nuliese
parking neregie
partner nuvuese
profile nunuane
respect nelienue
rice nigesai
routine nufeuva
schedule negaofe
swimming nereudia
telephone nelose
tip neveili
winter neleyei
airline nirema
bag nesiavei
battle nadenu
bed nesairau
bill nelelei
bother nivose
cake nelafai
code namianue
curve Nesei
designer nemene
dimension nesuaga
dress neneleo
ease nemegua
emergency nidruni
evening neyaono
extension nuloso
farm nidreiroe
fight Nonaone
gap naluere
grade novoge
holiday naneuseu
horror nemuesa
horse neleuve
host nerelua
husband neseolu
loan nedeimoe
mistake neriga
mountain negeofoa
nail naleole
noise navoera
occasion neduema
package novaire
patient naderi
pause neseovoe
phrase neraonua
proof nesueyia
race nefeuro
relief nasuereo
sand nogaora
sentence neruase
shoulder nefolua
smoke neruadau
stomach nemuleo
string negeosu
tourist niveiso
towel nuduela
vacation neveme
west negauyu
wheel neleise
wine nidemide
arm nadeve
aside niyeule
associate nenienue
bet nerelue
blow Nafiegu
border naduevau
branch nesueyeo
breast nolienau
brother Nedre
buddy nigeule
bunch neruagi
chip nedose
coach neludau
cross nemeleo
document nenafo
draft naluese
dust Nidaona
expert Nelei
floor neveloe
god nogue
golf namualua
habit nesure
iron noniele
judge nisoege
knife naneudai
landscape nenuadei
league nalare
mail noseru
mess nenudia
native nareosei
opening nenoasao
parent nanuamie
pattern nefase
pin ninaroa
pool nareileo
pound nunuevao
request nerenao
salary nenoeloa
shame negineu
shelter nesoene
shoe nasifi
silver norusa
tackle nedege
tank nomaveu
trust nudragie
assist naveima
bake nodeudeu
bar nageiveu
bell naneusue
bike nifome
blame nidude
boy neraoneo
brick nedele
chair nedeveu
closet neraigeleu
clue nenolue
collar naleora
comment nineive
conference nediana
devil ninuame
diet nanemue
fear Noyia
fuel nidoma
glove nemeimu
jacket nodimei
lunch nanenie
monitor noveude
mortgage nerasoe
nurse nifore
pace nafele
panic neleimoa
peak noseosia
plane nimesoe
reward noneunie
row nedivu
sandwich naleulai
shock nenailei
spite naduvai
spray nesiere
surprise naguefa
till nogurue
transition nesaru
weekend nulefau
welcome noviedia
yard nedeusoa
alarm navedu
bend neleure
bicycle nevose
bite Neva
blind nevove
bottle nileve
cable nevaudrei
candle naleda
clerk nemedra
cloud nonese
concert noniade
counter nedoade
flower Nalue
grandfather nedese
harm neseile
knee navevie
lawyer nemereñoa
leather nefiefao
load nigeiroe
mirror nedieloe
neck neresoe
pension nulidai
plate noderoe
purple noleume
ruin nemeose
ship noneudra
skirt namaileo
slice naderoe
snow noleure
specialist nosaria
stroke nadavoe
switch nenaule
trash neveigi
tune nedeosoa
zone nolenao
anger nerele
award nadroemau
bid nenane
bitter neveulo
boot nunaona
bug nelenu
camp nofiloa
candy nuveuri
carpet nimoemei
cat negiana
champion nevema
channel nedaleo
clock narileu
comfort Nifeñe
cow nafuafue
crack Nuveire
engineer nofusei
entrance nadeifo
fault nareise
grass Nigunae
guy nenaidie
hell narila
highlight nidaure
incident neronei
island nenesau
joke nadosie
jury nomefoa
leg nolorao
lip neruemu
mate negare
motor nelure
nerve nolelu
passage nadevu
pen nedeora
pride nideusoe
priest nilaoreu
prize nenamua
promise nosaosa
resident nedagau
resort nudele
ring nevivao
roof nesama
rope nevefo
sail namuvia
scheme nevinua
script nimaudrie
sock nedaidue
station nenievie
toe neroare
tower neseivie
truck nefedoe
witness novadra
a nudauvoa
you niledau
it nenoefe
can nuseolei
will nefine
if neduamie
one nemina
many nañere
most nudeleo
other namenoe
use neremia
make neleuma
good nalaideo
look nemoadia
help Nerevola
go nanifeu
great nelolia
being narerua
few narase
might nonause
