Language Spoken by the Laduvians. They are an alien race that descended from the promiscuous, arboreal species called the Europiants.

Original Form[]

The Europiant species has no distinct nose like humans and their kin, the Laduvians. Rather, they have four "dorsal vents". Two of them are between their brow ridges, and the other two are on their fourheads. Their mouths are very similar to ours, and the Laduvian's mouths are identical to ours. The majoriy of the early Europiant auditory communication came from a mix of whistles purrs made by their dorsal vents and howls and hisses made by their mouths.

First Words[]

The earliest words of the Europiants came from earliest noises they used to express emotions. Here's a crash course:

- /ɨ/: Broadcasting screech

- short chirp(/chu/): Address ones presence is close

- /ui/ with a long /i/: express joy or enjoyment

- /I/ with a glottal stop at the end: express fear, surprise, or danger

- /shh/: express anger or aggression

- /wuu/: express interest

- /vu/, /vi/, /vo/: issue an order or command; also used as an exclamation

this early lexicon became the root for the earliest words in their language. they include:

- chu:"I'm here"

- tui: "do/try"

- iiyo: "I/me"

- wiw: "stop current action"

- vip: "proceed"

- vivi: multi purpose expression of high energy

- iiyu: "I feel good"


As the vocalizations of the Europiants became more diverse, the language of the planet's sapiens was born.

Lexicon Fundamentals of Pio[]

The language of Pio is based on energy expression from the early Europiant vocalizations. The vowels of the language- /I/,/u/, and /o/- represented levels of energy. The vowel /I/ expresses high energy like in the Pio word "ui" meaning joy or happy. The vowel /u/ expresses neutrality in ones energy like in the Pio word "chu." The vowel /o/ is the polar opposite of /I/ and means the lowest energy like in the Pio word "ol" meaning sick, or "oyio" meaning sleepy. The consonants also express certain ideas. For example, /pa/ represents mouth or opening. The language's title gives a good example of these fundamentals. The name Pio came from /pa/, /I/, and /o/, and the literal translation would be "the spectrum of energy expressed from ones mouth."

As the people speaking Pio evolved into the more diverse races of the Laduvians, new vowels and consonants were discovered and created a more complex language. It's still called Pio though.

Words of Pio[]

There are many Pio languages made by the several races of the Laduvians, but the most commonly spoken language is from the Sauro-Pio language which took the base title of Pio. This is the language I'll focus most heavily on.

Here, I will type any words I come up with for the language. I am the only person who can add terms unless I say otherwise