This page lists some words in the conlang Prevenian. If you came here for the Prevenian language altogether (not just the lexicon), visit this page. I have organized the words by subject (the subjects themselves are organized alphabetically, with the exception of "General"). Specific forms of words (like words with tenses and dual, trial and plural words) are not included in this list.


Word English Translation
acwē have
avec jam-packed, crammed
aznor get, grab
ārbex with
āvjef subject
æv if
æbiz otherwise
evjen soon
evjencob in the far future
evjenwe very soon
evjāc recently
œv inside
œvcob outside
œzo discover
œzobai rediscover
bai redo
baicob undo
beqwi somewhat, almost
cen and
cendon and/or
don or
frādē it, she or he
frādēberv she
frādēnōkrā it
frādēwic he
vāc gap

Archeology & anatomy[]

Word English Translation
āvnac' fossil
āvnāc'āvnāc' large fossil
æber mandible
ej'ā glottus
ezū nose
ōben finger
ōbenvāc gaps between the fingers
icvō formerly extinct animal which later came back to life
icvōnā extinct animal
unbān theropod
b'æwerē mouth
c'oibān dinosaur
gociver arm
grenev hand
xaraniŋ skeleton
xaraniŋbecs skeleton of an animal
xaraniŋocs skeleton of a human

Astronomy, astrobiology & astrophysics[]

Word English Translation
awex moon, natural satellite
awexzō moonlet
Ārtho Earth
Envon Uranus
beqwiawex quasi-satellite
Ekiā Neptune
Unūraw Saturn
Uzark Jupiter
Ūbariqwer Mercury
Molunarō Earth's moon
molunarbeq lunar
Plutor Pluto
Venusīo Venus


Word English translation
afer animal
cobafer plant or fungi
funge fungi
pārse plant
ūniqo biology