still nemane
public nadosue
read nesoavu
keep nedesa
start nalofa
give nedoareve
human naroagie
local nenoadu
general negesei
she neseinao
specific nadoe
long nuliameu
play nisedre
feel noresi
high neneurei
tonight nivaloe
put nineidra
common nelile
set nefefa
change Ninei
simple nolieda
past noyelu
big nedoave
possible nesauge
particular nunaloe
today neloefeu
major novila
personal nedusue
current Neladrefa
national nogeifoe
cut nufesue
natural neloedi
physical nesane
show nesali
try negoevi
check nasefoa
second neyole
call nefede
move nevoafoe
pay ninoesei
let nevoesoa
increase Neveula
single nenaiñai
individual negolu
turn nemedue
ask nirefu
buy nesaima
guard nemeyie
hold nureofeo
main nemaisu
offer naledroe
potential nonoevai
professional nenoevua
international neroemei
travel nuroeva
cook Nevu
alternative nameufe
following nedialao
special nediadua
working negairi
whole neviegao
dance narieveu
excuse naneu
cold nodruere
commercial nemevia
low nonueri
purchase numifa
deal narimue
primary nefoese
worth nusafau
fall Ninao
necessary nuneuneu
positive nuredoe
produce neneimeo
search nivaufa
present nadeire
spend nenuedi
talk nalefo
creative nasoafai
tell nevoevao
cost nodraifoe
drive nalena
green neveosi
support nevomeu
glad nivedau
remove nesene
return nefasa
run nererei
complex naruavi
due noleumai
effective nagina
middle nomeomeo
regular nonuneo
reserve nevenao
independent negofi
leave nununao
original nenofe
reach neseisie
rest nedede
serve noneumole
watch nuseurue
beautiful nenone
charge nomoemau
active nemile
break nulave
negative nemiafoa
safe nemeimo
stay nususeu
visit nadaneu
visual nomeodoe
affect nulafu
cover Nuseore
report nemala
rise nirasoe
walk nurene
white nelevao
beyond nedroefa
junior nalavi
pick nemiaria
unique nodeude
anything navaidroe
classic nafoemeo
final nesefao
lift neverue
mix nefesi
private nifoefua
stop neniera
teach numaise
western nefuevie
concern naluasi
familiar nunaiya
fly nofufei
official nelañe
broad nemu
comfortable nenoeve
gain nevueñeo
maybe nedesi
rich nerodue
save noneusai
stand nevuane
young naseneo
fail nireurie
heavy nevileo
hello nilere
lead nonoedeo
listen nunuafa
valuable nonema
worry naduemeo
handle nenuedo
leading nemafie
meet nafoso
release nolavia
sell nevuvau
finish nesiegoa
normal navuarua
press nimoeve
ride nemavau
secret nirere
spread neleu
spring nenavei
tough nasoaso
wait nasule
brown nesoge
deep nefeivie
display numeosa
flow noraunau
hit naseurue
objective navuge
shoot nanusa
touch nafiele
cancel namevoe
chemical nideume
cry Nurie
dump nanogoa
extreme nevoareo
push nenoefia
conflict nagaigie
eat nageilei
fill nefasue
formal nariema
jump nemada
kick nemeulue
opposite neviasei
pass nimeuve
pitch nogiamu
remote novese
total numeirai
treat neleule
vast nenoedei
abuse nifaisai
beat nudraso
burn Nona
deposit neyueve
print naseofa
raise nemuede
sleep nesoema
somewhere nugeose
advance nufuave
anywhere noseomau
consist nuseule
dark nufialau
double nuneudi
draw nivina
equal nevuesa
fix navale
hire ninolai
internal nosaifoegoe
join nefeve
kill nedeireo
sensitive nenoagei
tap neseise
win novuesi
attack Novei
claim nonevo
constant nereifi
drag neleone
drink Naovene
guess nalarua
minor nivuda
pull nileomia
raw neneoda
soft nileufie
solid nonave
wear nedeunie
weird nanaige
wonder novoarua
annual naneveu
count nunoema
dead nayuasie
doubt Nude
feed nerenu
forever nasuada
impress norusue
nobody nasaire
repeat novieseu
round nelara
sing nolieneo
slide niyeugeu
strip nofuva
whereas navuelu
wish neforeo
combine nuseisia
command neseloe
dig nivelia
divide negudo
equivalent nidierai
hang nevuneo
hunt naseoleu
initial nenuane
