Attention Prospective Challenge Creators:[]

This page will serve as an officially sanctioned signup sheet for all challenges on the Conlang Wiki.  If a challenge is not listed here, it will not be official.  This doesn't mean you can't start an unofficial challenge -- a small competition between a few users.

To sign up for a challenge, simply enter your username, along with the start and end date.  These are the only fields required at the time of signup, but the name of the challenge and the link to a rules page must be posted an adequate amount of time before the challenge starts. Obviously, dates must not overlap.

Regards, Coa.

Time Conversion Service

User Challenge Name Start End
Maxseptillion77 Xenolang Challenge 10/3/2015 11/30/2015
Aschiffer186 Proto-Lang Challenge 12/7/2015 2/1/2016
CaskOfArmadillo Modern Slavlang Challenge 2/15/2016 4/9//2016
New Balaibalan Middle Anatolian Languages Challenge