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Panlongbas is an a priori and a posteriori auxiliary language, successor to Cvsoyseng and Gurcaj as part of an ongoing auxlang project by User:Detectivekenny. It was meant mainly to be easy to learn and efficient for a diverse range of people. The name comes "pan-," derived from Chinese fan- and Latin pan- meaning "all." Long is derived from "longitude," and "bas" is derived from Sanskrit "bhasa" meaning "language." Thus, "language of all longitudes. Compare Gujvratbas (Gujrati language), Engbas (English), and Esperantobas (Esperanto).

The language was originally influenced mainly by English, Mandarin Chinese, and Quechua, and later Tagalog. The vocabulary is derived from several lingua francas and literary languages over the centuries, namely Classical Arabic, Middle Chinese, Swahili, Sanskrit, Latin, Persian, and Church Slavonic, correlated with currently existing languages using statistics.






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