march nufevai
mention navema
smell noñiasa
spiritual nosore
survey navuasua
tie neleuñe
adult nanana
brief nugoamoa
crazy nodamie
escape nesie
gather nemevu
hate Nonena
prior nenoni
repair noneve
rough nesuedie
sad nulani
scratch nelemeo
sick nisogeo
strike nonesa
employ nulinoa
external nerefe
hurt nagano
illegal nemudie
laugh nedrialafe
lay nemiru
mobile nadeulo
nasty nareuloe
ordinary nomoeli
respond nomeova
royal nosiarie
senior neseimeo
split narausi
strain nomievao
struggle nevadeu
swim nevuveu
train nasudoa
upper nulemue
wash neseuru
yellow nimosie
convert noleosa
crash nefeuvie
dependent nevameu
fold Nelure
funny nigiesu
grab nonurei
hide neraogeo
miss neseofi
permit nisuadua
quote neveime
recover nemeunai
resolve niseidai
roll nemavoe
sink niniama
slip nadrielua
spare noduase
suspect numeiyao
sweet nesiefe
swing nosueveu
twist nameireo
upstairs neroga
usual nivuede
abroad noseune
brave nadofe
calm nave
concentrate $
estimated $
grand $
male $
mine niveuyi
prompt $
quiet $
refuse $
regret nadene
reveal $
rush $
shake nediefue
shift $
shine $
steal $
suck $
surround $
anybody $
bear $
brilliant $
dare $
dear $
delay $
drunk $
female $
hurry $
inevitable $
invite $
kiss nasoela
neat $
pop $
punch $
quit $
reply $
representative nemumai
resist $
rip $
rub nedamoe
silly $
smile nidudei
spell $
stretch nefauvau
stupid $
tear $
temporary $
tomorrow $
wake $
wrap $
yesterday $
adjustment Nedei
advertisement Nevi
amusement Nudue
approval Nilao
attraction Node
authority Nalao
behavior Nese
belief Nimie
brass Nere
burst Naroe
butter Nameova
canvas Naveoma
chalk Nivoava
cloth Nusoe
coal Naveo
color Neveo
copper Nemeni
cork Nudeu
cotton Nuneogei
cough Nofu
crime Nego
crush Nevie
danger Nunao
destruction Nenasevi
digestion Nimoedemi
discovery Noveuine
disgust Numau
division Nifai
driving Niveofai
existence Nonedo
expansion nomageo
fiction Neodo
flame Nefei
grain Neraivi
grip Neleide
harbor Nenaone
harmony Naova
humor nafeni
impulse Nonaila
ink Nemeovei
instrument nevenoe
invention ninemua
jelly nunule
journey nonosoe
learning nunaune
linen nevoeleu
liquid nalueneo
mass nadaidoe
measure nilereo
mist numaveu
motion nemoadie
need nemade
observation nuleuvau
ornament nusinue
paste nageiri
poison neloeri
polish neraloa
porter nasemi
powder nuruafa
prose naseola
protest novunei
punishment nesiesei
ray nevoasua
religion nalueleu
rhythm nededau
servant novoague
shade neferu
silk nevuene
slope nuriefu
smash nanora
sneeze nenairi
soap nivase
steam nalese
steel nunoelai
stitch nufaone
stone niseo
tendency nevudo
thunder nalidi
tin nivoedie
transport nimoma
verse nogeve
vessel nefeuva
waste nenugu
wax nosise
wool noraseo
wound nasania
yearangle neduesa
ant nefeye
arch nesosi
basin nineuvei
bee nigeoda
berry nesiele
blade neneroa
brake niluere
bucket nemiveu
bulb nogovao
cart nadasai
carriage nasadroa
cheese nalaofa
chin nuleisoe
circle nolumoe
comb nariafia
cord nesadi
curtain nasoeseo
cushion nonalue
drain nefeusue
feather nevoadra
flag nofeome
fork noseurie
fowl nageno
goat nesaura
gun naduara
hammer narulo
horn nine
jewel nomalue
kettle nededie
knot nemudo
leaf navoese
monkey nedina
moon namiede
needle nedeure
nut nonoami
parcel naveome
pencil neseudeo
pig nemeudeo
plough/plow nalile
pocket nusiefua
prison nenoevei
pump nulañia
rail nefeloe
rat noruene
receipt nevieleu
rod nalesie
root neraria
scissors nenaone
seed nevere
sheep nuviamao
shelf nedase
snake nanedia
spade nayeugu
sponge neseira
spoon nesanai
stamp neloge
stem nigure
stocking niredeo
tail neresao
thread nesaufue
thumb nevivoe
tray neseumo
trousers nudiru
umbrella nedevai
whip namereo
whistle nafafa
wire nurerie


