Nuro'to is the official language spoken in the International Extraterrestrial Settlement, which was established by American, British, French, Spanish, German, and Japanese Scientists in the "Alternate Settlement Project". As such, it is a combonation of the 5 languages, and its name officially translates to "The Zeroth Language" , or "Language Zero".


The alphabet belonging to Nuro'to has 13 "base characters": a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, o, u, w, and y. However, to get the full range of Romanic consonants, accents are added to the characters. These accented characters are called Venji (Vayn-jee). Some Venji cannot be typed, so a font called Nuro'to is in development for the purpose of typing.

English Letter Venji
L D with down hacek
M B with up hacek
N D with accent grave
P B with down hacek
S D with up accent
T D with up hacek
V F with up hacek
Y (as in yellow) Ŷ

Diphthongs + Consonant Clusters[]

The diphthongs in Nuro'to are as follows: When a diphthong wants to be combined with a vowel (which rarely occurs) an apostrophe is added. a'ua (a-wa)

In the ways of Consonant Clusters, any amount of PRONOUNCEABLE consonant combinations are made; apostrophes are put in between each pronounced consonant.


In Nuro'to, Consonant Clusters are made by placing any amount of pronounceable consonants together. (example: Et'g'l'sa: "name" of god) As long as apostrophes are placed in between letters, the consonants are pronounced. If there is no apostrophe, only the first consonant is pronounced (ex: leranbu [lay-rahn-oo] "to learn"), excepting the case of rr, which causes a trilled r.

Basic Grammar[]

Nuro'to is a SOV language. It is written like English, excepting the sentence pattern.



Example text[]

The Motto Of The IES:

For the purpose of typing, I am typing in Roman Characters.

"Vinos keiva deit'h terayeu vomen'kiu, yn viat yori, an't's deit'h ceitels, vomu'fai" (terayeu and yori have y as a consonant, yn has y as a vowel.)

From the earth we came, and to the heavens, our reach shall extend

Lit: We from the earth came, and our reach, to the heavens, will extend.