Pirate is a quick speed/text language most spoken my pre-teens in Orange County, CA Edit

Pirate is based on English, Spanish, Frisian and Swedish, and that it is a text language, it can be easily understand by a non-speaker with some creativity, and a growth mindset.

Dictionary (WIP) Edit

Hi- Hej

Yes- Ja

No- Ney

Making- Maki’n

a- oʻ

speak- seak

language- Langua

coconut- cocolule

water- vatter

Whatever- Whatsʻul

What- Wot?

good- gude

day- Doy

morning- Mornil

afternoon- Nabooʻ

evening- Eveʻ

How- Hule

’s- aoʻ

was- Wʻao

your- Uir

it- Ett

when- Yven

was- Wʻaos

where- Yere

cool- Koola

house- casʻao

dog/wolf- warg

female- leʻ

male- meʻ

like- lule

love- Tuve

food- Fuy

gone- gune

here- Herʻo

help- Vasi!

come- Cume!!

stupid/dumb- lobo

smart- Brilliante

good/great- Lazamo!

play- Poy

family- Falika

friend- Funderʻao


fast- Fuist

type- tuili

funny- Funni

animal- Unimil

different- Dufunt

the- te

he- Huy

do- du

I- Ey

hurry- Urra

am- um/aum

Orange- Oranje

Red- Roje

Yellow- Yullow

Green- Grurn

Blue- Bue

Purple- Purps

Pink- Punkie

Black- Bluck

White- Wute

Examples Edit

Hej, Chase! Hule wʻaos doy?- Hey, Chase! How was your day?

(hurry! Type faster!- Urra! Tulli fuista!

Language Rules Edit

Almost always the I, or sometimes O changes to a U. When you talk you roll the R, and the F.

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