defeated sareudeo
gorgeous vamielao
mammoth somiere
repulsive feliame
successful fesudra
afraid miroame
defiant meluafe
greasy valolu
many ferimo
resonant menoelao
sweet dafu
agreeable seroesua
delicious leduale
great vire
massive vomuevue
ripe darere
swift fuvime
amused sanode
delightful dileloe
green mere
melodic felenei
roasted vevievie
tall mesaove
ancient mameove
depressed veroelua
grieving vesaovu
melted lelifei
robust meveuvie
tame demeumao
angry gesodue
determined demeno
grubby saruali
mighty soreona
rotten memeiri
tan menuela
annoyed vuseloe
dirty fomi
grumpy deveidre
miniature femadreo
rough fedeidei
tart fesuara
anxious davudreo
disgusted seduera
handsome lesesei
moaning damaunei
round goduvi
tasteless figeidroe
arrogant suleosa
disturbed fenauneo
happy davuroe
modern medrieveo
sad falu
tasty denise
ashamed desieme
dizzy duraomeo
hard limuamua
mute gosuedria
salty sufirei
tender menese
average galumeu
dry vidune
harsh gareidao
mysterious venore
scary laduemei
awful senevie
dull meleove
healthy vese
narrow vamia
scattered menime
tense momave
bad desiedei
dusty galuevo
heavy direivua
nasty fuvoelu
scrawny soreida
terrible sunueveo
beautiful mueli
eager lesega
helpful ledefi
naughty leseneu
screeching ladoemei
testy mevuesei
better dalaileo
early veroe
helpless sugeve
nervous gafereu
selfish midigei
thirsty verue
big gereveo
elated mumisu
high delia
new famia
shaggy soruafeo
thoughtful domeilo
bitter vadua
embarrassed legeimei
hilarious maneisue
nice feneoleu
shaky meneuroa
thoughtless megao
black dase
empty segilau
hissing laleni
nosy vefevue
shallow sefaivei
thundering seloneu
blue vinadie
encouraging meremie
hollow gemieli
numerous medade
sharp gevoa
tight foseimu
boiling girieda
energetic lerulo
homeless fedoede
nutty voveli
shivering vaneveu
tiny lorevua
brave savemue
enthusiastic vamano
horrible segeoloe
obedient seliarao
short lemave
tired felua
breezy gonele
envious suduameo
hot mumule
obnoxious sovuero
shrill leduefi
tough lariagao
brief valoalai
evil gemuegao
huge mugereo
odd dageuroa
silent murola
tricky meseme
bright doredau
excited lariarie
hungry disasau
old fifa
silky sevoevue
troubled lemeidue
broad soruedeu
exuberant deñile
hurt funura
orange deleugei
silly vireme
ugliest mameure
broken vadoyie
faint davureu
hushed monaome
ordinary sadueveo
skinny deroro
ugly saveilu
bumpy gileni
fair seseose
husky sisesuada
outrageous geraudau
slimy gavela
uneven desaiñau
calm larienue
faithful vovevia
icy mivoara
panicky veguedue
slippery maloedu
upset duredi
careful vosemai
fantastic suruedeu
ill leluasa
perfect divoade
slow gisi
uptight lasonie
charming meruenu
fast mirisi
immense sudeiva
petite deledau
small danesue
vast leresoe
cheerful meyueveu
fat vara
itchy dulimia
plastic lesiyao
smart dosoe
victorious valagu
chilly serero
few leruala
jealous ladaidu
pleasant direoli
smiling dedulau
vivacious velenie
