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General information[]

Quhtanese (natively rhe Lus Qhùtá /ʁæ̀ ɺɤ̀ʃ qʰɤ̂tʰɑ̌/; literally: “the speech (of) officials”) is a dialect continuum spoken across most of western, southcentral, and coastal Quhtan (rhe Sâiyu Cûis or Cûis). Because most Quhtanese dialects are found in the west, the group is also referred to as rhe lus qìe or "the western dialect(s)". When the Quhtanese continuum is taken as one language, as is often done in academic literature, it has the secondmost native speakers (nearly a billion) of the languages on Aetho (rhe Ság). Aetho orbits two deified stars: the golden raptor and the flaming songbird Ca.



postalveolar dorsal uvular glottal
nasal n ŋ̟
stop t tʰ k̟ k̟ʰ q qʰ
fricative ʃ χ h
approximant ɻ j ʁ
affricate tɬ tɬʰ
flap ɺ
  • A glottal stop appears epenthetically between two vowels in the standard variety. It is phonemic is some dialects.
  • The approximants tend to be fricativized when spoken emphatically.


front back
close i ɤ
open æ ɑ
  • Allowable diphthongs are: /iæ/, /iɤ/, /iɑ/, /ɤi/, /æɤ/, /ɑɤ/, and /ɑi/. All are falling.


# name contour secondary diacritic example
1 flat 22 (ò) none o di "one"
2 rising 45 (ǒ) slack voiced ó dís "poison"
3 peaking 342 (o᷈) long ô dîr "older sibling by the same mother"
4 falling 31 (ô) creaky voiced ò dì "(small eaten animal)"


(C)V(/n/, /ŋ/, /k/, /s/, /ʃ/, /χ/, /ɻ/)

  • Minimal syllable: e /æ̀/
  • Maximal syllable: tlùin /tɬʰɤ̂i̯n/
  • /ŋ/ is not allowed syllable-initially.

Writing System[]

Native Scripts[]

The native script of Quhtanese and, by conquest, surrounding languages is called rhe yùganh zàu, lit. "the common notation". It is a cursive abugida script where vowels are represented with diacritics and tones are represented with silent consonants.


Letter a c d dl e g h i l n nh
Sound /ɑ/ /k̟ʰ/ /t/ /tɬ/ /æ/ /k̟/ /h/ /i/ /ɺ/ /n/ /ŋ̟/
Letter q qh r rh s t tl u x y z
Sound /q/ /qʰ/ /ɻ/ /ʁ̞/ /ʃ/ /tʰ/ /tɬʰ/ /ɤ/ /χ/ /j/ /s̻/

Parts of Speech[]

  • nouns and pronouns: tlex "stone"
  • verbs, prepositions, coverbs, and adjectives: dêg "help"
  • copulae: ai "is"
  • adjectival nouns: qìe "west"
  • articles, determiners, enclitics (inc. interrogative): rhi "the (person)"
  • numbers: di "one"
  • particles: tlèx "very"
  • conjunctions: u "and"
  • interjections: hìr "hello, pay attention"
  • ideophones: rîus "glass breaking"


Gender and Articles[]

Grammatical Gender is only expressed in articles and pronouns. Some derivational affixes can change the gender of a word.

name description ndef def example
Aethos used exclusively for people 0 (rh)i Sâi "a monarch/emperor"
common anything not a part of the other two genders ge (rh)e ge lus "a tongue/spoken variety"
neuter a relatively small number of words, typically non-lustrous, inanimate materials gu (h)àr gu tlex "some stone"
  • The definite articles lose their initial consonant if the previous syllable ends in a consonant. ex. Dêg in i nàu nûx. "They help the old man."


informal formal
1 tu nùi
2 â sénh
3 ae in cêz
c rhe
n gàr



There are several copulae in Quhtanese, the main one being ai.


Prepositions and Adjectives[]

Grammatical Particles[]

Mood particles[]

Tense/aspect particles[]

The tense/aspect particles are placed immediately after the verb.

perf imperf
past su raz
present 0 ìex
future dlá dlá raz

There is also a perfect/anterior particle ê, which is placed immediately before the verb.

Nominal particles[]

Attitudinal particles[]


Sentence word order[]


Cùs su nàu tún nûx àr díu dá èn tu.

[k̟ʰɤ̂ʃ ʃɤ̀ nɑ̂ɤ̯ tʰɤ̌n nɤ᷈χ ɑ̂ɻ tǐɤ̯ tɑ̌ æ̂n tʰɤ̀]

eat past.perf man zero year def.n cream sweet gen 1

"Some kid ate my ice cream."

Nouns can be moved before the verb for emphasis.

Noun phrases[]

Preposition-Article-Noun-Adjectival noun



Because Aethos have only four fingers per hand, they count in base 8.

# 8+# #*8 #*64 #*4096
0 tún tún tún tún
1 di xâ di nàuz háis
2 xâ zà zà xâ zà nàuz zà háis
3 xâ rú rú xâ rú nàuz rú háis
4 hès xâ hès hès xâ hès nàuz hès háis
5 dilu xâ dilu dilu xâ dilu nàuz dilu háis
6 zàlu xâ zàlu zàlu xâ zàlu nàuz zàlu háis
7 seuxâ xâ seuxâ seuxâ xâ seuxâ nàuz seuxâ háis
8 zà xâ nàuz xâ nàuz xâ háis
  • The spaces between parts are optional.

Larger numbers are constructed by listing the number of 10,0008s, then 1008s, then 108s

  • 101326
  • xâháis xârúnàuz zàxâzàlu
  • 8-myriad 8-3-hundred 2-8-6

Important Phrases[]

English Quhtanese IPA
Yes /kî/
No Lâi /ɺɑ᷈i/