This is the documentation of the proposed main page and its inner workings. For the actual planned layout, see below (there is a large gap between the proposal and documentation). This page is intended to, upon completion, follow the layout described in this document (the document linked is the sole brainchild of AndyRoo337) with heavy influences from this document (produced by The Kaufman. It depends on the following templates, some of which will require regular updating (none of the content in them is accepted yet, and it is just default):


This template will contain news on the current happenings around the wikia, allowing (ideally) plenty of opportunity for contributors to get involved in challenges, votes and just see what others are doing.


This template contains samples of conlangs. How often and with what content it will be updated is as yet unknown, but these points are for the community to agree upon.


The new 'create a language!' box. Not much different to the old one, to be honest.


The new language creation template. Whilst it is yet to be finalised, it has been thoroughly revised, with a restructuring of the templates at the top. The progress and definition templates have been replaced with a slightly revised version of the Langbox template, and a new template has been added, called MetaLang.


A slightly revised version of Template:Langbox. Not much different.


A new addition to the language creation template! It collects data on the features of the language that have nothing to do with its inherent linguistic properties, using that data to add categories to the page. It also serves the purpose of pushing the content of the page down far enough that Langbox does not interfere with them.

Template:User:AKsroa4a/MainPageFeatured has been removed from the main page, and will not be re-added unless it is both desired and made to work harmoniously; the text below it tend to try and squeeze in between the spaces separating languages.

Template:User:Waahlis/Sandbox/Portal:Main/Template:CreateLangs could do with a revision, and possibly be integrated (once it is more complete) with the Conlinguistics Portal.

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What's Happening On the Conlang Wikia[]

This template will contain news on the current happenings around the wikia, allowing (ideally) plenty of opportunity for contributors to get involved in challenges, votes and just see what others are doing.

Tips On Conlanging[]

A selection of good advice on conlanging from people who know what they are doing. It could probably be extended to include examples of high-quality languages, so that amateurs or conlangers who just need fresh inspiration can learn from the masters.

What Else You Should Know[]

Anything else that needs to be seen. This template probably doesn't need regular maintenance, as it needn't be updated unless there is something to say.

Samples of Conlangs[]

Dà neo â noş paion quotidiano.
"Give us today our daily bread." in Îçlo

Creating a language

Want to create a language? It can take a lot of work to make it presentable, but the results can be amazing. To make your own, decide what sounds you want, create words, and hold it all together with a grammar. (Not necessarily in that order.)

  1. Decide the phonology (sounds in the language)
    1. What sounds distinguish words, and which don't? In English B/P do (bat and pat) In Korean p and ph do (put/phut) while b and p don't. Many English speakers see the and de as the same and free and three when it comes to pronounciation
  2. Decide on phonotactics; which consonants go together and which don't? In English you can say "Spanish," but in Spanish the letter S cannot begin a word when followed by a consonant so it becomes "Espanish." Can you have consonants at the end of syllables? Not in Hawai'ian.
  3. Construct a grammar. (May be done at the end)
    1. Is it agglutinating, isolating, fusional or polysynthetic?
    2. If not isolating, what is its morphosyntactic alignment?
    3. Is it heavily inflected?
      1. Are verbs conjugated?
      2. Do the nouns decline?
    4. Are there different voices? moods? aspects? tenses (can be more than past, present, future)?
    5. Does it have nouns? adjectives? verbs? adverbs? particles? articles?
  4. Create words and/or roots.
    1. If you're also creating a conculture, think of what's important to them. There will probably be many words about it.
    2. How are roots derived? Semitic languages get the word for 'red' from 'blood.'
  5. How are things expressed? (English's "I am eating" and "I eat" are the same in Spanish and Swedish)

Use the input text below to start the creation of your language. <createbox> break=no preload=Template:NewLang buttonlabel=Start creating your own language now! </createbox> See Portal:Conlinguistics for more information.

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