clumsy didrovoe
fierce vageovo
jittery sasanei
precious vonoaseo
smooth govoa
voiceless minuegu
cold falo
filthy livoale
jolly feñeleo
pretty demeñe
soft lemeove
wasteful soliari
colossal feyeuve
fine fegomu
juicy semuefe
prickly dereiloe
solid vave
watery vovaloa
combative fameona
flaky salaugo
kind meleru
proud laseodeu
sore dunoeme
weak daseni
comfortable vogeye
flat gaseva
large maseimie
puny divo
sour mamaivie
weary legeda
confused vavuege
fluffy gavaise
late leneo
purple vemeinu
spicy guferia
wet gumeidi
cooing ledefo
foolish dedei
lazy lereoroa
purring liloafao
splendid gadeomu
whispering sañeono
cool felaodao
forlorn mufuefeo
light muñoagi
quaint valielu
spotty vamiso
wicked foruda
cooperative momeivo
frail lunoemo
little lenurei
quick fudeo
square somenue
wide vosoe
courageous denodau
frantic fovaireu
lively sanede
quickest vovueleo
squealing mureulie
wide-eyed sesuda
crazy gime
fresh menusei
lonely soludai
quiet lusua
stale monaso
witty veloadei
creepy feseuvoa
friendly mesosai
long lesuega
rainy fisoenua
steady gasiaveo
wonderful fadieloe
cruel vove
frightened demanue
loose vedevue
rapid denomeo
steep sadienu
wooden losase
cuddly deroedue
funny vodiedeo
loud lera
rare venuveo
sticky furiela
worried mesaomeu
curly mileovai
fuzzy felavao
lovely meme
raspy mosaro
stingy vemeidi
x-ray lodienau
curved mogeda
gentle domeli
low linuevue
ratty liyome
straight dedre
yellow ledei
damp sedidaimeu
giant damesi
lucky lemeole
red vufau
strange monese
young mumereo
dangerous loguane
gigantic femadie
magnificent deseilai
relieved vaveine
striped lereiloe
yummy dasemeu
deafening losuele
deep lunofue
good Neovo
zany filomo
strong ligu
stupendous denuegi
automatic vume
brown luda
cheap mega
chemical desia
chief deloe
clean mele
clear vasiare
common faye
complex fodei
conscious dafie
cut vemudu
dependent losoa
elastic voguevoe
electric duneugeu
equal vaveo
fertile vavoa
first ledi
fixed dare
free gesemau
frequent mivei
full lure
general degualeu
grey/gray demua
hanging leneivi
important lefudei
like feseda
living legeda
male misi
married ladei
material lisue
medical gemua
military mame
natural vasiena
necessary vefe
normal vudoa
open lunemeu
parallel liru
past mefeda
physical vafianeonue
political fadamie
poor memao
possible leloadei
present visaolie
private lemua
probable luna
ready leve
regular firei
responsible geluedo
right denu
same venuvie
second muroede
separate fodedau
serious lenadue
stiff loliera
sudden fesaime
thick duse
true mese
violent dadalei
waiting medoe
warm leyeo
wise mariveo
youngawake vise
bent deleodrai
certain lumomue
complete dagie
dark vereo
dead murue
dear vemesi
delicate domuagu
different veñeroe
false meni
feeble medeu
female dese
future felifeine
last gofafeu
left megoegoe
mixed lolema
opposite mefe
public lemoa
safe lesu
secret mavie
shut mali
simple mevaive
special feme
thin gavoese
white dofa
wrong lodei


