At the time I am writing this article, oti-misuju is about 6 days old. It started as a spur-of-the-moment attempt to create a minimalist language with easy phonetics, grammar, and which focuses on good elements, making them easier to communicate than 'not-good' ones.

The Script[]

Oti-misuju can be written with the new standard latin alphabet. It contains 5 vowel characters and 8 'consonant' characters for a total of 13 characters. These are combined to create 40+ radical or root characters which are then combined (with a little creative thinking) to create the infinitude of things.


a = Father, After

e = Everyone

i = Evening

o = Other

u = Hoof


h = Happy

s = Sun

c = Shun, Chess

t = Tell

l = Last

m = Moon

j = Yes

w = Wind

Oti-misuju can also be written with a variant of the spacing script.

The Radicals[]

As noted earlier, these radicals are combined to create more meanings. They are divided into sections based on their initial consonants.

a - zero, negation

e - temporal

i - inquisitive

o - definite

u - in state of, are, is

he - you

hi - them

ho - us

hu - me

ha - good, right

se - honest

si - kind

so - care

su - respect

ce - strong

ci - courage

co - happy

cu - calm

te - movement, action

ti - creation, occurance

to - continue, sustain

tu - similar, same

( ) - indicate proper name

le - thing

li - place

lo - feel

lu - think

me - fire, light, heat

mi - wind, air, sound

mo - earth, ground, sustenance

mu - water, liquid, flow

ja - yes, positive

je - male

ji - body

jo - female

ju - meaning

wa - joining (and, with)

we - conjecture (but, thus)

wi - locative (in, there)

wo - giving

wu - receiving

-s - plural

-c - need

-t - experience, possess

-l - want, desire

-m -

[ ] - numeral indicator (sounds to be nasalized)

Example: Relations (hotuwa) [our together][]

tihu - birth parent

jetihu - birth father

jotihu - birth mother

sowohu - caregiver

jesowohu - father, male caregive

josowohu - mother, female caregiver

tuhu - siblings

jetuhu - brother, male cousin

jotuhu - sister, female cousin

hutje - husband, boyfriend

hutjo - wife, girlfriend

huto/hutto - offspring, output

jewehu - son

jowehu - daughter

jetihutjo - father-in-law by wife

jotihutjo - mother-in-law by wife

jetihutje - father-in-law by husband

jotihutje - mother-in-law by husband

jetuhutjo - brother-in-law by wife

jotuhutjo - sister-in-law by wife

jetuhutje - brother-in-law-by husband

jotuhutje - sister-in-law by husband

jetujetihu - uncle by father

jotujetihu - aunt by father

jetujotihu - uncle by mother

jotujotihu - aunt by mother

jetuwuwa - brother by marriage

jotuwuwa - sister by marriage

jewujetu - nephew from brother

jowujetu - niece from brother

jewujotu - nephew from sister

jowujotu - niece from sister

luhusosu - friend, family, neighbour

celusosu - good friend

ocelusosu - best friend


Numbers (numerals or quantity indicators) are made by following the order of the radicals but either writing them with [ ] and/or pronouncing them in a nasalized manner.

[a] - 0

[e] - 1

[i] - 2

[o] - 3

[u] - 4

[he] - 5

[hi] - 6


However, since numbers and mathematics aren't a large focus of oti-misuju, they are usually expressed in whatever the home language is of the school of focus. For example, if discussing classical Greek mathematics the Greek names would be used, etc...


Genesis 11:1-9[]

1 - wa omolit [e] melumisuju wa [e] misuju

Literal translation: and the earth-place-experience 1 light-think sounds-in state of-meaning and 1 sounds-in state of-meaning

English: and the earth experienced one written language, and one spoken language.

2 - wa hist ute wa hist wu li wi li (Shinar) wa hist ate

Literal translation: and they (pl.)-experience state of-motion and they (pl.) receive place in place Shinar and they (pl.) no-motion

English: and they travelled, and they received a place in the land of Shinar, and they stopped moving.

3 - wa his timisuju: "hosti mowume" wa hist mowume wa wamumo

Literal translation: and they (pl.) create-sounds-in state of-meaning: "we (pl.)-create earth-receive-fire" and they (pl.)-experience earth-receive-fire and joining-water-earth

English: and they said: "we will create brick" and they had brick and mortar.

4 - wa his timisuju: "hosti hotwali wa cejeli wa hosc ti jumi wo histwa"

Literal translation: and they (pl.) create-sounds-in state of-meaning: "we (pl.)-create our-joining-place and strong-male-place and we (pl.) need create meaning-sound give our-experience-joining

English: and they said: "we will create a town and a tall tower, and we need to create a name for our unity."

5 - wa ocele te wu melu owali wa ocejeli his ti

Literal translation: and the-strong-thing moved and light-think the-our-joining-place and the-strong-male-place they (pl.) created

English: and the Lord moved and saw the town and the tall tower they created.

6 - wa ocele timiulu: "hest, hiswa u[e] wa hist [e] melumisuju; wa his tiles: wa [a] his aluti

Literal translation: and the-strong-thing create-sounds-in state of-meaning: "you (pl.)-experience, they (pl.)-join state of-1 and they (pl.)-experience 1 light-think-sound-state of-meaning; and they create-things: and zero they (pl.) no-think-create

English: and the Lord said: "Behold, they join the state of one and they experience one written language; and they create things: and nothing will they not imagine.

7 - "ho tite wa wo hist misuju awa wo his alu ahit misuju"

Literal translation: "we create-movement and give they (pl.)-experience sounds-state of-meaning no-joining give they (pl.) no-think no-they-experience sounds-state of-meaning

English: "we will move and give them a confounding of their language so that they cannot understand others' speech."

8 - ocele ti awa his wi omali wa hist ute wo ti hitwalis

Literal translation: the-strong-thing create no-joining they (pl.) in the-earth-place and they (pl.)-experience state of-move give create them-experience-joining-places

English: the Lord created a disjoining amongst them on the earth and they travelled to create their own towns

9 - we oli wu jumi (Babel) ju wi ocele ti awa omolit omisuju; wa ocele ti awa hist wi omoli

Literal translation: thus the-place receive meaning-sound Babel meaning in the-strong-thing create no-join the-earth-place-experience sound-state of-meaning; and the-strong-thing create no-join they (pl.)-experience in the-earth-place

English: thus, the place received the name Babel, meaning there the Lord confounded the world's language; and the Lord created disjoint for them on the earth.