PAKA PAKA was a language spoken on the sunken continent of Zealandia. The language was brought back to live by linguists and scientist, which studied the remained texts, which were cut on the rocks and were latinized.

Paka paka is Mandaro language (others are: Guago-Guago; Raa-Raa, Bota-Bota).


The language's grammar is assumed to be very simple.

The main word order is object-verb-subject, meaning that I eat an apple, would literally be An apple eat I.

Verbal nouns are formed by adding the circumflex na- -wa.

Adjectives and Adverbs are surrounded by the circumflex pa- -ra.

Adjectives are after nouns and adverbs are after verbs.

Plural is formed by adding -i to the noun.

Possessive pronouns are out after the noun.

Independent possessive pronouns are formed by adding the same circumflex as for adjectives.

Present Past Future Conditional Subjunctive Affirmative Negative
-ma -ti -re -pe -wi na- ni-


The Paka Paka vocabulary is very limited.

PAKA PAKA (Approximent translation) ENGLISH
-pa- water
-ku- sit
-ta- I
-tata- we
-ya- you
-yaya- you
-wa- he, she, it
-wawa- they
-ru- ride, drive, go, walk
-se- see, look, watch
-la- love