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The community portal is where the Conlang community comes together to organize and discuss projects for the wiki.

You can find out more general information about the wiki on the Conlang:About page.

You can help by:
  • Creating a conlang and add it
  • Supply information about linguistics to our database
  • Assist new people
  • Mark old incompleted conlangs for deletion
  • Correct spelling mistakes
  • Organize things
Things to do

Want to create a lang? Great!

It is not an easy process and is quite a project to take on on your own and even more so with others. You'll have to decide many things about your conlang, make it all work together as a unit and describe it for others. The more experienced here will always help and hope you'll help future people as well.

What we do

Conlang Wiki is a wiki dedicated to help people develop conlangs and hopefully ultimately worlds and more.
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Umbrean is a highly inflectional language and semi-polysynthetic as very simple sentences are possible to render into a single word. Most word clases are inflected in accordance to something to represent their meaning and position.