Name: Dradelian

Type: Fusional


Head Direction:

Number of genders:

Declensions: No

Conjugations: Yes

Nouns declined
according to
Case Number
Definitiveness Gender
Verbs conjugated
according to
Voice Mood
Person Number
Tense Aspect

General information[]

Dradelian is a conlang used for cultural purposes in the Socialist Republic of Dradelia,  It was created by Rilgar Ompãstre and Martin Garside.


The Dradelian language uses the Latin alphabet. It uses the basic Latin alphabet without the letters W, Q or X. It uses the additional letters Ä, Ã, Õ and Ğ, which are considered independent letters of the alphabet. The digraphs Sz and Rz are considered independent letters in some cases, such as alphabetical ordering.

Dradelian Alphabet

Dradelian Tebhan Alphabet

Letter: A B C D E F Ä G H I J K L Ğ M N O P R Rz S Sz T U Ã Õ V Y Z
IPA: ɑ b t͡ɕ d e/eɪ f æ g h i ɟ/ʑ k l ɣ m n o p ɾ ʑ s ɕ t u ɑ̃  õ v j z


Vowels occur next to each other in rare cases, when they do, they are always pronounced as a diaeresis. Excluding the digraphs Sz and Rz, consonants sometimes occur next to each other. The pronunciation of letters can change depending on the placement of the letter, on the end of a word, E is pronounced /eɪ/, however in all other cases, it is pronounced /e/. A J is typically pronounced as /ɟ/ however, it is pronounced as /ʑ/ if it occurs next to another consonant.


Dradelian lang guid


Verb conjugation[]

Present Past Future
Simple cebar cebir cebor
Continuous cebaräyu cebiräyu ceboräyu
Perfect cebarigu cebirigu ceborigu

Example text[]