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Remalerai (also known as Remai) is a conlang created in 2007 by David Sice. This language defined its words and grammatical marks by the signs that are composing them, forming "chains of ideas". Translating a text in Remai is encoding it in a way that authorizes instant analysis of the meanings of the original text. The resulting "chains" of ideas can then be easily manipulated, and translated back in a new text, with a complete control of the new meanings carried by the new text.

Origins Edit

The Remai conlang was build from the twelve basic signs of the Primordial conlang. These originated from a comparison between first names in Hebraic and Arabic culture. The symbolism of the twelve signs were refined after exploring a 40,000 words Latin dictionary. This research was cross-referenced with graphical analysis of Kanji, in order to test if the chains of Latin syllables forming Latin words could appeared the same as the chains of strokes in the Japanese Kanji's system. These researches were then reused to link Remai "words" (chains of signs) with natural Latin, French, English and Japanese vocabulary, in order to check if the Remai way of automatically generating vocabulary could translate anything said in a natural language.

Writing system Edit

The Latin writing system has proven inadequat. Therefore Alphanumerical Remai Simple was designed to write Remai on a computer without building or owning a specific font. There are twelve basic signs, which can be transcribed in many ways.

Rank Write Read Also read Basic idea Number
1 + YA I CHOOSE (special, rare, king) 1
2 O WA O GROUP (circle, gather, house) 2
3 > GA KA CUT (share, fight, judge, sword) 3
4 X DA TA DO (move, action, work) 4
5 V VA FA GO (radiate, spread, fire, animal, tree) 5
6 A BA PA FILL (Satisfy, full, treasure) 6
7 S HA A BLOW (Breath, sound, talk, music) 7
8 7 LA TLA HIGH (up, lift, mountain) 8
9 < RA RRA SWALLOW (see, hear, think, imagine) 9
10 L SA DZA HARD (down, lay, solidify, earth) 00
11 N MA NMA FLOW (Liquify, swap, heat, heal, water, soul) 000
12 8 NA GNA KNOT (Tie, weave, stop, end) 0

Fastest approach Edit

The fastest approach to Remai is to learn words made from one sign: Quick answers (one sign plus one _) like +_ ("yes, like you said") or X_ ("okay, let's do it") got a "aa" ending; there are assumptions. Pointers (one sign, no underscore) locate the action described by the verb, like + ("here where I stand") and X ("in front of me, right ahead"). Logical connectors (one sign plus one ') have a short ending, like +' ("and"), and X'("then, so"). The 8O' ("No") mode excludes the meaning of the sign that follows, like in 8O'+_ ("Yes, but not like you said").

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