Proto-Varnjeston (PV) is a linguistic reconstruction of the ancestor of all languages obtaining on the Varnjeston continent, that is, Cheunco, Trarhaic, and Qentic and others.

The name Varnjeston comes from Central Trarhaic varnjeston, or varnjestona maltisa (the Varnjeston continent), which in Cheunco would be vaanyasatoe. It can be seen that rhotic vowels and consonant clusters exist in Trarhaic, but the vowel hormony and some vowels have gone.


The reconstruction of consonants as well as that of vowels varis between linguistists since there seem to be lack of consistency between modern descedants. However, these scientists still managed to figure out a model.

Labial Alveolar Velar Uvular Pharyngeal Glottal
Plain Retroflex
Nasal m, m̥ n, n̥
Plosive Aspirated ṭʰ
Plain p, b t, d ṭ, ḍ k, g q ɢ ʔ
Fricative (f v) s, z ħ, ʕ h
Approximant Voiced w l, r y
Voiceless ʍ l̥, r̥

Palatalization and LabializationEdit

Pharyngealization and H-dropEdit


The reconstruction of vowels is a little bit more difficult than that of consonants.

Rounded Unrounded
Front Back Front Back
i iː

Rhotic VowelsEdit


I would work on Hars, a writen language, first.

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