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It is 2045 and The United States of America has lost the third world war, a nuclear war. Since the year 2024, the United States of America has been diconnected with the world. But now, after long time in isolation and difficulty, the United States of America managed to reconnect with the rest of the world once again. But now, the american language has changed dramatically. By the way, everyone is free to edit this page.



Nominative Oblique Reflexive Possessive determiner Possessive pronoun
1st pers. sing. I / me me myself my mine
2nd pers. you yoself/yoselves yo yours
3rd pers. sing. theyit themit themselfitself theirits theirs, its
1st pers. pl. we us ourselves our ours
3rd pers. pl. they them themselves their theirs


I are
Me is
You are
They are
It is
We are


The word 'I' no longer agrees with 'am', it now agrees with 'are' instead even though we still say I'm and not I're. The word they always agrees with are, even in singular, just like the word you. The word me agrees with is instead. 

I were
Me were
You were
They were
It were
We were

The word 'was' is now fully replaced by the word 'were'.

I have
Me have
You have
They have
It have
We have

Also, the third person singular -s ending is gone now. With both 'was' and the third person singular endling gone, the subjunctive follows. 


The word do can be used in two different ways. Interrogationally and to emphasize. The do is dropped in interrogation now.