The counting system is octal:

0 - 4 Deo
1 - 5 Se
2 - 6 Les
3 - 7 Gao

e.g. 18= 22 octal = Lala

Some adverbs, adjectives and other things[]

query|- this|- that|- some|- no|- every
adjective which: Sa this: Ama that: Ima some: Agu no: No every: Eme
person who: Sane this: Amane that: Imene someone: Agune no one: None everyone: Emene
thing what: Sana this: Amana that: Imena something: Aguna nothing: Nona everything: Emena
place where: Sanau here: Amanau there: Imenau somewhere: Agunau nowhere: Nonau everywhere: Odouar
time Sanao now: Amanao then: Imenao sometime: Areonao never: Nonao always: Emevere
way how: Saneu Amaneu thus: Imenason somehow: Areoneu Noneu Emeneu
reason why: Sanason, Sason Amanason Imenason Areonason Nonason Emenason

Example text[]

Ela Fatu no dosoe

Oiema nadue de (de me) narei onulei
My daughter's house is beautiful
Note: deme (of me) is not necessary, it can be ommited

E loe seo me no legeda de me nadue i dafu neovo

Is (because (become not living) (of me house)) (and sweet good)

It is sweet and honorable to die for the homeland

Babel Text[]

Segedeovavo de ne nonaisi do
(speak a language).3P.PST of people world one
The people of the world spoke one language
Deavi olalo daos naruevi i figanaulo daos en navueno Yinar dereose daos imenau
when CONT.go.PST.3P they east and find.PST.3P they in plain Shinar stay they there
_When they were going to the east, they found a plain in Shinar and stayed there_
Avielo daos "eloa mos i elue mos nedele mososa mos imene" . Agu daos i delavi niseo nedele delavi selime semenedo
say.PST.3P they "let we and make we bricks burn us them". Had they and for stone brick for slime mortar
_They said: "let we make bricks, and burn them. They had stone for bricks and slime for mortar
Avielo daos "i eloa mos muna mos i novumeulea memoadai de nenavelea neseivie noruloa eloa mos neleumeo".
say.PST.3P they "and let we make we and city reach of tower top sky make we name
_They said: "let we make a city and a tower whose top reaches the sky and make a name"_
Delavi gomueveo nogue ogue i novumeu nenave
for come god see and city tower
_God came for seeing the city and the tower_
Avielo nogue "I e neles do I segedeovavo dos do I vamoeme dos amana, evelis lefuvu dos emena. "
say.PST.3P God "and be person.P one and (speak a language).PST.3P they one and begin they this do.FUT.3P imagine they everything
_God said: "The people are one and they speak one language and they begin this and everything they think will be done
Delavi eloa i gomueveo mos domonei de dos noveme nogareoselis de emene noveme
For let and come us mix of they language understand.NEG.FUT.3P of everyone language
_Let us come and mix their language for they will not understand the language of everyone_
I nogue sivoevelo dos manediedos novumeu
And god scatter.3S.PST they leave.PST.3P city
_God scattered them and they left the city_
Loe e de novumeu neleumeo Babel domonei nogue noveme de imenau
Cause is of city name Babel mix god language of there
_The name of the city is Babel because God mixed the language of there_