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Renserian, (natively Rәnsәpian [ɹənsəʁian]) is a language spoken by the Renseri, on the fictional island nation of Renseria, which is off the coast of Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia. It is spoken by approximately 3 million Renseri, 600,000 Croats, 350,000 Slovenes, 100,000 Italians, and 10,000 Americans.

General info[]

Renserian is a work in progress so I don't know yet.


Renserian has fairly common sounds, such as the bilabial plosives, voiced bilabial nasal, and voiceless alveolar fricative. Even though it includes common sounds, there are some sounds that aren't so common, such as the voiced alveolar lateral fricative, voiced alveolar approximant, and the voiceless dental fricative. The vowels are all common and easy to pronounce


Bilabial Labio-dental Dental Alveolar Post-alveolar Velar Uvular Glottal
Nasal m n ŋ
Plosive p, b k, g ʔ
Fricative θ, ð s, z ʃ, ʒ x ʁ h
Affricate p̪͡f t͡s tʃ, dʒ
Approximant ɹ
Trill r
Lateral fric. ɮ
Lateral app. l, ɫ


Front Near-front Central Near-back Back
High i, y
Near-high ʊ
High-mid e
Mid ə
Low a

Writing System[]

The Renserian writing system mostly uses the Latin and Cyrillic alphabet, plus extra letters from the Armenian and Greek alphabets. The Renseri first learned how to write from the Greeks due to them colonizing them. Soon after, the Romans colonized Renseria and introduced their writing. They kept a few letters from the Greeks, but exchanged many for the updated Latin versions. They kept writing like this, until Germans, Serbians and Bulgarians came to the island and introduced their systems. The only letter they took from the German alphabet was the U with the umlaut. They liked some of the Slavicletters, so they took them without much thought as to how they pronounced them, and that's why some letters don't sound like how they look. Some of the Slavs also knew Armenian, so they took the few letters they needed, and that's how the alphabet came to be .

Letter A a Э э Ә ә I i Ü ü Ω ω K k M m N n V v ճ ҍ Θ θ
Sound a e ә i y ʊ k m n b θ
Letter P p L l Λ y Ռ w S s Հ ֆ Ђ j Ç c И ^ Я я T t R r
Sound ʁ l ɮ r s h ʃ p p̪͡f t͡s ɹ
Letter Ł ł Ŋ ŋ Ҩ o G g X x Z z Ð ð Ж ж Љ љ
Sound w ŋ ʔ g x z ð ʒ ɫ


Letter A a E e Ë ë I i U u O o K k M m N n B b Č č Þ þ
Sound a e ә i y ʊ k m n b θ
Letter Ř ř L l Y y Ŕ ŕ S s H h J j C c P p P̃ p̃ T t R r
Sound ʁ l ɮ r s h ʃ p p̪͡f t͡s ɹ
Letter W w Ŋ ŋ - G g X x Z z Ð ð Ž ž Ɫ ɫ
Sound w ŋ ʔ g x z ð ʒ ɫ


The syllable structure can be moved around and doesn't have and exact structure, making it a free language. Usually, it is CVCV, but of course there are rule breakers.


Renserian is an SVO language, like many Indo-European and Sino-Tibetan languages. The grammar is based off of things from Spanish, German, and English. Like Spanish, the adjective comes after the noun. Unlike Spanish, the adjective and noun connect, creating a new word. You can keep adding more and more adjectives, making a massive word. Due to this system, you can create words with thousands of letters. Also, like in German, when asking questions about actions, the word order changes from SVO to VSO.

Crazy long word: hontočusbřawařwamwumaakuikkran (Good,deep, warm, fun, dangerous, unknown, and big dog.)

Do you want a dog "Wolnt zu ko honto?" (want you a dog?)

In Renserian, they use postpositions instead of prepositions, like in English.

Ila jilama gaswaa ilә kaplanәkran ila atsiain = The person V. MARKER-sees the animal-big the rock-on

Renserian uses verb markers because some verbs also share words with nouns, adjectives, etc... Renserian doesn't care too much about context and it was made to be straightforward and easy to use.

When showing possession, it is considered an adjective, so it is connected to the end of the word of the possessee.

Hontoanos (his dog, dog-his)

In gababaka hontoanoskuti. (She talked about his dog.), (She V-talked.FE. dog-his-about)


Renserian has five tenses: far past, past, present, future, far future

Basic vocab[]

  • Ik - and
  • Kic - but
  • Oþar - or
  • Jilama - person
  • Kaplanë - animal
  • Atsia - rock
  • Gasŕa - to see
  • Gapalaya - to sit
  • Garatka - to give
  • Gabansa - to jump
  • Gajipala - to be
  • Gaowona - to have
  • Gawobka - to like
  • Gaþanla - to go
  • Gaiklansa - to make
  • Kija - place
  • Kami - live
  • Kamikija - home
  • Kijajilama - realtor
  • Honto - dog
  • Kijaka - ocean
  • Kranpëkakija - ship
  • Břa - deep
  • Wařm - warm
  • Wam - fun
  • Libëji - love
  • Wuma - dangerous
  • Aku - unknown